Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Making the Mundane Magical

I'm having a lovely week at home this week, trying to make my way through all those annoying things that have been hanging on my To Do list. It can sometimes be overwhelming, and if I had it all written down I could diguise it as a copy of War and Peace. To keep a sense of humor in the midst of all this responsibility, I turn to one of my never fail tricks - doing my job "Vintage Housewife" style. Pop on a pinni, a little Doris Day and even the most mundane tasks take on a whole new shine. Who knew making spaghetti could be so much fun?

And while I'm tackling the list, I am attending to all the requests you have sent me too. Today I can tick off one more. I have been tagged by Chloe Van Paris to bring you another glimpse into random pieces of my life, and yet again I've managed not to exhaust my list of superfluous facts.

What are the last three things you purchased?

A vintage sheer peignoir gown. Peacock blue paint for my bedroom walls. A new pump for my fish tank (boring I know).

What are the last three songs you downloaded?

Embarrassingly enough, that was so long ago that I can't even remember! I was kindly given Duffy's CD for my birthday though, so that is close enough to an answer.

What are the last three places you visited?

Beechworth in country Victoria. The beach side town of Warnambool and Sydney. All my travel recently has been local, but I head of to Texas and Tokyo in three weeks now!

What are your three favorite movies?

Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (based on the play by Tom Stoppard). Mame, with Rosalind Russell (campery at its finest). Heathers, the 1980's classic of bitches, fashion and murder.

What are your three favorite posessions?

My antique Arctic fox fur

A vintage Jean Paul Gaultier red dress that is so stunning, but has never fit me to date.

A huge oil painting of a Chinese noble woman holding her fan.

What three things can you not live without?

Water, sunscreen ( the best anti-wrinkle combination), and red lipstick.

What would be your three wishes?

I'll have to go with that old childhood plan of asking the Genie for unlimited wishes as my wish. Then the ability to time travel at will and a magic housework wand.

What three things haven't you done yet?

Reached fluency in any of the languages I've studies, mastered basic mathematics or travelled by camel train across Morocco.

What are your three favorite dishes?

Thai green chicken curry, barbecued baby octopus and Oysters Churchill. Ohhh...

Which three celebrities would you most like to hang out with?

Noel Coward, Johnny Depp and Dita Von Teese ( I think we'd make great buddies).

Name three things that freak you out?

Large hairy spiders, Space invaders ( those people that always come way to far into your personal space) and unexplained power cuts (extreme paranoia here).

Name three unusual things you are good at.

Making up songs about random things at the drop of a hat. Picking extremly subtle colour differences at ten paces. Being one step ahead of the zeitgeist.

Which three things are you coveting?

Minna Parikka shoes, a large taxidermy peacock ( I found him a year ago but he wasn't for sale) and a bamboo 1930's patio setting.

Name three bloggers you are tagging.

Casey's Musings

Porcelaine Blonde

Only Shallow - who has just picked up a pair of my coveted shoes!

*P.S. Sorry for today's odd text, blogger is misbehaving.*


Lil Midget said...

Love the pics! You really look like those ladies on those old product ads :)


Skye said...

I think the La Gina people need to put you on the cans!

Kasmira said...

Oooh, I could also go for a stuffed peacock! Let me know if you find two! :)

Fleur de Guerre said...

I get so much more done when I'm wearing a pinny! It's so funny. Normally I will clean for 5 minutes and slump back in front of the computer! :D

K.Line said...

Why am I not surprised that your last purchase was a sheer peignoir??? :-)

*indie_queen* said...

Eeek Heathers is one of my favourite films too. Coincidentally, I just wrote a blog entry about Heathers fashions. What's your damage?

casey said...

Thank you my dear for tagging me!! :D I love, love, love that jaunty little scarf you've got tied around your neck. ;)

Peacock blue paint???? My mouth is watering... hehe!! Good luck painting; I'd love to see pics. ;)

enc said...

I see you've found the bedroom color! I hope you'll post photos, if appropriate.

Jennifer said...

I am a song maker-upper as well. My poor girl is going to be shocked when she reaches preschool and finds out nobody else knows these songs!

esme and the lane way said...

Oh, I love the idea of vintage housework. Turn up the wireless, dear! :)

Bucca said...

Great pics! the twee lil scarf is to die for!

Bucca said...

And is that the lil Louis Vuitton cherry blossom print on the scarf?

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Lil Midget: I always love those images, it is fun to make your own.
Skye: Know theres a thought. Perhaps I should write to them. ;)
Kasmira: You might have more luck than me. They are very few and far between here in Australia, but Taxidermy is much more popular in the States.
Fleur: You are so right. It's all about the state of mind and the music too. Have to admit I find it hard to stay away from the laptop and can be found in front of it whenever I'm taking a break.
K.Line: I actually happened to find it in the op shop for $8 while trying to distract myself before the dentist visit.
Indie Queen: Did you have a bowl of stupid for breakfast? ;)
Casey: Even with just a little brush out on the walls it is already making me feel luscious. There will be pics as soon as its done.
Enc: Absolutely. There will be much posing in the bedroom after that I think.
Jennifer: Yes, and sometimes my subjects are not really fit to be repeated in company!
Esme: That's one of the things that is really sad about the death of AM radio. It will so no longer be on the airwaves and vintage radios won't be able to pick p anything. :(
Bucca: Why yes Miss eagle eyes, it is.

A dreamer said...

omg tokyo and texas! wow. you'll have such a blast! I could definitley do with some thai green chicken curry, barbecued baby octopus- I love talking about food. It gets me all excited.

Imelda Matt said...

I'm with K-Line on this one...not a surprise but still heaven nonetheless. Don't let my taxidermy lion near your taxidermy peacock - it would be a tearful and abrupt end to a good friendship.

Anonymous said...

i like the different font.