Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Green Power

Image of the front porch in Duluxeville

One of the things I find most relaxing in summer is the power of a lush and shady garden. Huge, broad branched oaks, arms laden with leaves. Violets growing in the shade and the perfect seating to lie back and enjoy the view. While it is too hot out to leave the comfort of my lounge, I can at least look out the window and fantazise about the garden I would like to have. This shot of the simple, lush front porch over at Deluxeville really got me thinking about the power of greenery to calm the senses. I'll be off to add a confection of hanging baskets to my veranda this week I think.

I am lusting after this 1950's garden setting currently listed on eBay, but am loathed to pay the interstate shipping costs when I could probably find something similar searching junk shops here. Damn you eBay and your powers of instant gratification.

Image from Coast Ranger

I've been wanting to put in a pond for ages, however it is a long way down the list of things to do at the moment. But this beautiful specimen puts me in mind to bump the project up the list. From Berkely University's gardens, this is a stunning example of good design, using a single colour palette (aside from the blue of the Iris when in season), and focusing on form. You just want to float away..

It is dry as a bone here in Melbourne at this time of year, and our water supply is all but non existent. But fortunately we had rain water tanks put in last Christmas, and this year they are full. So aside from the scorch factor of the heat, I have some of that precious water and may just be able to start creating my summer oasis. Anyone have the number of a good gardener?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cool as a Cucumber

We are about to hit a heat wave here in Melbourne. We've had quite a number of hot days already, but the prediction is for 40 degrees plus until Sunday. For those of you in the Northern hemisphere this may sound appealing, but I can tell you that the type of sun here is so scorching you can feel it stripping layers from your skin the moment your are exposed. It has a very nasty sting to it that is accompanied by super heated winds, making you think of life in the Gobi desert. In preparation for this unpleasant event, I've put on my thinking cap to provide you with some creative ways to stay cool this week.

Photo from Exotic Events

Host a Moroccan tent soiree and take advantage of the cool of the evening with friends. Drink oodles of iced mint tea and have several types of Turkish Delight on hand to choose from. All you need then is a handsome someone to hand feed you your choice of sweets, and peel you a grape or two.

Burlesque feather fan from Mame Clothing

Make like an Edwardian Lady and carry a large feather fan with you. Perfect for the still of the afternoon, just accompany with a scintillating mystery novel and a sneaky G&T.

Strangely enough, it seems that the practice of carrying a sun umbrella is yet to catch on with the masses here in Australia. A common scene in Asia where days are also long and hot, it makes sense to bring this one back into vogue. Hats and sunscreen are all well and good, but they don't help to keep you cool. A parasol with help save you from an early grave and keep you looking cool in both sense of the word!

Photo by Blary 54 on Flickr

You've heard me mention the powers of iced tea on a hot day before, a nice change to plain water and a million times better than soda (ewww). Rather than spending a bomb on the pre-packaged kind (although its thirst quenching properties are undeniable), here is my recipe that will only cost you a few cents a pop.

Iced Tea Recipe
4 tea bags ( I like to use White Tea or Orange Pekoe)
2 cups of freshly boiled water
Pop your tea bags into a large, heat proof 2 litre jug
Cover with boiling water, add 2 tablespoons of caster sugar and let steep for 20 minutes.
Discard tea bags and fill the remaining space in the jug with fresh cold water.
Refrigerate. Add ice cubes and lemon slices before serving.

Photo by Alaska Teacher on Flickr

The power of the mind on these hot days is something not to be ignored. Change you wallpaper to winter wonderlands, start planning a ski trip or research the lives of Eskimos. The more time we spend talking about how hot we are, the hotter we get. So close you eyes, feel the arctic wind on your face and think yourself cool.

...You could also...
  • Have a water balloon fight with your boyfriend, children, employer, grandmother...
  • Make a slip and slide in your backyard.
  • Use old fashioned slang to amuse yourself, fanning yourself with your handkerchief if you get the 'vapours'.
  • Eat tiny finger sized cucumber sandwiches for tea.
  • Wear fancy silk bloomer style knickers under your long cotton dress.
  • Sing sea shanties.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Her Chequered Past

Me at about 14/15 with my little bro in the dress mum made especially for my holiday.

In a bid to find a few more ensembles to add to my hot weather wardrobe, I came across this number. She was almost forgotten as she'd been living in the dress up box for some time. My mother made me this dress when I was about 14/15 years old, and I wore it on my beach side holiday with visions of Grace Kelly in To Catch A Thief, dancing in my head. Now, I am more than twice that many years old, she sees the light of day again! I gave her a bit of a clean, iron and she still fits!

