Sunday, August 31, 2008

How To Tackle A Monday

I am forever hearing about the Monday Blues or Mondayitis, and really, I know that not everything in life can always be fine and dandy, but your perspective has much to do with your mood. If you wake up on Monday morning to a shrill alarm clock, rather than that stunning original Dior gown you had just been dreaming about, it is a rather rude shock. But what is your first thought, (that is once you actually figure out what day it is and that you aren't going to get that much needed half and hour)? How can you make your Monday something other than the ugly precursor to what often promises to be another round of drudgery? As with most things in life, turning something simple into an occasion makes the whole things much more enjoyable and pleasant. Here are some of the tricks I use ( and those I should) to make Monday something to be anticipated not avoided.

Photo by Osamu

Organise breakfast the night before

If you don't have time for the full eggs and bacon experience, make sure you're prepared for something quick but delicious. Some fruity muesli, fresh berries and home made yoghurt; perhaps a fresh orange juice and some proper loose leaf tea. Set your table with some bright and fun linen, I have a vintage 1950's table cloth with little coffee pots on it I like to use. Make it a little "Bed and Breakfast" style and lay out a gorgeous teapot and matching tea cup, a linen napkin, even a toast rack. You don't have to actually use all these items (god knows I hate cold toast), but it is about the ambiance they create. If your kitchen looks this appealing first thing in the morning, you aren't likely to start the day only on black coffee and vitamins.

Photo by LuckySundae

Plan a fabulous lunch.

Whether you work from home, head out or spend you days just luxuriating around, it pays to have a plan. If you have things to look forward to in what can be an otherwise mediocre day, it can make the difference between mind numbing boredom and anticipation. Prepare yourself something both gorgeous and delicious, like a bento box full of your favorite treats. Make sure to include something you wouldn't usually indulge in at lunch time - like caviar and crackers, yum. But whatever you do, don't pack it with sugar, that is a sure fire way to induce that mid afternoon crash.
You could even include a decorative place mat or napkin just to make your lunch space something a bit more special. Rather than getting crumbs in your keyboard, if you can, eat out. You might not be able to find a good park, but make sure you get a change of scenery, even if this just means putting a street scene of Paris on your screen saver and clearing your desk for your polka dotted place mat.

Photo by Mizrobot

Wear your fancy underwear.

It might be Monday but, what better excuse to break out your A game? Find your favorite matching set, your suspenders or even just a silky slip. No one need know, but you'll have a little secret to make you feel glamorous all day long. This trick works particularly well if your chosen employment involves a uniform. Underwear is one very secret and subversive way you can indulge your whims and personality, without ever having to reveal it to the world.

Photo by KevinDooly

Get dressed to music.

Setting the scene is not just for Friday nights. Start you day off on the right note by waking up to something relaxing and calming rather than the screech of your clocks alarm. If you can, program your radio to a classical station where you are more likely to be woken by Bach than the Beastie Boys. Then move on to dressing music to set the tone of your day. Here's some of my favorites:

  • Isn't it a Lovely Day - Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong
  • The Whirled you live - Etherfox
  • Got the Sun in the Morning - Doris Day
  • It's a Hap Hap Happy Day - Stephane Grapelle
Now you have a few ideas to start you off, get plenty of beauty sleep and start your day in the best kind of style.

*Stay tuned tomorrow for the 200th post competition winner!*

Friday, August 29, 2008

Spring Style Fit for a Queen

Norma Shearer as Marie Antoinette

I know I am a few days early, and Spring has not sprung quite yet, but today is such a delightfully sunny day that I am already planning ways to welcome it. I spent this morning having an outfit fitting for the Worn Wild event, and as such, am now in rather a theatrical mood. In typical Super Kawaii Mama fashion, I have been pondering one of the most recognizable style icons from a bygone era, Marie Antoinette. Now while the recent movie by the same name was beautiful, its styling was rather flogged to death on both fashion blogs and on the glossy page. I could barely search out a picture of the lady herself without being overwhelmed by images of Kirsten Dunst in her divine frippery. But during all my reading and searching, something not often highlighted occurred to me. Not only one of history's greatest fashion icons, Marie Antoinette was also mother of two children. Perhaps it could be said that she is the original Uncommonly Fetching Mama!

