Friday, February 27, 2009

The Next Chapter

Image courtesy of Donna Lethal on Flickr

Tired with the old?... Looking for a new way to perk up your morning?...There are changes a foot here at Super Kawaii hold onto your knickers!

I've outgrown my little corner here at blogger, so come on over and find the all new and improved

It should be much more user friendly for you to search what you are looking for, and includes more of your reader requests. In the transition if you could update your links it would be much appreciated. I will leave this site here so you can still find me if you land here, but all the content and your comments have been moved across to the new site. While there is much more new content in the works, most of what you will find to begin with is a more searchable version of the last twelve months worth of posts.

Yes, that's right. I'm over one year old now, so time for something bigger and better. Should you encounter any problems with the new way of doing things, make sure to drop me a line so I can fix them right up.

So don't delay, click away...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Invisible Woman

I haven't disappeared.. Just working away on my secret project.. Stay tuned tomorrow to be the first in the know.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fashion Fix-It

I'm getting back to basics this week and shoring up my wardrobe with some cracking buys pre autumn winter. You'd think that with the size of my wardrobe this wouldn't be necessary, but as it seems I have been buying for love rather than need of late, I am seriously bereft of some essentials. So I made an actual list, knocked back two coffees and tried to put on my blinkers as I focused my eyes on the prize.

For very affordable chic, I've just discovered how great Forever New is. A big step up from the style offerings of Valley Girl and Tempt, but still in the same(ish) price range. It's all up to you what you make of their pieces, as there is enough variety to get creative and turn a piece from this seasons trend into your signature look. I was particularly turned on by their range of very cutting edge trend accessories. Wandering through the racks I could clearly see the reflection of certain bloggers iconic style, and at the price the possibilities are endless. Yes, one did end up in my possession for a little jewelry cannibalism.

I'm on the wait list for this stunning sapphire velvet tuxedo jacket by Cue. Drool... But in the meantime, I've snatched up a ST-UNN-ING houndstooth number and a couple of very tailored shirts. During a small wardrobe crisis on the weekend, it came to my attention that I did not own even one white shirt! How on earth that happened I'll never know, so I took immediate steps to remedy the situation. After searching several top name stores I was very disappointed by the bland offerings - until I got to Cue. I can always count on them for superb tailoring and unexpected detail.

Portmans high waisted stretch skirt with back ruffles

I cannot remember the last time I went into Portmans and it is possible I've never bought anything there before. But if this weeks offerings are indicative of their future direction, I'll be back in a heart beat. I came away with the perfect black knitted tank, a little cropped cardi, ( a favorite of mine and I had so much trouble choosing only one), and the piece de resistance - this great black skirt. Not having an "office job" to go to these days, there are a few things that haven't been replaced over time. One was the classic pencil skirt. For the longest time I couldn't find just what I wanted, and never got around to making it. Yet, I focus my shopping thoughts and lo and behold it appeared, in the shape of this high waisted stretch number above. I had rather a hard time sticking to the plan with so many pieces right up my alley. In saying that though, you may walk in and not at all see what I see, but the secret is in the styling. Of course outfit shots with all these pieces in traditional SKM style are all forthcoming.
Suede Victoria heels from Witchery

Last on the list was a new pair of classic peep toes in black. I hardly need to tell you why I've chosen these babies.

**Shhh... something is happening. Stay tuned for a big surprise this week**

Monday, February 23, 2009

Colour My World

I was going to give you something today about Oscars fashion, but I know that's not why you're here. Let's just say that there was a serious teary moment here when Heath Ledger was announced the winner of Best Supporting Actor. Sniff..

So instead of showing you what every Kate, Heidi and Angelina is wearing, I am of course going to show you what I was wearing instead. Sunday I headed into Fitzroy for a rehearsal for this Saturday's fashion show, Circa Nocturna. I'll admit I was having a rare wardrobe crisis moment, in which I stood in front of the over stuffed closet bemoaning my lack of things to wear! Possibly the result of having too much time on my hands to choose, (which is usually not the case), or just trying to build an outfit around a pair of fabulous but particularly tricky shoes. The Melissa shoes were especially worked in for the lovely K. Line who is wondering about their practicality. After much deliberation, here is the result.

Outfit Details: Purple top - MNG, Pants - Living Doll, Suspenders - Costume shop, Crown Brooch - ?, Shoes - Melissa, Panda Earrings - SIX, Glasses - Vintage Store.