I am so thrilled with the way this dress looks now. I always had a tendency to dress older than my age, (as my tastes haven't changed much) and it seems I have now 'grown' into my style. But today I had to wear things just a little differently as that pesky broken toe is still preventing me from doing anything other than posing in my heels. So I popped on a cardigan pilfered from mums closet, a super cute pair of wide eyed bear earrings and my new pair of shiny red thongs (flip flops) from Duchess. This is how I actually met the day and headed off to grocery shop with girls in tow.

Outfit details: Dress by Mum, Cardigan - Katies (recycled), Shoes - Duchess, Earrings - SIX

I'm off tonight to see my other brother's band play for the first time. They've been getting all these rockstar gigs, and I haven't had an opportunity to see him strut his stuff. So I'll be getting ready for a night on the town and preparing for a huge long weekend tonight. We've got Chinese New Year celebrations, dinners, parties and I'm even holding a stall at the Camberwell market on Sunday in my ongoing attempts to purge. So If you don't see me this weekend, just picture me sleeping, exhausted in a pile of clothes.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

How to Dress With Confidence

Stripy goodness from stylish Nubby Twiglet

So many times I hear people say, "Wow, I would love to dress like you, but I just don't have the confidence to pull it off." Rather than responding with platitudes, I've decided it is time to let you in on a little secret. Yes, my confidence is down to my personality, but there are a few tricks you can use to manufacture a bit of style chutzpah for yourself.

What is it that stops you leaving the house in your favorite hat, tutu or monocle? It is all a matter of context and peer pressure for most. If you were heading to a gallery opening, chances are you would be bolder, and tap into your artistic side hoping to show the punters that you are indeed, an individual with artistic sensibilities. But take this same individual grocery shopping in the same ensemble and you'll see their confidence melt away before your very eyes. Now I am not addressing the larger issue of event appropriate attire here, as this is a longer and even more subjective discussion. I am instead, simply attempting to shed some light on why some people always appear their true, brave and colourful selves no matter the situation. This is the kind of confidence you want to have.

Let's assume that you have nailed your personal aesthetic. You know what looks good, what makes you happy and how to mix and match to your hearts content. But when it comes to stepping out in that electric blue suit, all the confidence you had whilst posing in front of the mirror is now in a puddle at your feet. So what has changed in this dynamic? Your audience. When it is just you looking appreciatively back at yourself, you only have yourself to please. But when the thought of Shelia from Accounts, the Check Out Girl or the School Gate Mum crosses your mind, you find yourself quaking as you see yourself through (what you believe to be) their eyes.

So what to do? Firstly, reevaluate your thinking.

You don't actually know what any of these people are thinking of your sense of style. They may throw you a negative comment but be secretly jealous, just like mum used to say. There may be whispers of "bold choice" tinged with sarcasm, as these peers seek to validate their own style choices through one mass mind and group acceptance. But this is not always way they honestly feel on the inside. Ask yourself why being accepted as one of the flock is so important to you and if perhaps staring your own trend may be more rewarding.

Secondly, change your audience.

If the biggest peer group in your life are all buttoned down and prim, where you seek to explore your wilder side, you need to find a more appreciative audience. Now, don't go rushing out to dump all your friends and start hanging out in biker bars, all you need to do is find your pals online. Your already here so, put your style out there and get some feedback. You don't need to start a blog as there are loads of online style diaries you can try. People will give you feedback (be prepared for positive and negative) on your style, helping you to refine it, and gain more confidence in your look. There is an amazing power hidden in this. If you have hundreds of enthusiastic peers with whom to exchange ideas, and to tell you how fabulous you are, you will carry these virtual friends with you all day. So when Shelia gives you the evil eye for your choice, you can smile a little smuggly in the knowledge that there a hundred people out there giving you a round of applause.

Thirdly, be the you YOU want to be, it is your civic duty!

Yes, we all have to make accommodations for our situations, be they work, cultural or religious; but you have the freedom to chose how you want express your style. This is an amazing gift you can give to others. As you feel the confidence and freedom to dress yourself the way you want daily, those around you will begin to see the power this gives you. No longer a slave to the sartorial conventions of the masses, you'll encourage those around you to start experimenting in their own way. This may seem small on the outside, but the change of attitude and to their own confidence will be immeasurable. Fashion doesn't just happen, it takes innovation, risk and daring. Raise the bar and others will follow.

