Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mama's Night Out - In Which I Fall Just a Little Bit In Love.

My Mum, Dad and I.

Last night I headed out with my family to Manchester Lane in Melbourne. A small Jazz club with a wonderful little restaurant attached. My Mum, being a lover of all things Deco, had organized the evening to see a great 1930's style band, The Cairo Club.

With their fabulous band stands and fez wearing musicians, they really were all that Jazz. (Why do Fezs' keep on appearing in this blog?) And while both the food and the music were fabulous, what really made my evening was this dandy chap.

He strode into the room wearing a black, fur trimmed over coat and white opera gloves. As he arrive at his table, he removed his coat to reveal a beautiful old style tuxedo with white tie, matching waistcoat and a carnation in his button hole. Joining his companions, he laughed gaily, remarking wittily on some anecdote from his day. In a room where only myself and my table were 'dressed', he was a beacon of style. Others had earlier hit the dance floor, and while they could dance up a storm, they were wearing jeans?! I mean really, why would you go to all the effort to learn to Tango like Gomez Addams, then arrive in jeans and a wind cheater? So it was in this environment that I saw this Gentleman, and unable to contain my delight, promptly made my way over to his table to request his photograph.

After I had introduced myself and asked to take his photo for my blog, I was met with an, "Oh I'd be delighted!" that Noel Coward would have been proud of. He cut quite the rug with his various partners (only let down by their appalling choice of attire), and had me marveling at his mannerisms all night. It was almost as though he was out of his time, and had me enthralled with his authenticity as I overheard him commenting to his companions on the "Huns". And so I am just a little bit in love. Not with a man, but with a character, and all the wonderful fantasy he brought to our evening.


Tizzalicious said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

Kelly said...

He sounds very cool! That story reminds me of a friend, who is only in his 20s now but will surely grow up to impress ladies all over with his fine dressing and command of ballroom dance.

enc said...

A swell evening!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

A swell evening indeed. I really must have more of them!
Kelly: You just never know when dance lessons may come in handy. I'm sure he will be a huge hit in a couple of years.

Lady Melbourne said...

Dear Miss.Kawaii Mama,
I have seen your devine blog before but must have overlooked linking. Appologies, that has now been rectified and thank you for linking to mine.
Amazed we haven't bumped into each other around town as we seem to have similar tastes, you never know!

Imelda Matt said...

I love it and I love mama's taste in men or her taste in a mans character.