So as the first rays of Spring sunshine works their fingers into your days, start planning some fun, fabulous and infinitely stylish ways to celebrate. And so with all this in mind I present you with some of my dreamy picks for a Welcome to Spring Picnic, in modern Mama / Marie style. Children and pets most welcome!

Feminine, frilly and oh so much fun. I have had my eye on these frilly collar necklaces for a while and am currently working on a DIY version. The shoes I discovered today while out hunting for stockings in a sex shop. Who knew you could get such gorgeous shoes there?

While you're planning your perfect picnic, don't forget to include all the proper accouterments. Bring along a mechanical songbird, and that way if only the seagulls should make an appearance, you won't be disappointed. And for some rather Georgian entertainment, pack a sheet, some black craft paper and your embroidery scissors to tackle a little silhouetting in the Spring light.

Relax and enjoy the splendor of the budding trees and add a parasol to soften the sunshine (much more flattering). Don't forget to pack a little cardi for the latter part of the afternoon and make sure to kick off those shoes and run through the grass in your bare feet. Ah Spring!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Syncopated Style

Last night I enjoyed an evening out at the National Gallery where they are presently hosting Deco era entertainment. A perfect reason to find something a little fancy for a Wednesday night. So I channeled Pola Negri with the smoky eyes and bow lips, and even attempted a novice finger wave in my hair. Such fun.

While the traffic delaying my journey meant that I sadly missed the Vaudevillian strong man and Follies girl act, I did make it in time to hear the wonderful Cairo Club Orchestra. But imagine my delight when this marvelous chap appeared on my radar once again. This time he was accompanied by some seriously stylish ladies who could also dance up a storm. Fortunately the nature of the evening was such that I had the opportunity to hob nob with these elegant companions. Not only could they dance with skill and flair, but to my inordinate pleasure , I also discovered fashion design and millinery to be amongst their talents.

Left to right: Elizabeth, Baron and Lisa.

To see a snippet of the evening's entertainment, and enjoy the dance stylings of our elegant friend, I captured a little for your enjoyment. You'll also notice one of the evenings younger participants who danced her tiny sized 2's off all night. Wonderful.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff

A Series on Vintage - Part 2

Before I begin my pontificating on this topic, let me say that the (non monetary) value of a garment is generally in the eye of the beholder. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, which is the very reason we are having this discussion. So aside from the personal worth you see in your chosen garment, just how do you find a gem amongst the rows of dross?

Many people are simply after labels to validate the importance of their finds. And while this is a shorthand way to find an item of quality manufacture, it leaves a little more bargain hunting room for those of us with a little more savvy. Clearly if an item is carrying a Chanel label, it is highly likely to have retained its value. But what about those quality labels you aren’t familiar with?

Look for garments with the designer label in a woven tape as opposed to printed. The better the quality the garment, the more likely it is to have one of these sewn into the collar. While you are on a label hunt, look also along the inside side seams for tags stating the fabrics composition, this is where you will discover that your jacket is either the cashmere you have been lusting after, or a poor acrylic imitation.

Any garment that is lined shows more time and effort it its original manufacture. But not all linings are created equal. When you try on the garment, it should slide on and fit like a glove. There should be no pulling or puckering where the lining meets the body fabric. The lining should be oversized and not restrict your movement.

One of my pet hates with many new items is their poor seaming. Hanging threads, buttons that pop off on first wear and stitching that isn’t even tied off. In a quality vintage piece you’ll be looking for French seaming, (where all you see on the inside is a little flap of fabric that houses the seam) or seams that are bound in tape or some other form of binding. You may also come across flat seams that, in a time before overlocking machines, were created by zigzag stitches on the edges of the fabric, which are then turned over and straight stitched to prevent any fraying.

Buttons, zippers and fasteners can also tell you much about a garments quality. Any buttons made of natural materials like bone, wood or mother of pearl are more expensive for the manufacturer to buy, hence they indicate a higher quality garment. Buttons that are covered in the same fabric as the garment are also quite lovely and worth a look. As for zippers, their insertion gives you a clue to quality or not. In a better piece, the zipper will have a flap of fabric behind it to protect your skin from touching the teeth. The zip should also not be exposed (unless this is a design feature), and definitely not have any puckers or sag. A hook and eye fastening at the top of a zipper is also common on good vintage garments as opposed to those only masquerading as such.