So now you know the secret, add it to the stash of super powers in your fashion arsenal and go forth in style my pretties!

Links to some great online style diaries:

My Style Diary
Mode Pass
The Original Wardrobe Remix on Flickr

There are plenty more of these out there. Readers feel free to add links to your favorite sites in the comments section.


Note: Apologies to any Shelias' who work in accounts. Your name was used for illustrative purposes only, don't take it personally. I'm sure you're a very stylish individual.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Today I felt something that must only happen very rarely. I felt a part of history as I watch the inauguration of President Obama. I feel a sense of gravitas, of optimism and of patriotism. And I'm not even an American.

Originally uploaded by Bo

Monday, January 19, 2009

Addition & Subtraction

Over the Christmas period I had a little time to indulge in my favorite hobby; Op Shopping (that is thrifting for those of you not from these fair shores). Everywhere I go one of the first things on my entertainment agenda is a visit to these little gold mines in the hopes of unearthing what to me will be treasure. Some days I am blessed by the rummage gods, and other times I find myself scraping and attempting to put a better spin on things that are really just trash. Such was the case on my most recent visits. It was slim pickings but I did find this very cute, rigid straw bag. It is a deep chocolate straw and nice and wide. Perfect for something summer weight, but still looking a little more formal than the usual raffia offerings.

Bag - Grand total of $1

I also made another score on the vintage front with a visit to Nana. It seems one never comes away from these occasions empty handed. My Nana is one of those ladies who still wears hats and gloves to church on a Sunday, so her collection is tightly held. Recently she decided that other than her spiritual outings, she no longer has anywhere very fancy to go that requires the more fancy of hats. Thus, I'm now the proud owner of a natty little blue cocktail number with netting, and the most divine navy and white creation that reminds me of a sea anemone. I said something along those lines to Nana when she showed it to me, but she seemed a bit offended. Perhaps her knowledge of marine creatures is a little limited, or the hat held some greater significance... we'll never know.

Cocktail hat modeled by Harajuku Lovers perfume bottle.

The sea creature for my head.

Now I'm not entirely sure that stores entitling themselves as "Antiques and Collectables" fall into the realm of thrifting, but they can be treasure troves nevertheless. So on a relaxing Saturday afternoon the other week, the Mr surprised me by assembling the family for an outing of coffee at a little playground that also happens to adjoin just such a store. Perfect; latte for him, swings for the girls and lots of old things and dust for Mama. With only $20 in my pocket, my eye sight narrows, honing it on the bargains within. And so it was that I came across this little box, (the style of which has been on my aquisitions list for some time) and set of yellow beads. There is something very cheerful about them both in a girly summery kind of way. And although the beads are yet to have an outing, the box is helping me fight the battle of the ever growing accessories collection.

And now, with all of those acquisitions out of the way, it is back to my purging. I think my wardrobe has an eating disorder.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Endangered Species - The Insanity of Over Regulation

Darling little amigurumi pony by Raewadolly on Etsy

My Dad will read the title of this post and shake his head. We often have vehement discussions about the governments need to over regulate on almost every area of our lives, taking away our ability to make decisions based on common sense. Today I was made aware of a pending regulation in the USA that takes the cake.

Remember the big Chinese made toy scare? Lead poisoning of some youngsters created a panic amongst the population, and toys were removed from the shelves with alarming speed. In reaction to this event, the US government is introducing a new law commencing February 10th, that will make testing of ALL goods intended for under 12 year olds to be tested for lead and phthalates. All of this is set out in the Consumer Products Safety Act. Now we aren't just talking about random product samples here, the legislation says that EVERY product must be tested individually, and (get this) retroactively. This means every thrift store, hand made goods and used goods will have to be tested. How on earth would charities or small business owners be expected to pay for this expense? Will this see the end of a large chunk of business for Etsy sellers, eBay vendors and other on line swapping facilities for families?

And what about the environmental factor? If the only companies that can afford to test their products individually are large corporations, does this mean that we will see even more new plastic rubbish being imported? If the recycling market is crippled for this niche, the consequences could be far reaching. When you consider how quickly children grow out of things, the cost of constantly replacing clothes, toys and equipment for these little bean poles; how many low income families will be further disadvantaged in this time of global economic hardship?