So to answer the shoe question - yes they are comfortable (but I probably should have bought them a half size smaller), no they don't get any hotter than leather shoes, and the best part? They smell like bubble gum!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Girl Crush - Masumi Max

I'm a lover of contrast. I like my colours bright, my whites white and my blacks so velvety they melt. And so it is with my girlfriends. It isn't all Rita Hayworth and Doris Day over here, in fact Doris has nipped out to straighten the bathroom while Rita makes the Margaritas as they wait for my next guest to arrive.

Meet Masumi Max - pin up, fetish model, contortionist and fire performer extraordinaire.

Image by

Wearing the Black Salsa dress from Pinup Girl Clothing

She has a killer style, dangerous curves and takes a mean portrait.

You won't see her sitting in the front rows at fashion week, nor will you see her splashed across the tabloids Starbucks in hand. More likely than not, you won't see very much of her unless you're into hot rod shows and mens mags. Nevertheless, there is something about her I find captivating and worthy of a good dose of Jean Paul Gaultier. Perhaps the designers showing at this years fashion week should have given Max a call and avoided the runway carnage aka the Stitt Storm. Either way, I predict you'll be seeing a lot more of Miss Max's style in the shops this season.

But if the latex and the heels are all a bit much for you there is one leaf you can take out of her book. Next time someone whips out the camera, look straight down the lense and give them a that Masumi Max stare. Killer.

Friday, February 20, 2009

You're Such A Doll

Barbie portraits used by permission. Photographs by Torno Photography.

This year, March 9th mark Barbie's 50th birthday! And my doesn't she carry it well? With an army of designers and plastic surgeons (quite literally) at her beck and call, it is no wonder this lady can still knock 'em dead. For her upcoming birthday she was being presented at New York Fashion Week with 50 new outfits by some of the world's most illustrious designers including Diane von Furstenberg, Anna Sui and Vera Wang. But why should she have all the fun?

Celebrating the style of a little lady we have all owned at one time or another, I've put together a selection of outfits just for you to channel your inner Barbie. And while I'm not a huge advocate for that awful phrase "dressing your age", I went with a certain feel for each age group. Feel free to mix, match and possibly steal from others as you please.

Brabie Hits The Town - 20's

Barbie Style - 30's

Barbie Style - 40's

So whether you are a fabulous fashionista, a domestic diva or a queen in need of a new frock; get yourself a little Barbie style this week and celebrate the woman she made you.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Last Rose

After our severe heat wave my garden has been left a scorched and sad landscape. Many of my favorite plants have been lost and some rethinking needs to be done for its recovery. But this morning I discovered that in spite of it all, the roses have struggled on and are giving me one last bloom. Very considerate of them considering today was the first day I wore this blue rose dress.

Seen in a previous post as an op shop find, I spent the morning altering this one down a few sizes before heading off to a children's party. With it's subtle print and little rose buttons, I had to go with the theme and add the white rose bracelet as well. Cool, comfortable and simple. My favorite kind of casual chic.

Outfit details: Dress - thrifted 1980's dress by EM, Shoes - Wittner, Bracelet - Diva.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Giving "Crafty" A Whole New Meaning

Prepare to be disturbed. Perhaps I have entered a strange and bizarre parallel universe. Then again, it could just be a case of Paris Hilton and her "marketing genius' strikes again. In a move that has received derision across the board from the craft world, Paris Hilton has launched her own line of DIY craft supply kits! Aimed at young teens who are “sophisticated and savvy young ladies in search of trend and prestige.” It is already giving me the kind of headache that occurs somewhere between ice cream and six bags of fairy floss.

Firstly, explain to me how hot gluing a bit of Paris branded glitter into your scrap book is going to satiate that, oh so modern, desire for "trend and prestige"? I'm quite sure that Paris didn't achieve the dizzying heights of her success by staying in and hot gluing on a Saturday night. (Not that I have any problem with that activity as you well know).

Perhaps it is an attempt to find a way to "normalise" or connect with a middle class activity in these times of down sizing and cash not being so flash anymore. This could be Paris's way of saying, "I'm really just like you." But will it work?

To me it seems yet another insidious attempt to worm her cheap and nasty brand of tack into the impressionable minds of the next generation of fashionistas. What will this woman not market? Maybe she should stick to products more related to her lifestyle. How about Paris's Patented Enema Kit? Now there's a movement from Paris I'm already feeling.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine Frills

With a delightful 30's vintage style print, this silk Collette Dinnigan set with its French knickers stole my heart.

