Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Quest

"Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or know to be beautiful"
William Morris

Many of you will have heard this quote before. It may fill you with horror or fill you with hope. Me, I'm on the hope side. The statement itself makes me feel more tranquil just reading it and it inspires me to a better state of being. And this is because I am afflicted. I am a minimalist hoarder, a systematic and random collector of wonderful things, and have a fear of missing out on something wonderful. This makes for both chaos and an empty pocket. I am forever trying to keep on top of overflowing cupboards, boxes of things in 'storage' and waste a lot of time shuffling piles around. So I am calling a moratorium.

Yes, I have consulted all those de-cluttering sites and the like, and they do have many handy hints. But at the end of the day, most of the strategies don't work for me. I don't actually live in a messy or cluttered environment as I am lucky enough to have the space that it is mostly hidden away. But really, what is the point in having cupboards full of things that I "just might use one day"? For example, about four months ago I stripped the wallpaper in my bedroom and in the process filled a washing basket with the annoying bits and pieces that were lying about in the room. In the last four months I have not so much as looked in that basket let alone missed anything that is in it, and it is overflowing! I'd be willing to bet I could fill a room with baskets of that sort now.

I've tackled this problem before in many guises. As part of a house move, as part of spring cleaning, as a charitable act sending things to a place where they are more needed and even the old, "If something comes in, something goes out." But none of these strategies have helped me kick the habit. If I continue to see this process of sorting, de-cluttering and generally unburdening myself of these possessions as a chore, it will never happen. So, just like dieting, I think the secret lies in changing my mindset. And this is where William Morris comes to the rescue. The idea of living with things neither useful nor beautiful, seems like a luxury to my mind. Perhaps that is what I need. Given that we (okay I) am always looking for ways to make life more luxurious, this could be one of those secrets of the universe that only the select have mastered.

However, all of this is not to say that I am about to become a true minimalist. While I apprecaite the aesthetic for some, for me it would be a slow and painful death. So I decree that I am to become a Well Edited Maximilist! Following Mr Morris's principle combined with the emotional escape of finding better deserving homes for things, I WILL prevail.....as soon as I return from my shopping holiday.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Secret Weapons

Slightly disturbing, you can actually buy these lipstick knives!

I've made a few fabulous product discoveries recently that have made it onto my Essentials List. Rather than keeping this bag of tricks to myself, I'm going to share these secret weapons and their miraculous powers with you.

Erase Paste from Benefit. This little cracker is my new favorite product. I've tried every concealer under the sun, yes even that well know YSL one, and nothing has come close to this. I only got my hands on some on Friday and I'm already a convert. Not only does it completely cover and brighten dark circles, it hides bags and puffiness with ease. I've had concealers that promise the world, but end up just adding a strange shade to my skin, or becoming wrinkle highlighters. Oddly, in the jar it looks a darker colour, but when applied to the skin, the brightening effect is extraordinary. Whether you are a Mum or just a party animal - do not leave home without it!

Olay Regenerist Thermal Mini Peel. I've used some pretty fancy skin care products in my time, but nothing has given me the almost instant results (with consistency) that this little wonder has. Its called a "thermal peel" as when you apply it to your face it has a self warming quality, rather like that lovely hot towel effect. Use it daily in the shower and you won't believe your eyes. It really does gently polish the skin, and gives it a much smoother, silkier texture - and it even reduces pores! God knows all those nights on the town with the makeup piled on do nothing for the complexion, and I find that simply cleansing isn't adequate to keep the texture smooth and that radiance we all love.

Vaseline Intensive Care Moisturiser.
I've taken to keeping a 1 litre pump pack of this on my vanity, which I apply head to toe morning and night. I've got a rather sad collection of about 10 different moisturisers all around the place, but I'm always forgetting to use them. They are either organic, or smell of marshmallows, or had stunning packaging, but at the end of the day they have been forgotten in the back of the cupboard. But keeping a pump pack on the vanity is a constant reminder that I'd like my skin to be as soft as butterflies come the height of summer, and not be rushing for an emergency body scrub to do a half arsed job. For all of your coming out of winter, I'd highly recommend making this a part of your daily routine.