All this makes me count my lucky stars that we aren't faced with the same issue here in Australia. But for those of you in the US, whether or not you have children, this is set to become a land mark issue. If you feel compelled to speak up about this (and do it soon before Feb 10th), there are a bunch of links provided here that will help you direct your ire.

Update: It seems that the CPSA required some clarification after its release, hence this statement was released, outlining that second hand goods do not have to be compulsorily tested. However, if any items sold second hand are found to have unacceptable levels of lead or phthalates, the seller could be subject to civil or criminal prosecution. Still sounds like a big gamble for these smaller retailers...

Sources: Consumer Product Safety Act

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Daily Outfit - Chinoiserie

Outfit Details: Dress - by Me, Shoes - Ana, Hair flower - Leopard Vixen Enterprises, Fragrance - Tokyo Dream.

Somewhere in the back of my closet I found a surprise today. About 3 years ago I made this dress for a party, then soon after discovered I was pregnant, (those two events were not related). It meant that this dress was relegated to the "I'll wear it again in the future" area of the closet, and hadn't been discovered again since. I found both the dress and a pair of suitable shoes, and was actually able to put an outfit together that felt a little more like my style even with the shoes.

The dress is made from a super stretchy lycra blend and has gold foiling in the print. I have no idea what it says ( please someone tell me if it is obscene). It was super easy to make and is super comfortable to wear. The print is like nothing I had seen before in these fabrics and I had to have it immediately.

As for the hair, I achieved this look with the help of a few hair combs to lift and push the top section into some height (no backcombing), and setting the rest in my famous pin curls for an hour or so. It turned out that I even had a matching hair flower in my stash, so a blue rose with requisite skull motive, topped the whole lot off. There is nothing better than being able to treasure hunt your own closet and still surprise yourself at the possibilities that lie within.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tough Luck Snow White

How glad I am that times have changed.

Click this link to read the full sized version.

Should I have ever received a letter like this, this would have been my likely reaction...

That was just so good I had to share it !

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Daily Outfit - Fading Away

Outfit Details: Chiffon top - Luca & Marc, Pants - by Me, Shoes - Havaianas, Duck print scarf - Chinatown, Rose ring and earrings - Diva ( a gift from the delightful AusStyle!)

It is 38 degrees here in the shade today, and tomorrow promises to be an even hotter 40 degrees or more. It isn't just the heat you have to watch out for here in Melbourne, but also the searing U.V. So it is wise to dress cool and stay well out of the sun, otherwise you'll end up looking like a Californian Raisin in no time! Today I took it easy, languishing about in a cool cream and chiffon ensemble. I'm still struggling with the wardrobe challenge that this broken toe presents, namely wearing thongs (flip flops for those of you not familiar with Australian slang) everyday. They may be standard attire in summer for most of our population, but for me, I find that they just don't work with the majority of my outfits or looks. So I have to adapt for now.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Add a Little Zest To Your Day

According to the big wig colour predictors, 2009 has been declared the year of Mimosa. Officially it is PANTONE 14-0848 Mimosa. And just what the hell is Mimosa other than a tasty beverage? Well for those of you here in Australia, you should be very familiar with this little gem as it is in fact a part of our national emblem. Those of us on a first name basis with this one know it as Golden Wattle. The flower that children all over the country take to their teachers, causing their hay fever to flare irreparably for the day, as it sheds its pollen like talcum powder in sheets on your clothes.

Allegedly this sunshine filled hue will be the tonic for our economic blues and cause us to be filled with imaginative and innovative impulses. Well, in that spirit I've applied mine for you and come up with some great ways to add some sartorial sunshine to your days.
Lemon Sundae

Mimosa in the Evening

Sunshine in Your Life

So if you are feeling a bit over the grey skies of a northern winter, or looking to encourage a little more sunshine south of the boarder, then these could be just the trick. But proceed with caution (lol), an over consumption of Mimosa (both the beverage and the colour), is bound to make you a tad queasy.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Getting Bento

I don't usually pack lunches for my family. The Mr. eats out every day and so far the closest I have come to packed lunches is for official picnics or snacks in the park. This is all about to change. Miss Four is off to start school at the end of this month so that means packed lunches and snacks every day. While I'm at it I'll also start packing lunches for the Mr. in an attempt to encourage healthier eating and saving a ton of cash in the process. Of course, as with all my endeavors, I see this as a challenge on which to unleash my creativity and competitive spirit; and it is with this in mind that I have decided to tackle the challenge of packing lunch Bento style!

