Monday, January 19, 2009

Addition & Subtraction

Over the Christmas period I had a little time to indulge in my favorite hobby; Op Shopping (that is thrifting for those of you not from these fair shores). Everywhere I go one of the first things on my entertainment agenda is a visit to these little gold mines in the hopes of unearthing what to me will be treasure. Some days I am blessed by the rummage gods, and other times I find myself scraping and attempting to put a better spin on things that are really just trash. Such was the case on my most recent visits. It was slim pickings but I did find this very cute, rigid straw bag. It is a deep chocolate straw and nice and wide. Perfect for something summer weight, but still looking a little more formal than the usual raffia offerings.

Bag - Grand total of $1

I also made another score on the vintage front with a visit to Nana. It seems one never comes away from these occasions empty handed. My Nana is one of those ladies who still wears hats and gloves to church on a Sunday, so her collection is tightly held. Recently she decided that other than her spiritual outings, she no longer has anywhere very fancy to go that requires the more fancy of hats. Thus, I'm now the proud owner of a natty little blue cocktail number with netting, and the most divine navy and white creation that reminds me of a sea anemone. I said something along those lines to Nana when she showed it to me, but she seemed a bit offended. Perhaps her knowledge of marine creatures is a little limited, or the hat held some greater significance... we'll never know.

Cocktail hat modeled by Harajuku Lovers perfume bottle.

The sea creature for my head.

Now I'm not entirely sure that stores entitling themselves as "Antiques and Collectables" fall into the realm of thrifting, but they can be treasure troves nevertheless. So on a relaxing Saturday afternoon the other week, the Mr surprised me by assembling the family for an outing of coffee at a little playground that also happens to adjoin just such a store. Perfect; latte for him, swings for the girls and lots of old things and dust for Mama. With only $20 in my pocket, my eye sight narrows, honing it on the bargains within. And so it was that I came across this little box, (the style of which has been on my aquisitions list for some time) and set of yellow beads. There is something very cheerful about them both in a girly summery kind of way. And although the beads are yet to have an outing, the box is helping me fight the battle of the ever growing accessories collection.

And now, with all of those acquisitions out of the way, it is back to my purging. I think my wardrobe has an eating disorder.


Anonymous said...

that box is gorgeous - what a find!

oniomania said...

the cocktail hat and the sea creature hat is great. your so lucky to have a nana that is fashionable.

A dreamer said...

hahah the anenome hat is divine! abd tge harajuku girl models that cocktail hat very well.
nana seems like a stylish woman.

Tizzalicious said...

Wow, nice finds!

Anonymous said...

I love the Anenome Hat - I can't wait to see how you style it SKM!

I'm also in love with that box - what a delightful find.


Razz My Berries said...

Love the Cocktail hat!... your Nana has great taste. i myself did some shopping and found a gorgeous skirt for $4 dollers. it made my weekend!... glad you had a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Love the sea creature hat too!
Surprised you found that necklace (very zesty!)for under $20, its hard to find things like that in brissy.

Bucca said...

Glorious yellow necklace!

only_the_girl said...

i really like your blog. just became a mum myself and it always seems to me i am an odd freak cause i am not into wearing dungarees and that ugly stuff mums should wear. your style is awesome! i love it!!!!!