Lemons. No not for a pie or for a trendy table decoration, but for adding to water to make sure you get your daily requirement. There is nothing like a little fresh lemon juice to make drinking a couple of litres of water a day more palatable, and you have the added bonus of all that vitamin C. I start the day with a huge glass of this before I'll allow myself that first coffee, and it always makes me feel better for the rest of the day. I aim to drink about 2 litres of the stuff every day, and yes, it is hard at first, but then you'll find you can't live without it. I am always receiving compliments on my skin, and I really think this is the trick. It seems to have turned back my body clock in a way that no other fancy pants product has.

With all these secret weapons in your bag of tricks, you wont need a fake ID for all your beauty espionage, just a fabulous pseudonym.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Daily Outfit - Spring Days

Outfit Details: T-Shirt - Free Fusion from Target ( tween wear), Black peddle pushers - Sussan Grae, Black Ballet flats - Payless Shoes, Sunglasses - Fendi, Earrings - Diva

It has been the most stunning spring weekend here, so I give you a glimpse of both my at home, barbecue wear and my garden. The T-shirt I found a while ago at Target and just loved both the print and the neckline. It's been hiding in the cupboard waiting for its debut. I've also been searching for the perfect pair of peddle pushers to knock about in. I find them a very hard item to wear as they can come off rather suburban if not worn correctly. I'd almost given up on finding a pair of the correct length with a tapered leg, and so I decided to search the stores whose thresholds I don't usually cross. And of course I found the perfect pair at Sussan Grae ( a very mediocre, suburban Nana brand) for $29.95. I'm not a slave to labels, I'll buy according to quality or the perfect style, no matter if it is made for the children's section or a fashionably cringe worthy store. Even these ballet flats were a steal. I bought them in a hurry at Payless Shoes when I was pregnant and out shopping, no longer able to stand the four inch heels I had worn out. And they are still going strong on an investment of a whole $19, and constant wear.

The garden is looking so amazing at the moment, that is if you look up. Look down and you see all the post winter weeding to be done. The Mr has put in many hours on that job this weekend, but it is a never ending task. But it is indeed a fabulous place. Look closely and you may even see how we entertained ourselves before all the lunch and champagne. And all that champagne was why you didn't get these pictures yesterday!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Body Con Extreme

Children bring you lots of surprises, but one of the unknown side effects to me was that having children can expand your rib cage - permanently! I've been getting quite frustrated recently when trying to find some great evening wear that fits in all the right places, and a friend suggested I should try waist training with a corset. She too had the same problem after having her children and has had a corset custom made to help her bring her ribs back into shape. Wearing costume corsets have not really been the most comfortable experience for me, so I was a little wary. But after talking to a few experts, I am told that having a corset custom made by a true corsetierre is a completely different experience. That the overall effect should be more like a hug than spinal torture. Along with the rib cage reduction, there is the benefit of greatly improved posture which may add an inch to my height. And so I am considering it.

I know that there will be many of you that say, "No, celebrate your body the way it is!" but to be honest, that just isn't the way my brain works. Don't get me wrong, this is not me saying that I am unhappy with myself. I do not lie awake at night bemoaning the state of my rib cage or over analysising my thighs for signs of cellulite. I do however, believe in being the best version of myself I can be. That is why I eat well, stay out of the sun and go to the gym. It is all about the balance. It is interesting to me that the term "body modification" causes such an emotional response. And yes, I could probably write a dissertation on the topic.

I am not considering waist training for any fashion points. I'm not looking to achieve a wasp waist or begin an obssession with Victorian costume. I'm simply thinking of the practicalities of bringing things back to where they were, and reducing my Chiropractic bills after all this time at the laptop. So my stylish readers, do any of you have any first hand advice for me?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Plane Sailing

As some of you may remember, I leave shortly for my little child-free sojourn to the US and Japan. Finally I am getting my butt in gear and actually organising my itinerary and accommodation. But in looking at all these fine details, I have overlooked a major one until today. I hadn't figured out what to wear! As you can well imagine, I'm planning on packing the bare minimum as my shopping plans are large. (They'll all be bargains darling, no need to take out a second mortgage.) I'm so looking forward to getting into some serious vintage shopping in the States, as the pickings seem to be much richer, and of an older vintage than what is generally on offer here. I'm particularly hoping to add to my hat collection, as good vintage hats pre 1950 are very hard to find here. If you're after a somewhat squashed and moldy pill box, you can do okay here, but a serious 1930's portrait hat - not a chance.