Realistically I don't expect my bento's to turn out quite as flash as those from the very talented Lucky Sundae on Flickr, but still this is a lunch to aspire to. Over the last few years my lunch menus have left much to be desired. Always an after thought I usually end up with tuna on toast, a boiled egg or whatever the girls didn't eat. Not very nutritious and certainly not very appealing. But I am hoping that if I have two people to make these little treats for, that it will be just as easy to put together a few more and I might get to indulge in some more inspiring and attractive lunches on a daily basis. The biggest thing that is holding me back with these is the time it takes to make them. There is always so much to do of a morning that adding in an extra hour to make lunch just doesn't seem like fun. If any of you make these yourself and have some suggestions, I'm all ears!

White Whale Bento

While in a rather foodie mood, I took stock of my kitchen and the state of my cupboards. It seems that they have been suffering from a bad case of "I might use that one day," and a clutter that subsequently leads to only a few items ever being used. So it was out with the old gadgets... and in with the new. With all the ridiculously good sales at the moment I have no excuse to still be cooking in a fry pan that leaves more teflon on the food than in the pan. And I did make that resolution to eat only the most fabulous of breakfasts so... I headed into Harris Scarf where they had a huge 30-80% off everything and picked up these treats to make both breakfasts and bentos all the more fun.

Cookie cutters from General Trader Store for cutting shapes into vegetables, fruit, cheese and just about anything to make it fun.

My very first proper egg poaching pan, a griddle pan that I shouldn't kill in two minutes (which is what happened to the last three Jamie Oliver pans!), and a super slicer to make things thin, curly and cool without loosing a finger.

For those of you in North America, the idea of cool gadgets and accessories for food isn't all that foreign. It seems that you have a plethora of stores devoted to just such embellishments. But here in Australia it is relatively slim pickings, and requires a good knowledge of secret specialty stores to find groovy things. So I am searching through eBay for most of my specialty bento supplies at present. If anyone in Australia knows of any stores here in Melbourne, I'd be eternally grateful for any recommendations. Browsing the racks for miniature sauce bottles, plastic grass and hot dog cutters shapped like Hello Kitty is my idea of fun!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Etsy Love - Pink Delight

It has been some time since I showed you some of my favorite Etsy finds, so today here's a peek into my current favorites. I came across these pretties while seeking inspiration for a new reader request project I have on the go. I wonder if any of you can guess what it might be? Only those fashion super sleuths or psychics will guess this one.

Kimono Dress from Sky Creations

Buffalo Girl print from Pinky Toast

Valentine Gift Tags by Krafty Chic Designs

Bow Tie Scarf by Mousse Au Chocolat

Poopsie Necklace from I'm Your Present.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

She's Finally Cracked

That's right folks, this week got off to a cracking start as in my morning haste I tripped on the couch and broke my toe! There was some serious yelping and jumping up and down, as I had Miss One in my arms at the time too. The result is a very bruised, very immobile pinky toe, and a very grumpy disposition. I would like to say that I am one of those "fiddle dee dee" types who can then carry on with a stoic smile, but I am being a bit of a sook. And I hate the way something so small can affect my mood so greatly.

I've been limping around and noticing how every little annoyance becomes exponentially greater in this light, and then getting even more pissy at myself for being so weak willed. I know I can choose to look on the bright side and count my blessings, but sometimes you just have to get the cranky out of your system. What I need now is June Cleaver to pop over with her cleaning gear and a pitcher of Margaritas, but tonight I'll just have to settle for vodka and an ice pack.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Trials of a Conspicuous Consumer

Image from Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum of Headcase Design

Rather than beginning my year with a new set of resolutions destined for adding to anxieties and guilt, I have instead chosen to take another tact to begin the new year. I am editing my life. (Perhaps this is just a rose by another name, but nevertheless...)

Just like a good film, life needs a little editing every now and again to make it fit the romantic notion of reality you like to create in your head. Where I would like to have a well organised wardrobe where each item is visible and available at a moments notice, I instead have three wardrobes full of clothes, shoes, handbags and other accessories. When I look at my bookcase it is no longer a reflection of the me I am today, but is full of dog earred dross and unread gifts from an age ago. The same can be said for the contents of my storage cupboards, kitchen, studio etc... and the list goes on. While I have been on a mission to have "nothing in my home that is neither useful nor beautiful", it is a slow process, and is only half the story. To really begin the year anew, a good hard edit of lifes commitments, goals and time misspent is also in order.

