Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Very Superstitious

Image by Sequoya

You know that old saying, "Well he puts his pants on one leg at at time, just like everyone else." but I wonder if that is true. While on the treadmill today, I was listening to Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" (great song), and it got me thinking; do you have any dressing superstitions? It may not be a superstition per se, but it may be a system that without adherence, you are thrown off all day.

When I first thought about it, it seemed to me that I didn't have any, but they are just not so obvious in their existence. If I start the day getting out on the wrong side of the bed, things just don't feel quite right. I don't have a set morning routine in terms of the times and order in which things get done, however idyllic that can be. Given that my day can start at 5.30 a.m with a poke in the eye and a request for immediate pancakes by Miss Four, I have to try and stay on my toes. So what are some of the little quirks that make that happen?

I've noticed that when I brush my hair, I always start on the left, I wonder what would happen if I took a walk on the wild side and started on the right? I always get dressed before I do my makeup. I don't know if this is a superstition, but I have to get the feel for an outfit before I can decide on the details of the makeup. On the odd occasion that I have applied it first, (even if it is fine) I still feels wrong for the rest of the day. Even the way I put my makeup on has a specific order, and I always, always put my lipstick on last. Those few times something has been out of order I forget something critical, and end up spending the day without mascara wondering what the hell is wrong, before realising hours later. But I think these are more quirks than supersitions.

When I looked further into dressing related superstitions (mostly found in the theatre), I've discovered that my way of doing things is the antithesis of these. Here's some of the traditions I've uncovered.

It's unlucky to wear blue - Well, as you know blue is my new favorite colour. So much so that I have just painted my entire bedroom peacock blue.
Three candles on the dressing table is considered to be unlucky - Well, I always straighten the three candles on my vanity so they are arranged just so.
It's unlucky to carry a makeup box like an amature actress - I always carry my own makeup box. I'm worried that the artist won't have just the right shade of pale for my foundation or red for my lips. Prepared and pedantic.
Peacock Feathers are very unlucky anywhere indoors - In the absence of my taxidermy peacock, I've put in an order for a very large sheaf of feathers for the bedroom.
Whistling is extremely unlucky in the dressing room and means that someone will soon be out of work - Whistling, singing in the shower, even a little iambic pentameter can all be heard in my dressing room.

While it seems I flout many a superstition, it seems that without my rituals I am lost. So long as I had my little rituals, I am sure I'd be right at home living in a Bedouin tent on a camel train. I'd just better make sure I get off the right side of the camel.


Skye said...

I don't have any real dressing superstitions or rituals, but I can never, ever put shoes on the table. I even hate it when my little boy puts his shoes on the table - it's bad luck, don't you know!

Tim Hamilton said...

Interesting, any pentameters in particular?

Fashion Hayley said...

My Nana was so superstitious, you couldn't have any images of birds inside the house (unlucky...I have birds everywhere in my house now though) no open umbrellas inside (again I have 2 decorative Asian umbrellas open in my house) crossing 2 knives was bad luck because it will cause a fight (which was always about the knives anyway) and so many more things I can't remember.

floraposte said...

I was always told that it is unlucky to put shoes on the table. Then there are people who qualify it by saying that it is okay to put old shoes on a table and not new (???).

With little quirky rituals; I have to change hands depending on whether I am applying makeup to the right or left side. My sister tells me this is really weird!

Kristen said...

I always have to put my right shoe on first. Always. I have a hard time functioning during the day if I don't.

KittyMeow said...

I also have a very set way of doing my make up - always left eye first! Then my other eye and the rest of my makeup follows. Is it weird that I do my eyes first? ;-)
Though overall I am not superstitious in the slightets. I do wonder how they all started!

WendyB said...

I've got no superstitions ...related to fashion at least!

Bucca said...

I love that Stevie Wonder song and I can't wait for the concert!!

Lea-Ann said...

I do some of that crazy stuff - makeup after getting dressed in case I have to pull something over my head - left side of hair first, right eye first - makeup always in the same order, but -
STOP WHISTLING! It will deepen those little fine lines around the lips! Will give you "smoker's wrinkles."

Lil Midget said...

Heheh..Those are pretty funny superstitions...I've always wondered how people come up with them...I mean...Like the whistling superstition...How did they find that out???I mean, did someone actually coincidentally lose their job at one point in time or maybe that superstition was created because someone couldn't stand their housemate whistling in the shower!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Skye: So how do you clean them then?
Tim: Well hello there my friend, when did you sneak in here? After following your link I now know I'm talking to a professional poet, and my talent pales in comparison. As does my spelling and my grammar...
Fashion Hayley: My Nana isn't superstitious but very religious, which pretty much amounts to the same thing they way she practices it.
Floraposte: That sounds quite sensible to me. How can you work on your left eye with your left arm? The leverage just isn't the same.
Kristen: It's the little things that disturb us.
Kitty Meow: Eyes even before foundation??
Wendy B: Not even a lucky piece of jewelry?
Bucca: I didn't even realise there was an upcoming concert!
Lea-ann: So the cigars are out then? ;)
Lil Midget: There are actually pretty good explanations for most, but some are just plain crazy. There is loads of info if you Google theater superstitions.

KittyMeow said...

Yes - I do my eyes first to prevent messy clean ups if and when eyeshadow falls onto my cheek. Kinda getting the messiest job done first! :-D