Friday, June 27, 2008

A Vintage Dream

The last few days have been nothing short of amazing for me. Firstly I was invited to attend the opening evening of the Art Deco event at the National Gallery here in Melbourne. Given that my schedule has been quite hectic with birthdays, babies and house guests, I was concerned I wouldn't have time to find something appropriate to wear to such a magnificent event. And then in stepped the wonderful Nicole from Circa Vintage. Those of you who read my High Tea post will recall that I met Nicole and her charming husband Tim that day, and had a lovely long fashion chat. I mentioned my fashion dilemma to Nicole, who was of course only too happy to help me out. And so with my house guests roped into babysitting for a few hours, I headed into Circa - The most wonderful vintage clothing store I have visited. If you live in Melbourne or have the good fortune to visit us here, do not miss this treasure trove of quality fashion history.

When you consider that trying to find a vintage dress can have many considerations, a short lead time is not usually to your advantage. You may find many wonderful things, but will they be your colour, your size? Nicole, knowing her stock and having quite the eye for a perfect fit, had just the dress in mind. And it was of course, perfect. A 1930's panne velvet evening gown in Eau De Nile (Water of the Nile). Slipping into that baby made me feel like Veronica Lake and Ginger Rodgers all rolled into one. With the addition of some white evening gloves, we were almost complete. Given that winter in Melbourne is quite cold, (although not quite snowing) I needed a little something to add warmth to the ensemble. Now, before I am lampooned for my choice of evening wear, let me say that he and his buddies lived a long full life, frolicking in the wild, before becoming a stunning part of fashion history. And it was with this historical perspective in mind, that I donned the most beautiful piece of clothing I have ever worn, a pure white Arctic Fox wrap.

And so, dressed to the nines, I headed off into the evening. Want to see how it turned out? You'll just have to wait for the next installment, which I am writing as fast as my fingers will carry me.


Rollergirl said...

I know fur is a trcky issue but if it's second hand I think you can get away with it.

Lil' Puch said...

That store looks fantastic!!!

Shady said...

Oh my stars how exciting!!! And that store looks delicious.

enc said...

I know you will turn out beautiful! How nice you had a fashion friend to help you. :D

scarlett said...

Now, before I am lampooned for my choice of evening wear, let me say that he and his buddies lived a long full life, frolicking in the wild, before becoming a stunning part of fashion history.

Lofty & innaccurate claims, perhaps. Trappings don't tend to discriminate against age. Or species.

Apart from the fur, you do look lovely, though.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

roller girl: Indeed, but I have no problem with this one.
Lil Puch: It is!
Shady: You would love it
enc: I couldn't have done it without her
Scarlet: Although you may not want to hear this, I'll tell you what I know. While I can't speak to the trapping methods as this piece is an antique, I have been informed by experts that the depth and thickness of the pile is evidence to their age and lifestyle, and presents quite differently to those farmed for the purpose.
But thank you for your comments,I certainly understand your point of view. I knew this would be a tricky one as it is an issue that tears many people.

scarlett said...

Any information, any truth, is always welcome. I didn't assume that this particular fur was raised in a fur farm, due to its vintage, but lived in the wild and met its' prolonged end violently & painfully in a trap, (endangering many other unintended species in the process) before being finally brutalized so as not to damage his pelt.

I'm not here specifically to antagonize. I came here with an earnest interest in your style, but was genuinely infuriated when I read that particular section of writing.

Anyway, feel free to delete if you see fit.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Scarlett:I certainly understand your point and thank you for commenting. I genuinely appreciate all constructive comments and would not delete your comment as you have presented your views both rationally and cohesively. I knew that posting an outfit with fur would be controversial, but I also strive to be authentic and not overly self edit for fear of reprisal. So in that spirit -
thank you.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

...Oh and I apologies for my flippancy. Your point re: those caught in the process is not one I have considered.

Scarlett said...

Well, thank you for respecting my view. I was wondering if you were aware of coquette faux furriers I agree it can be difficult to escape fur when authentically trying to replicate 1930s glamour. I seem to have personally collected more thick velvet capelets of the time than I will ever need!