So I have started to think a little about packing, but even more importantly I needed to figure out what to wear on the plane! With long haul flights, I don't want to look like I've been dragged backwards through a hedge, and I'm not a tracksuit or roll up travel clothes kind of girl. So I've formulated a cunning plan....

Here's my idea of a killer traveling outfit. A simple, slightly stretchy black dress with a fabulous silhouette. A light trench coat for the weather changes in each city. Red flats, not only for pizazz, but also to remove quickly at security checkpoints and run to meet flights. A fabulous tote, just big enough for the essentials, but not large enough to get schlepy. And of course the huge black glasses not only to cover any tired eyes, but to add some rock star cred.

Given that a flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles is rather on the long side, I don't plan to crease that beautiful dress, nor to have it smelling of tin foil covered curry from a clumsy cabin mate. My champagne tastes will be traveling on a beer budget to make a little extra room for all that shopping. What this means is that I have to make the experience First Class with a little ingenuity. So I plan to change on the plane into some very comfy, very stylish, satin pyjamas and slippers. Add some BYO caviar, eye mask and sleeping pills and I'll be good to go.

And if things were really going to plan, I think this chap might just be waiting to take my luggage at the other end.

* I'll be in Houston, Texas for most of the time, the on to Tokyo, so any shopping or fun tips will be greatly appreciated. *

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


You've been hearing all about my decorating project, and I know many of you are anxious to see what has been happening. While I can't yet show you the finished product, I can show you some of the key elements of the room. I was limited in my decisions as I chose not to replace the carpet or the blinds to keep the cost down. The blinds are really not my style. A little too frou frou with the flower pattern, but with good sized swags at the top of the window, they aren't seen for the majority of the day. But I wanted them to work in the evening too, so the look I've gone for is something of a Chinoiserie Bordello. After messing around with colours chips for months, I decided to be bold and go with a colour I loved rather than a 'safe' option. That seems to be my modus operandi when it comes to most decisions. So my walls are now a lovely shade of deep blue - Cossack Dancer by Dulux.

To break up the expanse of blue and create more interest, I've ordered this stunning wallpaper for the main wall. It's a stunning black with a chinoiserie swallow motive, and even has little blue highlights in the wings. The paper came in a variety of backgrounds, but with all my glossy black furniture, this was really the Wow choice. When it eventually arrives I'll be able to show you shots of the finished room.

Cut crystal lamps and my favorite vintage phone. I'd always wanted a Bat Phone, and this little beauty came across my path on my birthday last year. It actually came from a local Crime Investigation Unit, so it is about as close to a real Bat Phone as one can get!

And of course without the right artwork, the ambiance is not complete.

So there you have it. A sneak peak into one of my never ending decorating projects. I can hardly wait to show you the bigger picture when its all done. But for now, I am dreaming in blue.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Very Superstitious

Image by Sequoya

You know that old saying, "Well he puts his pants on one leg at at time, just like everyone else." but I wonder if that is true. While on the treadmill today, I was listening to Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" (great song), and it got me thinking; do you have any dressing superstitions? It may not be a superstition per se, but it may be a system that without adherence, you are thrown off all day.

When I first thought about it, it seemed to me that I didn't have any, but they are just not so obvious in their existence. If I start the day getting out on the wrong side of the bed, things just don't feel quite right. I don't have a set morning routine in terms of the times and order in which things get done, however idyllic that can be. Given that my day can start at 5.30 a.m with a poke in the eye and a request for immediate pancakes by Miss Four, I have to try and stay on my toes. So what are some of the little quirks that make that happen?

I've noticed that when I brush my hair, I always start on the left, I wonder what would happen if I took a walk on the wild side and started on the right? I always get dressed before I do my makeup. I don't know if this is a superstition, but I have to get the feel for an outfit before I can decide on the details of the makeup. On the odd occasion that I have applied it first, (even if it is fine) I still feels wrong for the rest of the day. Even the way I put my makeup on has a specific order, and I always, always put my lipstick on last. Those few times something has been out of order I forget something critical, and end up spending the day without mascara wondering what the hell is wrong, before realising hours later. But I think these are more quirks than supersitions.