And on the accessories front look for:

  • · Scarves with hand rolled edges
  • · Handbags that are lined and with stitched in woven labels. Unless you are into shabby chic stay away from any bags with rust on the closures or straps as this only gets worse with time and re platting is very expensive.
  • · Shoes with good interior support and padding, and of natural materials.
  • · Hats with their embellishments stitched in not glued, flowers made of silk, not plastic, as well as matching lining and band trim. As for labels look for woven labels again or often satin labels under clear vinyl in men’s hats.

This is a shorthanded guide to picking your gems here. The more knowledge you can acquire the better, but of course that takes time and a dedication that we don’t all have. But finding a piece of quality is only part of the story to finding your perfect vintage outfit. Next time I’ll tell you a little more about fit, and how to rescue those darlings that need a bit of TLC before they can make the transition to your wardrobe. And remember, all these things being said, if the colour just isn’t you or your passion is more luke warm than red hot, leave it behind and keep looking. You never know what might be around the corner and you’d hate to have done your dough by the time you find it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thriftage and Giftage

I got a bit of a surprise when I looked at my blogger account this morning, yesterday was my 200th post! And I could not possibly let such an occasion pass without some kind of celebration. So of course there must be thank you presents for my readers. All you have to do is leave me a comment over the next four days and I'll be drawing a winner to receive a special Super Kawaii gift pack, including a customised SKM original piece, (like those seen in my etsy shop) made to your specifications!


When it came to wearing the cute blue dress I had made for my birthday, I had one tiny problem. Being that it was a wrap dress with a separate front and back section, it ended up being quite revealing if I took more than a small ladylike step. So stairs were out of the question, and I wasn't quite sure how I was going to remedy the situation until my Mother in her infinite wisdom, suggested a fashion solution that has long been off my radar. The Slip. The full length petticoat that was a staple of every woman's wardrobe not all that long ago, but has since faded into fashion oblivion. I think that I may have been on the tail end of this underwear essentials lifespan growing up, as I have vivid memories of wearing them to primary school, but I'm not sure when they disappeared.

But buying one was an entirely different matter. While they seemed to be commonly stocked in departments stores, finding one smaller than a size 20 was just not going to happen. Uh oh. Charity shops to the rescue. I found several lovely little numbers to fit the bill, but in typical fashion I spent most of my time searching out other treasures too. I had such a serendipitous day, and kept stumbling upon treasure after treasure. So for under $70 I brought home a haul of biblical proportions, a selection of which I have prepared for your viewing pleasure. And for good measure I've included a few other little gems that appeared as birthday treats. I am in heaven this week.

1. Kawaii treats - gifted from my brother. 2. Flocked Organza fabric - Thrifted. 3. Vintage baby doll nightgowns - Thrifted. 4. Pure silk Liberty scarf - Thrifted.

1. The perfect Birthday card - gifted. 2. Pink silk slip - Thrifted. 3. Pleated satin evening bag - Thrifted. 4. Patent leather bow shoes - Thrifted.

1. Strawberry table cloth - Thrifted. 2. A very appropriate vintage styled sign - gifted from my Mother. 3. Cowboys cotton bandanna - Thrifted. 4. Vintage hand made table cloth - Thrifted.

** Thank you to Hammie for coining the new term "Thriftage" which I am finding a very handy descriptor these days. **

Monday, August 25, 2008

Something a Little Different

Outfit details: Plaid dress - Review, Black top - Esprit, Opaques - Voodoo, Shoes- Luca & Marc, Earrings - Groove, Rose ring - Accessories.

As a Goth from way back, I'm always looking for opportunities to indulge this side of my personality. So heading out for dinner with my family was a great excuse. I have an addiction to dark colours, heavily textured fabrics (hmmm... velvet) macabre motifs and lots of shiny black. Generally I use all these elements in moderation, but occasionally a little excess is just right. I like to call this my "Sophisticated Gothic". I don't go in for oversized velvet skirts and peasant tops, I find them a tragically unflattering combination. As with any look, I like to take key elements and mix them up to create something uniquely me. Dressing in a formulaic manner, or subscribing to one specific subculture, would simply become too boring.

But probably one of the biggest shocks of this look will be the absence of the red lips! Yes, I do occasionally leave them behind. Truth be told, I was planning such a large and delicious dinner that I didn't want to worry about getting lipstick everywhere, and so I went with a very dark eye and super pale lip instead.

