Friday, May 16, 2008

Playing Dress Ups - With K.Line

It's one thing to dress someone with no real sense of style, it is however, a totally different challenge to dress someone who is already a very stylish individual. So it is with this in mind that I had a little fun dressing the wonderful K.Line. After giving me her particulars and some lovely photos, I was asked to dress K.Line in a chic, yet not formal manner, for work or play during the Spring and Summer months. I, of course, chose to do both.

While looking through K.Lines photos, I was struck by how she reminds me of the beautiful actress and dancer, Leslie Caron. So in creating these outfits, I not only considered K.Lines individual body requests but also imagined dressing a young Leslie Caron for 2008.

The best outfits are the ones that can do double duty for work or play. So by changing the choice of shoes and accessories I have created a few different looks.

Looking for a sunny choice for work, I love this silk jersey wrap dress. I have chosen mainly wrap style tops, as K.Line has a larger chest, but I don't want to swamp her small frame. For work I have added a lovely cotton jacket by Donna Karen, and some killer peep toe heels from Nine West. K.Line has amazing legs, hiding them under trousers would be a crime in Summer.
Thinking of her weekends, these low heeled shoes from Kurt Gieger are a perfect match. I've also added a wide brimmed raffia hat, lucite bangle and pattern purse for those long relaxing lunch dates.

For very warm work days, I have chosen this corset style top. It is light weight, and keeps just a little bit more formality by not being sleeveless. The volume of the skirt helps to balance the volume in the sleeves of the top, while the fitted bottom of the top, gives an elegant waist shape. The shoes and the hat bring the whole ensemble into a more creative territory and tie each piece together, making the mix and match of the patterns more cohesive.

Another fun look for work and play. Once again, the deep V of the wrap dress will help to balance K.Lines chest with the rest of her frame. I have added a little black shrug for those cooler spring days. The striped shoes ( which I LOVE) will make the most of her wonderful legs, while the flat red, peep toes make the whole look a lot more casual for weekends. Throw in the over sized dark glasses and broad brimmed black hat for some instant Caron glamour.

Now for something really fun. I know that K.line can do colour, but I haven't yet seen her in anything with quite this much punch. I've chosen this outfit especially for Girls Day Out with her daughter. Whether it be a barbeque with friends, (hence the sandals) or perhaps drinks in the foyer of a fancy hotel, (Mocktails only please) K.Line is sure to be the most stylin' Mother there. Oh, but she may have to fight her daughter for the gorgeous Tarina Tarantino bag.

Can't wait to see what you think K.Line!

** To see details on any of these items, simply click on the ones you like for instant linkage. Ahh the magic of Polyvore.**


WendyB said...

Great choices, and boy, do I love those striped wedges.

enc said...

They are all hot. I love the wild patterns, something K.Line could seriously ROCK! You did a nice job on this one Super Mama!

Imelda Matt said...

mama's all over it like nappy-rash!!! I'd be happy in any of those items!

Tizzalicious said...

I love your picks for her!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a nice idea - I think all looks would be perfect for her.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love your selections. I want them all!

Amy G. said...

Such good taste! I love how you paralleled her with Leslie Caron, who had a dancer's sense of line and style. Gorgeous!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Wendy: I love them, they make me think of Zebras and Licorice all sorts.
enc, tizz and nadine: So glad you all like, can't wait to see what k.Line thinks.
imelda: love the new pic. Your making me thing of Ewan Macgregor in Down With Love. *flutter*
Solemn cat: nice to hear from you and glad your enjoying.
amy g: the parallel just hit me when I saw her beautiful figure and gorgeous legs.

K.Line said...

SKM: I have only just returned from a computer-free vacay but had to write immediately upon switching the "on" button. I LOVE your choices for me! Seriously, where do I start? The yellow flats and peep toes are fantastic. The corset top in the second photo - and the Geiger shoes - are so chic and yet bohemian.

In the third look, those stripey shoes are awesome - you really know shoes! and I actually have a pair of red flats just like the one's you profiled. Now I've got to find some way of reproducing that patterning. It's hard, it's soft. It rocks!

The last dress is great. I can see it with a black belt or just on it's own - with the heels, bien sur. It's a colour combo, I must admit, I've never investigated, but I am happy to give it a go.

Let me see how I can take your ideas into my real wardrobe over the next couple of weeks / shopping excursions and I'll post about it on my blog.

Thanks so much again for your excellent styling. Kxo

Super Kawaii Mama said...

K.Line: So pleased you like them! Given that I am just going on a couple of pics and a brief description, I was hoping that I had nailed it both in style and personality.
That last dress, I couldn't find the belt I wanted to add for it, but I have it in my wardrobe. It is a chain style belt of large diamonte squares, set in gold. Super fab for those OTT days.
Can't wait to see what translations you come up with.