When I looked further into dressing related superstitions (mostly found in the theatre), I've discovered that my way of doing things is the antithesis of these. Here's some of the traditions I've uncovered.

It's unlucky to wear blue - Well, as you know blue is my new favorite colour. So much so that I have just painted my entire bedroom peacock blue.
Three candles on the dressing table is considered to be unlucky - Well, I always straighten the three candles on my vanity so they are arranged just so.
It's unlucky to carry a makeup box like an amature actress - I always carry my own makeup box. I'm worried that the artist won't have just the right shade of pale for my foundation or red for my lips. Prepared and pedantic.
Peacock Feathers are very unlucky anywhere indoors - In the absence of my taxidermy peacock, I've put in an order for a very large sheaf of feathers for the bedroom.
Whistling is extremely unlucky in the dressing room and means that someone will soon be out of work - Whistling, singing in the shower, even a little iambic pentameter can all be heard in my dressing room.

While it seems I flout many a superstition, it seems that without my rituals I am lost. So long as I had my little rituals, I am sure I'd be right at home living in a Bedouin tent on a camel train. I'd just better make sure I get off the right side of the camel.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Easy Peasy Vintage Hair

Vintage hair styles often look so complicated. I'm regularly asked how to achieve that "Victory Roll" effect which looks so great but can be quite scary for novices. Rather than showing you a more complex version, I've come up with a quick tutorial that will show you a short cut way to get that "Victory Roll" effect in about 30 seconds. Well the hair takes about 30 seconds, me talking takes much longer, as usual. I will eventually post a tutorial showing how to achieve a more extreme version of this look, (for all you hard core Rockabellas) but for now this is one that is more translatable for a modern look too.

And if you're after another piece of fun to start your week with, try this quiz to find out which 1930's film star you are. No surprises with my results!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Swanky Panky

While standing upon the ladder today, paint brush in hand, I stayed focused on my task by day dreaming about other lovely things that I might like to furnish my bedroom with. Well, they are less about the room and more about me, but I'm sure they'll look beautiful living in there.

Fleur De Lis soap by LoreLuna
So much better than a pump pack and highly impressive on its decorative quotient. Even better it is only $4 plus shipping!

Felted Collar by Rudman
I know we are coming into spring here but there is still a chill in the air. My mother kindly knitted me the most divine cashmere collar just like this in teal, which I sadly promptly lost. I have quite a soft spot for these, and they make your neck look extra long and elegant.

Tattoo Man brooch by Mamas Little Babies
As a fan of carnivale, tattoos, lowbrow and the bizarre; this brooch fits the bill just perfectly for me. It reminds me of the illustrations in the old Coles Funny Picture Books. (Does anyone else remember these treasures?)

Personalised baking tags by Farouche
I love these colourful Victorian decorations, and what better way to present your own home made delicacies to friends? Farouche has the most brilliant range of tags, labels and cards. I'll be stocking up big time before the holiday season is upon us.

Skull Tricorn by Noxenlux Chapeaux
Can you tell it was Pirate Day yesterday? I still have pirates on the brain, but then that happens quite often here. I'm in love with this feathered tricorn hat, and would have a lot of fun creating occassions to wear it.

8 & A Half Dress by Desira Pesta
How yummy is this dress? Cocoa coloured with peppermint stripes, ruffles and bows.

Bow Belt by Desira Pesta
You can see the there is a similarly designed belt on the Cocoa dress above, but this shot shows it even better. What a perfect addition to a summer dress. I'm imagining it with something white and flouncy in eyelet lace. Very French farm girl.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Arrgh Me Hearties!

It would be remiss of me not to remind you that today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. So break out the headscarves and skulls, and indulge in a bit of gratuitous Pirate chat. Besides, on what other day can you get away with calling your boss a "Scurvy Dog"?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Daily Outfit

Outfit details: 1940's vintage cardigan - Circa Vintage, Black lace ruffle top - Entrace, Skirt - SES, Shoes - Hot Options

Today and for the next few days, I' be spending my days painting in a bid to get this bedroom makeover finished. So I will be covered in splatter, overalls and a head scarf, which means that my daily outfit will be of very little interest. (If you're really lucky you might just get a shot of the trades woman at work). But I did put down the paint brush this evening to head out for a short while, opting for something simple and warm. So it was on with my favorite cardigan and ten minutes of hot rollers, et viola!