And while we are on the Something a Little Different Train....

For those of you in Melbourne, you'll be aware that Spring Fashion week is almost upon us. Amongst the slick, chic and high profile fashion shows on offer, is one gem that the true fashion innovators amongst you cannot miss. Worn Wild - an alternative designers showcase and market, will be making its debut at this 2008 Spring Fashion Week. Hosted at La di da at 577 Little Bourke Street on Sunday September the 7th from 1pm, this will be a fashion event like no other you have ever experienced. The event features the work of cutting edge local and interstate designers of rockabilly, raver, clubwear, cyber, corsetry, street style, emo, gothic, lolita, queer, vintage, burlesque, flower powered and fringe inspired fashion. You will even have the opportunity to try on items that are usually reserved for custom orders. So yes, I am very excited! And the icing on the cake? I am being dressed by one of the designers for the day to rocks their wares as only Super Kawaii Mama can! So see Daddy in the morning for Father's Day, then head on down to Worn Wild with me.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Birthday

As you know, yesterday was my birthday, which one I'm not telling. And in celebration of the occasion I wore this recently completed dress for the first time. This project has been a long time in the making due to many and various interruptions, but once I started work on it, discovered it to be the rubix cube of dresses. Subsequently it took me about three months to make it! Now that I look it up it appears I started it in May. So I have quite a sense of achievement now I'm actually wearing it.

I had quite a delightful day yesterday, not only for the birthday celebrations, but also spending the afternoon in the company of some very stylish ladies. After meeting Lady Melbourne for tea a little while back, we thought it would be lovely to meet some other fabulous and fashionable Melbourne bloggers. And fabulous they were. It is hard to describe just what a treat it is to see these ladies come to life off the page. So colourful, vivacious and passionate; they made my birthday a day to remember.

Left to right: Porcelain Blonde, Super Kawaii Mama, Lady Melbourne, I'm not Anti Social, Esme and the Laneway. And we were also briefly joined by Aus Style, the gorgeous fashion innovator.

The evening was spent indulging in Greek food and chocolate cake with my family, and of course being spoilt rotten in the present stakes. *eek* I am so privileged to have such an amazing family and all my friends in the blogging world, including you my delightful readers. Now I'm off to plan another evening of festivities which will of course involve more food, friends and having fun dressing up.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Daily Outfit

Outfit Details: Lamb Cardigan - Friends Couture, Black & white shirt - Esprit, Tie - pinched from the Mr, Jeans - Target, Toyko bunny pin - Bored Inc, Polka Dot earrings - Diva, Stiletto boots - Joanne Mercier. Lipstick - MAC Russian Red.

There's that Lamb cardigan again. It is a very versatile little number. Today's outfit seemed to be a hit as I was complimented by everyone from the department store staff to the parking garage attendant. Miss 4 was not too enamored though as I wasn't wearing a skirt. She told me it was, "Okay, but not too pretty."

I've got quite a huge weekend planned this weekend because, it is my birthday tomorrow! There will of course be lots of party outfit photos to follow over the next few days. So in honor of that momentous occasion, I think I'll put my feet up and try and get some extra beauty sleep tonight.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is Vintage Clothing Right For You?

A Series on Vintage Fashion - Part One.

If you want to save the planet or save a few dollars, buying vintage is not necessarily the right step for you. Owning and wearing vintage pieces requires a commitment to care that most of us reserve for our most treasured and seldom worn outfits. So before you decide to jump on the vintage bandwagon, or perhaps need to reevaluate a choice already made, I present you with a few things to think about.

Recycled or second hand clothing does not Vintage make.

This is a contentious issue amongst both sellers and we the lustful masses. In my opinion "Vintage" needs to be 40 years old or more, 30 at a pinch. If an outfit is something I wore during my school days, having it now fall under the Vintage category is too ridiculous for words. Instead I'll make use of the term Retro to describe clothing from seasons that fit into that less than 30 year old category. Ergo, a 1986 bomber jacket is not vintage!

Why do you want to buy Vintage?