When you look at how you spend your time each day, breaking it down moment by moment, how much of what fills it really counts for you? How many of those moments are things that you wish to build memories from, and how many are just the motions of an over scheduled automaton? Here is a little selection of some of the things that are to be shed from my life and the little rays of inspiration that are to replace them.

* Breakfast routine - I almost always eat the same thing for breakfast, and while it is nutritious, it is beginning to bore me. Instead, I am going to make breakfast a treat to start each day. Eggs in little china cups, with hot buttered toast cut into little fingers. Fresh flowers on the table. Jam served from a nice crystal bowl instead of the jar it came in and butter in a white china dish. My coffee in my favorite cup and saucers instead of a big mug - what's the use in having all this great china if it is seldom used? It doesn't have to be any harder, it is just a matter of changing a habit.

* Gym - I am so bored with my gym. The routine, the solitude of it and the sense of obligation. Instead I am going to replace my gym sessions with more dance sessions. A chance to dress up, interact, learn a new skill and stealth exercise.

* Housework - I spend a great deal of my time each day picking things up and returning them to their rightful places. It is depressing, tiring and makes me very irritable to live with. When reading about the daily housekeeping routine of women in the 1940's, something occurred to me. While it appears that they must have spent a great deal of time each day on straightening up, the reality wasn't near as bad as I had imagined, ( a quick chat with Nana confirmed this). And do you know why? They had so much less STUFF! With toy boxes bursting at the seams, more kitchen equipment than I could possibly use in a life time, and more miscellaneous ornaments than I even have shelves for; it is no wonder that I am driven around the bend by this chore. So the simple solution is to get rid of it. If I only have five sets of towels in the house then I won't have to wash and store so many. If Miss four only has a few dolls, I won't have to pick up twenty every night. I could be overly ambitious in this plan but the proof will be in the pudding.

* Television - I go through phases with this one, but it truly is one of the greatest time thieves. At the end of a busy day it is all too easy to collapse in front of whatever is on and zone out for a few hours. Generally though, the selection of shows tend to involve someone being killed, dying, on trial or being autopsied by some government agency or other. None of these make me feel any the better for it, and I find I can diagnose whatever obscure life threatening disease will kill our character within the first five minutes. So it has to stop. If I chose to watch something, it has to be on MY schedule and fit the emotional bill of whatever I am craving at that moment. Feeling a little hard done by? Watch Schindler's List. But whatever you do, don't leave the thing on for the next show to creep up on you and steal your evening.

* The Mall - Yes, I am somewhat of a shopping addict. I am also a bargain hunter and a fantasist. All these things add up to trouble when shopping in a mall. I don't tend to shop for clothes and things this way, but I do head into them often for the groceries, the mail and all those weekly necessities. And this is the problem. I just can't seem to pop in and out. I loose so much time browsing around for things I don't need, being distracted by sale racks and promotions. What I really need to do is shop at my local grocer / butcher / fruit store. If I go to stores that have only what I specifically need, then I am less likely to lose that extra hour being distracted by shiny things. And I'll be supporting small business which I am all in favor of. This one seems like a win win situation.

So with a little carefully editing, I should once again be the master of my own destiny. No longer a slave to the lure of 50% off, the power of meaningless obligation or the tyranny of possessions. At the very least I will be the owner of a shiny new set of good intentions.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Yipee! Welcome to 2009, a year that is sure to be full of more colour, laughter, style and frivolity. A huge thank you to everyone who has supported me and had fun reading the contents of my head as applied to the page. There are some exciting changes afoot for the blog this year, and hopefully you should see it before the first month is out.

To celebrate the New Year, and the first NYE that the Mr and I have been free to hit the town in the last four years (!), I decided to wear something super cute, super colourful and warm. Our weather has been crazy here and it isn't even close the the temperatures we usually experience at this time of year. This great dress is a 1980's classic that I thrifted some time ago and has been waiting to be worked into an ensemble that gave it personality. I tried it with a few different combinations of shoes or strappy sandals, but each time the effect was too aging and a bit like I just hadn't updated the closet since 1985. But then inspiration struck and I am so pleased with the final effect. It is about fifty different kinds of awesome if I do say so myself!

Outfit details:
Dress 1980's - Syndicate (thrifted), Stockings - Columbine, Platform Shoes -
Urban Originals, Four Leaf Clover hair clasp - a gift from Nana for Christmas, Super Kawaii Bag - eBay some time ago.

Here's to you 2009.
2008 rocked so you have a lot to live up to, but I already have a good feeling about your potential to amaze.