Monday, September 8, 2008

Wearing it Wild at Worn Wild

Yesterday saw the inauguration of the alternative fashion event Worn Wild, and wild it was! My intention was to bring you a single review of the day, but after meeting with so many creative designers in one day, I have so many gems that one post would not be enough to do them justice. So I'll bring you a series of interviews with my favorite designers and a look at their wares over the course of the next two weeks.

The event was held at La Di Da in Little Bourke street, the perfect venue with its retro chinoiserie decorations and well stocked bar. The brain child of Melissa Clare from Geomythik, this was the first fashion event I've seen in Australia with such a diverse collection of local, alternative fashion. In my usual manner I wanted to know as much as possible about this event from the inside, and so was kindly dressed by one of the designers for the day. Minikem outfitted me in a rather Gothic Lolita styled number, complete with tutu and corset. Although her designs range from the corporate to the extreme, I couldn't possibly tone it down for such an event. I know some of you were also planning to attend, but there is a strong chance you wouldn't have recognised me in this number.

One of the things that surprised me most about the day was the diversity of the crowd and the lack of attitude and angst. There is much more attitude to be encountered at the mainstream shows of Fashion Week, so in contrast Worn Wild was like being at one fabulously dressed party.


Celeste, Brett and Sif the Ferret

Pink haired beauty

Rachelle and the darling Ruby

Kitty Elixir
, Natalie, Samantha Doll, Howsie


Tall, dark and striking

Super Kawaii Mama, Miss Nic and her lovely assistant

Even if hard core alternative is not your thing, you couldn't help but be inspired by the colours, (yes, there were some amidst the sea of black) textures and craftsmanship of the garments. Each of the designers I spoke with had such a strong passion for their art which was clearly seen in the detail of each piece. There was whimsy and fantasy, the sharp and the strong, the dark and the dirty. My tip on the trend to watch is what I'm terming Erotic Baroque, strong silhouettes in luxe fabrics, worked in soft and gilded colours. Think Miss Haversham (Dickens) meets Marie Antionette - as played by Helena Bonhman Carter. I even saw a few little bird headdresses that Susie Bubble would have been proud of.

For a complete list of the days exhibitors visit the Worn Wild official site and be tempted by some spanking style.


Hammie said...

Wow, sounds like the Fringe version of MFW, and as with Edinburgh it could become the main event. What did the press make of it? I can imagine it would have been a great place to show off body art too, no? Hey, I bet the mainstream fashies were sneaking down to the shows to pick up ideas that they can adapt, a la, Viv and Seditionaries??

WendyB said...

You are the cutest!

M.E. said...

Thank you so much for this post. I'd never heard of this before, and it just fits so well with my own style ... I am loving the photographs, as well as your outfit!


Imelda Matt said...

I didn't even recognize you...I didn't! I can honestly say that I didn't register any angst during the week's parades. Considering it was a 'retail event' I thought the people were a touch OTT but then fashion has that effect.

Kelly said...

I totally didn't recognize you!

Anonymous said...

You looked great! I love it!

Skye said...

Cute! Getting back to your goth roots for a day!

* TONYA * said...

You look amazing. I've missed keeping up with you for the past month.

It was so darn cold in Melbourne for the month I was there and now I hear that you are having much nicer weather, isn't that always the way.

Bucca said...
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Bucca said...

You look amazing in that outfit!
Where do we shop for these designers clothes?

esme and the lane way said...

Wow, you look amazing!

Lil' Puch said...

incredible costume!!! you look so awesome!!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Hammie: That's a perfect parallel. I am so full of ideas, and I now have a huge list of where to shop locally for some of the designs I love without all the international shipping woes. I'd love to see it become a regular event, it was quite exceptional.
Wency B; Thank you, I felt I should have been curtsying all day.
M.E: You'll have to check out all the designers links as I get them up. Keep and eye out for some more temptations.
Imelda: You know me, I like to surprise. There were so many amazingly dressed people I simply couldn't get them all. But the point that resonated with me was that irregardless of their style preferences, the effort and attention to detail was superior.
Kelly: Sneaky hey.
Nadine: You would have loved it! there was much Cosplay inspiration to be had.
Skye: Yes, I try to get them in on a regular basis, albeit a bit more sophisticated than in my early days.
Tonya: Hope you enjoyed your holiday. It was freezing, but a good excuse to layer up and get in practice for your Autumn.
Bucca: If you follow the link to Worn Wild, you'll find a complete listing of all the designers. I'll also be providing links to all my favorite designers stores over the next few days.
Esme & Lil Puch: Thank you. :)

A dreamer said...

wow, you look amazing and totally unrecognisable. all the costumes look divine. i'm such a sucker for grand costumes- and gothic lolita is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you look magical...literally! It's so cool to see you looking so different but still gorgeous, you're quite the fashion chameleon :)

It must have been such a fun event to go to. Although I look the furthest thing from goth etc I've always been attracted to these looks...all the drama and romance is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I always come away on such a (natural of course) high after an event like that. You can feel the energy and ideas crackling in the air - such an inspiration. I love your term Erotic Baroque I'm thinking I may have to adopt that trend. Also I'm a fan of the way Helena Bonhnam Carter dresses in her real life, I think she is just fabulous.

Fashion Hayley said...

Wow you were not kidding, that Tutu is HUGE. So gothic lolita, you would defiantly have fit in with the kids in Harajuku.

Samantha Doll said...

Yay! :) xxx

Samantha Shields said...

it was lovely meeting you :)

thank you for such a lovely post and for the link to The Alternative Modelling Agency

best regards


Lil Midget said...

Oooh...Your pics make me feel like moving to Melbourne!