Does buying Vintage appeal to the lemming in you, or is it more a desire to connect with the past? Perhaps Vintage appeals to you from an ethical and environmental perspective. If your motivation is purely from an environmental impact perspective, consider this analogy. Would you buy a first edition book simply to save a few trees? Chances are you'd simply go to the book exchange and buy second hand. But the environmental benefits of buying Vintage can also be a handy tool to justify your latest purchase to your bill payer or yourself. Whatever your motivation, give it some thought before dolling out for an overpriced target dress from the 1980's.

Bad Vintage.

Once fashion headed down the "off the rack" trail, the general quality of clothing began to deteriorate as it sought to cater to the mass market. Just as today there is a huge difference between buying this seasons dress by Lanvin and the "inspired by" number at your local fast fashion outlet. It drives me nuts that something that is a poorly made, mass marketed brand from 30 years ago, suddenly commands big money because people attached the Vintage label to it. It was crap when it was made and now it is just old crap. Now this is not to say that you should avoid this type of vintage at all costs. You may love the styling of a certain era, but your budget doesn't. In this case, you should certainly follow you heart if a pretty little something calls your name, but be aware of just what kind of creature it is, and do not pay and exorbitant price for it.

Vintage Is Not just for Christmas.

You have been privileged to get your hands on a killer vintage piece, but just how did it get there? Someone took the time to lovingly care for it, possibly restore it and it now falls to you to do the same. Here's the thing with vintage clothing. It is a piece of history, and you are now its curator. Quite the responsibility really. If you want your piece to retain, if not grow, in value, you have to give it proper TLC. So no chucking it in the machine and hoping for the best. Only a few Vintage garments will come with the care instructions you find in modern ones, so if you really want to look after your piece, you'll have to get to know the fabrics and their care requirements. Sometimes a little Preen can be your savior on a very old stain, sometimes it could be you undoing. If you take the time to do the research and apply what you have learnt, you could be passing on some very valuable family heirlooms in the future. But if you buy gorgeous vintage and treat it in the same manner as you would a Made in China shirt - either post them to me for a better home or I will hunt you down with the wrath of the Vintage fashion gods!

So with all that decision making info at your finger tips, you should have some idea of whether Vintage is for you. But what to do now? I can't just leave you hanging so I promise to give you some quick tips for sorting your Vintage into the Good, the Bad and the Ugly in the next installment. In the meantime, check out the cornucopia of Vintage Fashion online , vetted and approved as members of the Vintage Fashion Guild. Top drawer stuff!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Place to Call My Own.

I thought you might like a little peek into a slice of my world. This is my studio which also doubles as my guest room thanks to a nifty Ikea sofa bed. It is the first time I have had such a large and dedicated room for my projects. But it seems that no matter how large my space I never seem to have enough. I am yet to really fit out the room for its purpose, but having a large double wardrobe certainly helps. There isn't a spare place to hang anything though as I have fabric stacks as high as I am tall.

I've always loved making things, even as a child. Mum was great at inventing projects to keep us kids entertained; making dolls clothes, furniture from old boxes and even a pair of pants for my teddy bear that I had to pin to him as I neglected to include a crotch! So it is a part of me that I just can't let go. I haven't always been able to sew. Mum was so fabulous with a needle and thread that I would simply put in a request with my amateur design sketches and viola! But after a while I figured I had better pull my finger out and have a proper crack at it. That was only just over three years ago and I'm surprised at what I have been able to achieve. I was not a natural at sewing. Design yes, but the technicalities and the math?! Not my strong suit. But in typical Leo fashion I refused to be beaten and kept at it. I do have quite a large box of failures suitable for the Hunchback of Notre Dame, but for every two failures I have now some absolute gems that I am rather pleased with.

In fact, I have a couple of newly completed gems to show you that I am saving for some special occasions this weekend. So I won't spoil the surprise of the outfits just yet, and instead just show you where the magic happens. And from my vintage thread tin to my Hello Kitty iPod dock, you'll be able to see just how eclectic my inspirations are.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Own Canvas

Photo Reuters via The SMH

Last night I was talking to a friend I haven't seen since high school. We recently got back in touch and as a result he has checked in on the blog a couple of times to see what I am up to. But it leaves him stumped. Just as I can't quite understand the nuances of his passion for cars, he has a difficult time understanding what this blog is all about. As he said, "It looks like you spend all day deciding what to wear and then you're so happy about it you have to tell the whole world." Given his genuine want to understand this foreign world, I set about trying to explain why I write this blog and what it is all about. Which of course, got me thinking. There are so many layers of answers to this question, but one of my great motivators is art.

