Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

What a huge week this has been! For more spring fashion than you can poke a stick at, although if I have to see another low cut maxi dress.... Speaking of which, if anyone watched ACA, you may have noticed that they have tried to be on the fashion ball with their guest fashion reporter, Alex Fevola. Not really the best choice in my opinion, as this particular "reporter" is better known for taking her clothes off than her savvy fashion choices. All of these prime time fashion reports have left me feeling quite depressed about the state of mass market spring fashion this year. It is looking like a badly regurgitated version of last spring, with a bit more glitter eye shadow. While there have been some lovely stand out pieces in various shows, I haven't felt particularly inspired by anything yet. However, much more reviewing of all this weeks information is to be done and I will bring you my highlights and picks of the bunch shortly. If you haven't already, make sure to check out Imelda and Fashion Hayley for an inside look at some fashion week frivolities.

I spent today at the Worn Wild fashion event and have so many delightful tidbits and interviews to bring you during the week. But after a week of fashion, hens nights, weddings, karaoke and prancing around in a corset and tutu, it is now time to take a deep breath and kick back with the Mr. After all, for all we Antipodeans it is Father's Day today. So today's post goes out with a huge thank you to my Mr. for not only being a fabulous father, but also putting up with me and my socialite ways whilst he is left at home holding the babies. Mama loves you darling.


Anonymous said...

Apart from a few designers, Australian fashion weeks are not often about innovation. Happy Fathers Day to your husband, and thank-you for supporting your SKM in gadding about and doing such lovely blogging for us!!

Imelda Matt said...

The Despotic Queen missed SKM and YES, it was same old-same old...but that wasn't why I was in town.