Monday, September 1, 2008

Coveting and Convalesing

Photo by Dan in LA

I was going to bring you the 200th post competition winners today, but alas, I am still laid up in bed feeling sick. As such, there will be no barrel girl antics today for I couldn't possibly present the winner without all the appropriate to do. So instead I'm going to give you a peak into my inspiration for the extensive shopping list I managed to build from my sick bed whilst trawling Ebay. Oh dear, health hazards on so many levels.

I apologise for the lack of image credits and links, but in my addled state, I forgot to record their origins. Still, I am feeling quite pleased as I made one major discovery today. Now for those of you in the know please don't laugh, but I've only just discovered that the decorating style I have been lusting after and finding impossible to describe actually has a name! Hollywood Regency. Oh, that makes it SO much easier in these days of Google. Well, what is in my head is a little more over the top than this, (surprise surprise) perhaps I can coin a new term as I move towards Hollywood Georgian? I have been dreaming of large sweeping rooms decked out in satins and velvets, floors you can dance on, and bedrooms to swoon in. All rather like the extravagant set of a 1930's Hollywood blockbuster. Mind you, I'm not entirely sure how any of this will work with the architecture of my home, but still, a girl can dream. If you are in the mood to gorge yourself on some serious style, head over to Design Public, for the most comprehensive list of links and an exceptional description of just what Hollywood Regency is.

In fact, it seems that there is one woman who would be perfect for decorating my home. (Once again almost all Americans will have heard of her, or anyone with an ounce of decorator aspirations) Dorothy Draper. While the lady herself is no longer with us, she has left an indelible mark on the decorating landscape. Behold her creations.

I have been living in my somewhat disassembled bedroom now for a number of months and my indecision is beginning to depress me. I have my new lighting installed, but that is almost the extent of the renovations so far. The walls have been stripped and a looking rather sad in their underwear. I have paint chips taped to the wall while I make colour decisions. But for the last month I was set on a vivid green, now I am tending towards a deep Wedgewood blue. It is so much easier to change a dress than repaint a wall when your mood changes. And this leads me to another epiphany I had today. I now know why I love these interior styles so much. Not only do they evoke romantic notions of the life one will live in them, but they require a certain style to live in them. Can you imagine sleeping in an old t-shirt in this sort of bedroom? Would Madame ever be seen lounging around wearing a tracksuit in such a divine living room? I think not. Just like buying a Chanel dress, buys you a piece of the dream, I think that is why I so dearly want these rooms. I only hope that should I achieve them, I can live up to their expectations.


Ellen said...

Nice pics. Get well soon.

K.Line said...

Honey, I relate to your reno pain! :-) And feeling sick and being forced to look at it must be wretched. But, you've discovered the name for your fave style - which is no small feat - and that will enrich your life immeasurably, I'm sure, over the months to come!

floraposte said...

Lavish interiors! Get well soon!

Cait said...

What a lovely style that is! Your taste is so elegant.
Personally I like warm colours, especially for my room (I just find it more cosy and with a mood), and mine is a deep cranberry.

Danielle said...

feel well soon! lots of yummy tea!

WendyB said...

I think I could manage looking grungy in an old t-shirt in just about any environment.

Skye said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

ellen: Thank you, I'm trying.
K.Line: I knew you would, yours is much more actively painful than me I think.
Floraposte: Yes, pretty swanky.
Cait: I'd love to do Cranberry or something so luxe, but it gets very hot up there in summertime. My bedroom is on the second floor of the house and somedays it can be like the deep south in there.
Wendy B: You are the master of disguise.
Skye: Thank you, it must be kinder germs I think. :)

Hammie said...

Super K, you would Love Dublin. All the surviving buildings are Georgian, and the interior of the Shelbourne Hotel is exactly as you would like it.
For bedrooms, I like a plain canvas. A good white (Bakers white is good) that you can then change with bed linens and soft furnishings to suit your mood. The personality can be in the Timber or iron work on your bed. That way in the summer you can go for a cool white, by offsetting with soft greens, some potted palms, and unfussy but protective window dressings.(think of that South Carolina or New Orleans style)
In winter you can warm it up with the richer tones, and heavy window dressings to keep out the chill.

A lady like yourself has to think of the mood setting aspects of color too. Is it going to make you feel right in the morning?
Different colored walls can induce different moods. Like your lovely music choices (I downloaded Ella; then went looking for Peggy Lee)-the room you wake up in can set the scene......

Lady Language said...

Dorothy Draper was an amazing decorator - I like her style.