Life can be as colourful or monotone as you chose to make it. When I started writing this blog I was feeling depressed by the lack of colour I saw around me. Living in the suburbs where a blow dry and a pair of diamante earrings is considered dressing up during the day, it just made me want to scream. But would I bend to become a part of the landscape? I had never done it growing up and I couldn't see a good reason to start now. Tired of seeing harried mothers in various shades of metaphorical fashion grey, I chose to challenge the status quo. Hence this blog was born.

Each day for me is another step on my quest to encourage beauty for beauty's sake, fashion for arts sake and glamour as a technique for self expression. I am often stopped in the course of my day and asked questions like, "Oh, are you going somewhere special for dinner tonight?" to which I answer, "No, just picking up my daughter from kinder." The antagonist in me finds the quizzical look that follows it so worth it too. It seems, particularly in the suburbs, that there is an unspoken rule that mothers are not allowed to dress with joy or flamboyance. Even when you do dress "nice", it is within a certain formulaic, mass marketed framework with very little real room allowed for self expression.

Having spent so many years in a corporate environment where my hair was not allowed to be blue, my suits not permitted to be emerald and my whole look had to be orchestrated to fit the companies persona; the chance to be answerable to no one but myself as a stay at home mum spelt fashion freedom to me. When did these past leather wearing, tongue piercing, pot smoking rebels become this mass of suburban mothers I see? Was there some genetically or socially predetermined switching time that I missed? Well thank god I did. Expressing my personality through fashion and whichever character I feel like on a given day, is one way that I retain my sense of individuality and sense of self in what can be a self sacrificing role.

I choose to add colour to my day, to paint with my imagination and bring my character to life. I choose to let my girls be a part of all this, being happier children with a happier mother. And I choose to take my colour to the suburban streets, pushing a pram in stilettos and fair welling my baby at kinder with red lipsticked kisses.

Monday, August 18, 2008


My sense of humor has been described as warped, dark, black, odd, highbrow and lowbrow. I am not sure which, if any of these things it is. But today I found it tested while out looking at baby gear. I kept coming upon row after row of children's and baby's t-shirts that just left me cold. Little cropped tops for my four year old that said, "Buy Me Stuff"," The Next Paris" and "Sexy Princess". They all made me screw up my face in the manner of tasting something nasty, and I don't need any more wrinkles, so they were all out. I didn't find them smart, I didn't find them funny, just plan sad. When it came to looking for T's for the baby, things got even worse. Leaving aside the abhorrent quality, the slogans clearly trying to be witty, missed the mark for me. I wasn't keen on "Hot stuff", "i pood" or "sex symbol in the making". It all seemed to be trying to hard to be cool and came across as cheap.

Perhaps that is what this new trend for labeling your baby is all about. Is it parents trying so hard to show you that they are still cool and have to use their children to announce it to the world? I'm really not sure. Because on one hand I hated the shirts I saw today so much, but these crackers I found on line, do tickle my funny bone and I probably would dress my girls in them.

"Cuter than Baby Jesus" from T-shirt Hell

Playing with Baby instructions by Wry Baby

So I have to ask myself, where do I draw the line? I know that some of the choices I find amusing would be just as offensive to others. Do I care? Well I don't really care if people don't get it, but I do care if people find it actively offensive. So chances are I would probably buy the Baby Jesus T-shirt, but just not dress Miss in it to head over the Nana's.

So given the potential minefield that choosing a simple T-shirt for a child can be, I think I might have chanced upon a solution. The Mother Daughter matching outfits! They are both scary and amusing all at the same time. I would wear these with all the irony in the world and have such a laugh doing it. I am entirely sure that not everyone would appreciate my sense of humor, and others would be moved to call childrens services at my clear lack of respect for a child's rights. But maybe, just maybe, this could be a whole new kind of cool. The kind of cool that only announces its presence to those in on the joke - and really, those are the people that I would most likely enjoy a giggle with.

Thank you to Kitchen Retro for this cracker of an image.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Daily Outfit - Casual Sunday

Outfit Details: Shirt - Eve Vintage, Black jersey top - Trussadi, Jeans - Target, Shoes - Ed Hardy, Red Rose earrings - Diva, Cherry hair clip - Genki. Red Lipstick - MAC Russian Red.