I'm going to give all my Melbourne friends a heads up if you're looking for something to do tomorrow night. If you are up for a little burlesque in the name of a good cause, get along to Sugar Kitten Cabaret. The first burlesque variety night raising much needed funds for The National Breast Cancer Foundation. This evening of entertainment and altruism can be found at Level 2, Eurotrash Bar (Gallery Room) on Friday 19 September from 9pm until late. But hurry, there are only a few tickets left to be had . More details here.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Making the Mundane Magical

I'm having a lovely week at home this week, trying to make my way through all those annoying things that have been hanging on my To Do list. It can sometimes be overwhelming, and if I had it all written down I could diguise it as a copy of War and Peace. To keep a sense of humor in the midst of all this responsibility, I turn to one of my never fail tricks - doing my job "Vintage Housewife" style. Pop on a pinni, a little Doris Day and even the most mundane tasks take on a whole new shine. Who knew making spaghetti could be so much fun?

And while I'm tackling the list, I am attending to all the requests you have sent me too. Today I can tick off one more. I have been tagged by Chloe Van Paris to bring you another glimpse into random pieces of my life, and yet again I've managed not to exhaust my list of superfluous facts.

What are the last three things you purchased?

A vintage sheer peignoir gown. Peacock blue paint for my bedroom walls. A new pump for my fish tank (boring I know).

What are the last three songs you downloaded?

Embarrassingly enough, that was so long ago that I can't even remember! I was kindly given Duffy's CD for my birthday though, so that is close enough to an answer.

What are the last three places you visited?

Beechworth in country Victoria. The beach side town of Warnambool and Sydney. All my travel recently has been local, but I head of to Texas and Tokyo in three weeks now!

What are your three favorite movies?

Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (based on the play by Tom Stoppard). Mame, with Rosalind Russell (campery at its finest). Heathers, the 1980's classic of bitches, fashion and murder.

What are your three favorite posessions?

My antique Arctic fox fur

A vintage Jean Paul Gaultier red dress that is so stunning, but has never fit me to date.

A huge oil painting of a Chinese noble woman holding her fan.

What three things can you not live without?

Water, sunscreen ( the best anti-wrinkle combination), and red lipstick.

What would be your three wishes?

I'll have to go with that old childhood plan of asking the Genie for unlimited wishes as my wish. Then the ability to time travel at will and a magic housework wand.

What three things haven't you done yet?

Reached fluency in any of the languages I've studies, mastered basic mathematics or travelled by camel train across Morocco.

What are your three favorite dishes?

Thai green chicken curry, barbecued baby octopus and Oysters Churchill. Ohhh...

Which three celebrities would you most like to hang out with?

Noel Coward, Johnny Depp and Dita Von Teese ( I think we'd make great buddies).

Name three things that freak you out?

Large hairy spiders, Space invaders ( those people that always come way to far into your personal space) and unexplained power cuts (extreme paranoia here).

Name three unusual things you are good at.

Making up songs about random things at the drop of a hat. Picking extremly subtle colour differences at ten paces. Being one step ahead of the zeitgeist.

Which three things are you coveting?

Minna Parikka shoes, a large taxidermy peacock ( I found him a year ago but he wasn't for sale) and a bamboo 1930's patio setting.

Name three bloggers you are tagging.

Casey's Musings

Porcelaine Blonde

Only Shallow - who has just picked up a pair of my coveted shoes!

*P.S. Sorry for today's odd text, blogger is misbehaving.*

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What Do Snow White and Madame de Pompadour Have in Common?

What do these two ladies of legend have in common? Both of them would have been well dressed by Dolly Q. I meet the lovely Danielle of Dolly Q at Worn Wild the other week, and was immediately taken by her work. In a sea of black, her mannequin swathed in golden brocade drew you straight into her fantasy world. With a sensibility influenced by fairy tales, baroque and even a little steam punk, we were a fashion match made in heaven.