When it comes to giving or receiving lingerie, you need to be fully prepared for battle. The simple act of choosing the right gift for your loved one becomes a mine field filled with innuendo, hidden agendas and holds the potential to delight or insult. His dream ensemble may have you heading for the hills imagining just where exactly you are supposed to put that thing? It may be a delightful concoction conjuring up fantasies of a fire side romance - but with someone two sizes smaller (or bigger as the case may be). Indeed the safest option for Valentines Day and all other significant lingerie buying occasions, is to buy for yourself and call it a gift for your man. Two (love) birds with one stone.

Raspberry goodness, botanicals and butterflies - also from Collette Dinnigan.

How was your Valentines Day?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Come One Come All

Before you get all giggly for Fashion Week this year, head on down to Circa Nocturna held on Saturday 28th February, to see some of Australia's cutting edge designs hit the runway. A showcase of ingenuity, craftsmanship and wicked, wicked style, this is not to be missed. Besides, you'll see me there up on the runway modeling for Dusk Moth Designs. Tickets $22 - Autographs Free! ;)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Snow White Goes Hard Core

Some time ago, I was presented with a challenge by local fetish and bondage wear designer Peter Martin, to style his handcuff belt (named the Briannatron) in my own unique, Super Kawaii way. Each piece is personally made by Peter using top quality New Zealand leather, steel attachments and saddlery rivets. Buttery soft and sharp all at the same time.

Both myself and fellow Aussie blogger Esme and the Laneway, both took on the challenge to showcase his creation, shooting it with our own particular spin. I was so interested to see Peter's work worn in a different and unpredictable manner. All too often alternative designers and their wares are pidgeon holed as only being relevant to those with hardcore tastes. But look a little further, unleash your creativity, and explore a whole new fashion language just waiting for you to make it sing.

Outfit Details: Top - Miss Shop, Skirt - Boo Radley, Shoes - Urban Originals, Belt - Peter Martin, Gloves - Dents, Headband - USA Disney Store.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

They're Here!

Now they can be yours!

After being inundated with emails and constantly stopped in the street about my fabulous wide leg, vintage style pants, I've decided to offer them as custom orders through Etsy. I am offering sizes 8-16 (Australian) at this stage, but am happy to take custom orders for other sizes too. Just send me a message on Etsy for more details. Each pair will be custom made to your height so that there are no alterations to be done and you don't loose the lovely cuff detailing.

Every time I wear these I get so many compliments, and as they have quickly become a staple of my wardrobe I've decided that they are just too good not to share. So get in quick to order yourself some serious style. Originality guaranteed!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Image from Nine MSN. Click to read the latest news reports.

I cannot write to you about fashion today. My home state is on fire. Multiple fires have been blazing across our country as a result of the extreme heat wave, but none is more affected than here in Victoria. The death toll is currently at 108 people and is climbing rapidly, hundreds upon hundreds of homes have been lost, entire towns raised to the ground. This is officially the worst disaster in the recorded history of our country.

While we here are in no immediate danger, fires have been occurring no less than thirty minutes from my house and the smoke is carried on the wind. We live in a forested area, so we have planned for evacuation should any danger appear, but it seems we are out of harms way. Saturday was our hottest day on record and reached 48 degrees here at home. The winds have been fierce, up to 90 kilometers per hour, and the sky like nothing I have ever seen before. As we sat at home, keeping out of the heat and out of danger, we watched the wind tear through and the sky turn an eerie ash white. No sign of the sun, blue or clouds, just a shade that spelt disaster. We knew things were burning but not how badly.

The scale of this disaster and the total loss of lives is still not known as the fires continue to rage. Entire families who could not escape in time have been lost. Parents have left children with friends, never to return. Husbands could not reach their wives and children trapped at home as fire rained down.

I can hardly tell you how devastating this is for people in our community, but as always people rise to the occasion, show their best selves and pull together to do what they can to help.

How You Can Help

Donate Blood
Red Cross Bush Fire Appeal
Salvation Army Bush Fire Relief Appeal

UPDATE 11th Feb
Thank you so much for your kind wishes, thoughts and prayers. Sadly the death toll has now reached over 130 and they are predicting to see it reach 300 in a day or two. At the moment the fires are still burning (much further from me), but in an area that is directly affecting my extended family with parts of their properties being burnt. Fortunately they haven't been injured, but as you can imagine it is very much on my mind. While business carries on in town here it is with somber moods and heavy hearts.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pick of the Bunch

Porcelain poodle

While out shopping for school supplies the other day, we were disappointed to find the store we needed was closed. But there was a ray of light. A little Op Shop I'd forgotten about just happened to be next door. Given that I had two little ones in tow and was very short on time, I figured I'd pop in for a quick reconnoiter and come back when I had more time. It seems though, that my many years of bargain hunting have honed my eye well. In ten minutes I whipped around the store and collected all these goodies for the grand total of $30!