Today's plan was a simple one. Some groceries, sewing and hanging out at home. Somehow, on the way to get the groceries, I also happened to find a killer red and black plaid dress at Review and a few other tops along the way. But I did stick to the mission, and the family is now fed so I can move on to more entertaining things. And tonight I'll be entertaining myself with some Stargate Atlantis, red wine and perhaps a little icecream. It doesn't sound like much, but after a long week it sounds just about right to me.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

When Procrastination is the Name of the Game

It's the weekend again. Perhaps you have a delightful agenda planned, full of glittering parties, witty conversation and generally spectacular company. On the other hand you may, like me, be spending your weekend avoiding some of those chores that must be done. Ironing, gardening, cleaning, or you might be so hung over from last night that you just simply can't be bothered. But never fear, today SKM comes to your rescue with a short and sweet list of some highly entertaining activities to help you avoid all your responsibilities.

  • Are you old enough to remember the Telegram? Do you have romantic notions of the days of simpler communications? Retro-Gram offers a free e-card style "telegram" that you can email to your friends. It has gorgeous vintage styling and excellent print quality for keeping your for later. So skip the SMS and and show your friends you care enough to send a slightly more superior form of electronic greeting.

  • Do you ever wish you could remind yourself of something ahead of time in a format you actually read? I often forget to check my diary, and I never write anything earth shattering in there anyway. But get onto Future and you could be emailing your future self a well timed warning to "put those cookies down", or to send links to your current favorite fashion sites giving yourself a giggle five years down the track. Or like me, you might simply want to remind yourself that September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

  • No hanky panky happening in your bedroom? Pop on over to Wordle and create a word cloud of all your favorite titillating, dirty, arousing words. Then print it and pop it under your pillow. No doubt its mere presence will get your motor running. If your a little stuck for inspiration, head on over and visit the ever enlightening Violet Blue.

  • Fancy yourself as a blushing blond, a smoldering brunette or even want to go so far as to see how you would look in full drag queen regalia? Taaz is the best virtual makeover site I have ever used. You upload your own photo and can change every element of your cosmetic appearance (from the shoulders up) as well as selecting products to make this happen from a list you can actually buy! But be warned, this is highly addictive! Personally I quite fancy myself as a magnificent blond Queen, a la Rue Paul.

So hide the ironing in the cupboard, give guilt the flicks and enjoy your weekend. Relaxing is what it is all about!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Style at the School Gate.

It has come to my attention that many of you Northern Hemisphere readers have children heading off to school soon. Recently I read a post about School Gate Chic, but I have to admit that all the picks left me feeling cold and depressed. Where was the life, the pizazz?

I see no reason to tone it down for the school yard. I find so many fashion faux pas there it almost makes my eyes bleed. Spangled "Juicy" butts, G-strings making that extra flesh look like an unappetizing ham, and oversize novelty t-shirts with baggy track pants. Yes that is the worst of it, but even with those who dress well by school gate standards, I still find the landscape generally bereft of life. I know that getting the kids off to school can be an exercise in military precision, often with Mum's outfit being last on the list. But if at no other time, at least make the first day of school a special occasion to remember.

Cartoon Capers

It's the little details that kids love, (and me too). Keep it young and fun with this cute shirt by Skelanimals and these vintage cartoon Melissa Shoes. Don't forget juniors lunch and scarf to keep away the morning chill. Oh, and the dark glasses are a must, just in case of emotional emergencies.

Marching Out The Door

For mornings with autumn showers you'll need something to keep the hair under control and I love this little knitted cloche style hat from Marc Jacobs. Add a gorgeous pea coat and the knee high boots, and you'll both be jumping puddles.

Super Mum

If you're looking for a little more sophistication, this stunning jersey dress from Roberto Cavalli will bump it up a notch. And don't worry if you're running late, with these Marc Jacobs blue boots and golden filigree headband, you'll be able to leap the school fence in a single bound.

Toot Suite

To mix a summer piece into some autumn chic, try this short sleeved jersey dress layered over chocolate pants. To keep the morning chill at bay, add these chunky knitted arm warmers and gorgeous Chloe beret. And whatever you do, don't forget the camera to capture that parting smile.

So when you are labeling the lunches, packing the pencils and stitching name tags into the socks, don't forget to create an outfit that will give junior something to be proud of as they wave goodbye!