Launching her label only 18 months ago, Danielle named her new creation for her grandmother who taught her to sew. Unlike so many of Australia's larger fashion houses, one of the beauties of this local couture label is Danielle's commitment to both local labour and textile producers. When you consider how much emotion we put into our decision on which spiffy new threads we choose to spend our hard earned cash on, it is not often you find a designer that puts so much of themselves and their passion into each and every garment. But I think this is critical to her success. As much as she wants to create something beautiful and flattering, she also wants to evoke a strong reaction from both the wearer and their audience.

Soon to launch an online store, Dolly Q is about to become a whole lot more accessible. To date almost everything has been custom made, but the upcoming site launch will see her signature pieces available in a range of sizes with the click of the mouse. I predict, if marketed well, that Dolly Q could just become Australia's answer to McQueen and Westwood. So for me that puts them on my red hot list!

Images courtesy of Koukei and Digital Obliquity

If you just cannot live another day waiting for the new site to come up, you can contact Danielle at Dolly Q here.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Life As I Know It

Yesterday as you may know, I attended a spring party at Fashion Hayley's. We were asked to wear our own interpretation of the fashion trends for this spring. Given that I am not much of a trend type of girl, I must admit I found this one a bit tricky. So I went for a floaty silk chiffon dress (trend floaty), and threw in a fab little hair bow with an anchor (trend Nautical) I picked up at Worn Wild by Sugar Doll. Yes, that's the whole outfit I posted yesterday. I was going to tell you all about the day then, but my bed was more appealing than another hour online. :)

I whipped up a batch of scones to contribute to the festivities, which were rather difficult to sneak out of the house once Miss Four has seen them. For some reason I always love carrying things in baskets. Food, mail, flowers... I have this romantic image in my head of some provincial French girl that does all her shopping that way, or perhaps even a 1940's housewife heading down to her well staffed grocery store. How they ever carried any sorts of decent groceries in baskets I'll never know. Although with all the home delivery of milk and other essentials, as well as a daily shopping routine, perhaps that was all that was needed. But I digress. I took my basket of goodies over to Fashion Hayley's and proceeded to spend the afternoon in very fashionable and leisurely company. Even Hayley's dog Hatchiko was in a party mood dancing around and sharing his attentions amongst us all. He was so delightfully friendly and fluffy, I wanted to sneak him into my basket and carry him home.

The last few days have been so diabolically windy here, (although given the state of Ike and his trail of destruction I cannot complain) so I have had to think of ways to save the hair. Heading off to the party I actually channeled HRH Queen Elizabeth (or perhaps Grace Kelly) and wore an old fashioned head scarf knotted under the chin! I've graduated from hair spray to hair lacquer in this weather, but am still sticking to my favorite old brand. My Nana always used Cedel and even the smell of it makes me think of her. But aside from its fabulous holding power, the reason I continue to add it to my shopping list is its simple, old style packaging. I was particularly taken with the lacquer packaging as it matches my dressing table. I was a little perturbed today when I picked it up at the supermarket, to see that they have now changed the packaging! It is still basically the same but rather than a paper label it is now printed on the aluminum which changes the colours shades quite dramatically, and takes away from the retro style I love. A small thing I know, and there are far worse things to worry about, but it is amazing the little things that can throw you. (Should any of my Australian readers feel similarly, you can email Cedel, as I did, by clicking here.)

Today was a morning of errands and an another afternoon of dental horror. I'll skip that part because it still hurts. In between food shopping I managed to pop into the hardware store to confuse myself with more colours for the great bedroom makeover. I'm still leaning towards a dusty shade of blue, but it is just colours everywhere here. In amongst all the palette brochures showing happy families with large hairy dogs and front yards full of Agave plants, I was pleased to discover a selection that was retro inspired. It drew colours from the walls of old diners, rotary telephones and jukeboxes. Now that was much more my speed, and I found just looking at these distinctive shades in combination a most relaxing experience. I think that just made the decision for me.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Daily Outfit - Spring Time Party

Outfit details: Dress - Rose Girl, Cardigan - Katies, Brooch - Red are the Roses, Wedge Shoes - Kmart cheapies, Hair bow - Sugar Doll, Earrings - Diva, Iron Maiden Bag - Sugar Jones.