Saturday, September 20, 2008

Swanky Panky

While standing upon the ladder today, paint brush in hand, I stayed focused on my task by day dreaming about other lovely things that I might like to furnish my bedroom with. Well, they are less about the room and more about me, but I'm sure they'll look beautiful living in there.

Fleur De Lis soap by LoreLuna
So much better than a pump pack and highly impressive on its decorative quotient. Even better it is only $4 plus shipping!

Felted Collar by Rudman
I know we are coming into spring here but there is still a chill in the air. My mother kindly knitted me the most divine cashmere collar just like this in teal, which I sadly promptly lost. I have quite a soft spot for these, and they make your neck look extra long and elegant.

Tattoo Man brooch by Mamas Little Babies
As a fan of carnivale, tattoos, lowbrow and the bizarre; this brooch fits the bill just perfectly for me. It reminds me of the illustrations in the old Coles Funny Picture Books. (Does anyone else remember these treasures?)

Personalised baking tags by Farouche
I love these colourful Victorian decorations, and what better way to present your own home made delicacies to friends? Farouche has the most brilliant range of tags, labels and cards. I'll be stocking up big time before the holiday season is upon us.

Skull Tricorn by Noxenlux Chapeaux
Can you tell it was Pirate Day yesterday? I still have pirates on the brain, but then that happens quite often here. I'm in love with this feathered tricorn hat, and would have a lot of fun creating occassions to wear it.

8 & A Half Dress by Desira Pesta
How yummy is this dress? Cocoa coloured with peppermint stripes, ruffles and bows.

Bow Belt by Desira Pesta
You can see the there is a similarly designed belt on the Cocoa dress above, but this shot shows it even better. What a perfect addition to a summer dress. I'm imagining it with something white and flouncy in eyelet lace. Very French farm girl.


*indie_queen* said...

I just canm't believe that first picture is soap! Amazing

casey said...

Oooh! I love all your finds--especially that belt at the bottom (darn! someone snatched it up already! rofl!)!! :) That soap is pretty swanky too... I have a huge, and just forming, weakness for nice soaps. lol.

Desira said...

hey casey! I am relisting the belt, I can make an unlimited number! --Desira

Naddy Sane said...

Those are all so cute. i want everything .<3

nad xx

SOS! said...

good finds Kawaii! i love the Desire Pesta dresses, I can imagine myself going on picnics in them. I also love the man broche! x

WendyB said...

That collar is crazy cool.

floraposte said...

Thank you so much for showing that collar! It is gorgeous and I know exactly who I'm going to buy it for.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Indie Queen: Isn't it exquisite. I'm about to paint my bathroom cabinets black so i think I'll have to have some of these.
Casey: I thought of you the moment I saw that belt. The colour and silhouette had your name written all over it.
Naddy Sane: Me too.
sos!: Oh great idea. I just got my first proper picnic basket, so a dress should be next on the list. I'm in love with that man too.
Wendy B: Cool that keeps you warm - the best kind.
floraposte: Excellent! I love being able to help people find the gorgeous and the attainable.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Coles Funny Picture books...I had forgotten about them! I had my grandmothers, they were amazing and as a child I adored them...they were very well loved and worn. I wish I still had them :)

And I do love those collars, very elegant and romantic.

Hope the painting is going well xxx

Pony said...

You're a terrible influence!! I just bought the tattooed man brooch. I think I'm going to wear it in front of the panel at my final undergrad painting assessment :P

Danielle said...

i want that brooch!

kirstie said...

that brooch is amazing! and i LOVE desira pesta. so lovely.

(R)evolver74 said...

I thought the soap was choocolate =(
It sure does look like chocolate!!!
That felted collar is brilliant, it's almost fall here, I'd love something like that!

Hammie said...

I had the Coles Funny picture book; and while I loved it as you could read it all day, it scared me a bit too. I wonder where it went? Ahhh that's right; tipped in the purge to make my old bedroom into "the spare room", while I was on the otherside of the world.
That is a very scary little tatooed man.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Porcelain blonde: I've pinched my Aunts copies and I just love them. And yes, the painting is progressing well. Hopefully I can post some pictures later this week.
Pony: Oh excellent! That is sure to make a fabulous impression.
Danielle and Kristie: Sounds like we are going to have to put in a mass order for this one.
(r)evolver 74: mmmm.. imagine a tray of chocolates that looked like that!
Hammie: Oh no! They are so highly sought after and such a wonderful piece of history. Do you remember the fabulous whipping machine for naughty boys? That was always my favorite. (Sadistic little girl).

susie_bubble said...

A beautiful assembly of pretty things....

Seinäruusunen said...

absolutely wonderful dress! You have a nice blog, a lot of things which I like it!

Penny Lane said...

i loooove the tattoo man brooch!

Bucca said...

8 and a half dress is beautiful!

Lady Melbourne said...

Personalised baking cards?!?!?!I need those!
Genius, and the soap is very swanky indeed.

Anonymous said...

I think i'm going to have to get me some of those divine little tags. Whilst you are in a shopping mood - this place apparently has a sale on Minna Parinka shoes - Have a great day decorating.

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Pretty pretty dresses, must go check Desira Pesta out!!!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

seinaruusunen: Welcome, thanks for visiting. I checked out your blog too, very very cute!
Penny Lane: He is a popular chap.
Bucca: I think it would be quite a versatile look too depending on how you style it.
Lady Melbourne: Indeed you do if those cupcakes are anything to go by.
cybill: They have such a lovely selection I'm going to have some made for friends for Christmas. And thanks for the tip.
Freelancer: They have some wonderful creations, this one reminds me of sweets and gingerbread.

Lil Midget said...

love that collar!