1980's sun dress with matching belt.

1960's Red beads that are the sister of those yellow ones I picked up the other week.

Matching peach peignoire set

Matching late 1960's/ early 70's baby doll peignoire set

Deco style patent leather clutch with faux tortoiseshell closure

As my friend recently said, I think I have very good shopping karma.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Accidental Environmentalist

Growing up I always thought that "Environmentalist" was a bit of a dirty word. It was used as a put down, a slightly more acceptable version than "Hippy", but none the less it tended to be said with scorn. The people I knew who cared about trees and nature were a rather smelly bunch, all knee sock with sandals, unshaven in various forms. I secretly referred to them as "wholemeal people". Yet somehow their message reached me in such a gentle way I never knew it was hidden inside me until recent years.

I consider myself very fortunate to be of the generation that grew up right before the mad mad sense of consumerism we have now hit. There was no tween fashion, no fast fashion and the concept of buying something new everyday would have had people in stitches. Only the crazy rich people did that sort of stupid thing, we thought. Yet slowly, slowly this has become the norm. As everything has the bejezzus merchandised and marketed out of it, we seem to walk along in a haze of consumerist fog. But there is hope on the horizon.

Living in Australia, land of drought and natural resources, I have gradually become more conscious of doing my part. We have rain water tanks collecting what little comes from the sky, power meters to monitor and reduce consumption, and have even been known to do a little vegetable growing. Yet it was the change in my wardrobe that has surprised me the most.

While continuing with the major household purge project, I stood in front of my wardrobe wondering where all this space I was supposedly reclaiming had gone. And while it seems that my closet still runneth over, I noticed something very interesting. About 85% or more of my wardobe is recycled or made by me! This means second hand finds, vintage clothing, hand me downs and swaps, as well as the many items I have successfully made. Unlike some other ethical fashion bloggers, I did not set out of a particular mission to buy nothing new, or consciously boycott the need to consume, as you well know I am a legendary shopper. But somehow, the concept of waste not want not, and the belief that there must be a better way has painted itself in broad strokes across my wardrobe.

I consider myself fortunate that I want for nothing and can afford to go out and buy whatever I want at any time, yet I wonder if looking at a wardrobe full of new fast fashion purchases would make me feel as proud. I love the challenge of creating a stylish outfit from my treasure hunts and not looking like a bag lady or starving artist. There is more opportunity for creativity, art and personal flair when you are not lifting your look, item for item, from the pages of your favorite glossy; and indeed a much greater sense of achievement. But even more so to realise that your fashion choices are the right ones for generations to come.

Not only will I teach my daughters to dress well by example, but to learn the art of ethical style. Perhaps if we women, the biggest consumer group of all, learnt to change this one compulsion, we could single handedly change the course of global warming? We will without a doubt make a difference in the amount of product wasted; in poor working conditions and environmental damage; and in supporting our local economies.

It seems like such a small thing, looking at my wardrobe, and would have been nothing earth shattering to our grandmothers; but given the frenzy we have all been in, it is. Perhaps the title of Environmentalist may not fit me yet, as I am a long way off spending my weekends on reforestation projects. And my look has a lot more hip than hippy to it. So for now lets just say, Super Kawaii Mama - Giving A Damn.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Daily Outfit - School Gate Chic

It was the first day of school and the beginning of a whole new era yesterday. Miss Four was all fancied up in her little dress and black polished Mary Janes. Her bag was filled with snacks and her heart high with hopes as she went off to meet all her new friends.

No uniform for this year. They are "highly recommended" to wear the official school tracksuit, but in my opinion that is asking for trouble. Imagine teaching them this young that wearing a tracksuit for anything other than the gym is acceptable! (puts hand to forehead in a faint)

And while fruit is the standard snacking fare, something a little more cheerful was required for such a momentous day.

As for me, I knew I had a whole new challenge on my hands with school gate dressing. Given that where I live the standard mum attire is either capri pants and t-shirts, or the full Ed Hardy soccer mum look, I knew that whatever I wore I was bound to stand out. But not wanting to over do it, I did my version of jeans and t-shirt with these vintage style pants I knocked up and one of my favorite new blouses. It is actually even more comfortable than a jeans and t-shirt combo, and in my opinion looks a million times better. A quick twist with the hair and up into a french roll, and I'm done.

Outfit Details: Blouse - thrifted (no label), Pants - made by me, Shoes - Rohde

Now the biggest challenge will be adjusting to a whole new routine. Packing lunches, leaving early, parent teacher meetings, bake sales... I wonder how long the enthusiasm lasts?