Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Daily Outfit - Toned Down Tuesday

Outfit details: Cable knit - Giordano, Purple tank - Giordano, Black velvet pants - Postie, Stiletto boots - Joanne Mercier, Scarf - Louis Vuitton

Being a Tuesday, it is swimming lessons and housework again today. This usually means toning it down on the outfit front. And when I can't really indulge my creativity in my outfit, I like to try out different things with my hair or makeup instead. And today I tried something different with my hair that actually worked first time. No I haven't cut it all off, just dried it straight, put it up in a high ponytail and created a different kind of pin curl at the front. When Mr. SKM came home and saw me from behind, he nearly had a heart attack thinking I had gone and cut it all off. Go on admit it, you saw that first picture and though WTF?!


Skye said...

Poor Mr SKM! Your hair does look good though, I like the scarf too!

Lady Melbourne said...

Whoa, I've missed so much, where to begin!!!
I love your hair in this post, it looks so slick and sexy- perfect!
Lovely lipstick as well.
Looks like Worn Wild was a treat- hard corn alternative isn't my thing but I can see why people get inspiration from it.
Now I need to watch your video...wheres my martini...

WendyB said...

You didn't fool me!

Hammie said...

Very Sorority Sleek Super K' Mama.
I wonder what you use to fight indoor pool humidity?
LOVE your scarf too. Please tell me: Giftage or thriftage?

Bucca said...

Can we get an instructional video please???

Anonymous said...

hehe guilty as charged! I thought you had gone and cut your hair - it looks amazing though. I love the first photo in particular.

PS. you looked absolutely awesome at the Worn Wild event!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Skye: Thank you, it doesn't often work out this smooth.
LM: Thank you, looks like you've been a busy girl too. The lipstick is Loreal Colour Riche Crystal fantasy I think. A sort of iridescent raspberry.
Wendy B: You never miss a trick.
Hammie: Thank you, that top always makes me feel a bit preppy. The indoor pool humidity is a NIGHTMARE! It is usually 11 degrees celcius going in and about 32 inside. Ick. The scarf was a gift to myself a while back. I did buy in on Ebay, so its authenticity is doubtful.

enc said...

The hair was the star! I did a doubletake, but didn't think you'd cut it. I love it.

dancing tullulah said...

Your hair looks great

Imelda Matt said...

Nope! I wasn't fooled but I do like!

TokyoBunnie said...

Ahh, Takashi Murakami scarf! *faints*