Monday, September 29, 2008

Secret Weapons

Slightly disturbing, you can actually buy these lipstick knives!

I've made a few fabulous product discoveries recently that have made it onto my Essentials List. Rather than keeping this bag of tricks to myself, I'm going to share these secret weapons and their miraculous powers with you.

Erase Paste from Benefit. This little cracker is my new favorite product. I've tried every concealer under the sun, yes even that well know YSL one, and nothing has come close to this. I only got my hands on some on Friday and I'm already a convert. Not only does it completely cover and brighten dark circles, it hides bags and puffiness with ease. I've had concealers that promise the world, but end up just adding a strange shade to my skin, or becoming wrinkle highlighters. Oddly, in the jar it looks a darker colour, but when applied to the skin, the brightening effect is extraordinary. Whether you are a Mum or just a party animal - do not leave home without it!

Olay Regenerist Thermal Mini Peel. I've used some pretty fancy skin care products in my time, but nothing has given me the almost instant results (with consistency) that this little wonder has. Its called a "thermal peel" as when you apply it to your face it has a self warming quality, rather like that lovely hot towel effect. Use it daily in the shower and you won't believe your eyes. It really does gently polish the skin, and gives it a much smoother, silkier texture - and it even reduces pores! God knows all those nights on the town with the makeup piled on do nothing for the complexion, and I find that simply cleansing isn't adequate to keep the texture smooth and that radiance we all love.

Vaseline Intensive Care Moisturiser.
I've taken to keeping a 1 litre pump pack of this on my vanity, which I apply head to toe morning and night. I've got a rather sad collection of about 10 different moisturisers all around the place, but I'm always forgetting to use them. They are either organic, or smell of marshmallows, or had stunning packaging, but at the end of the day they have been forgotten in the back of the cupboard. But keeping a pump pack on the vanity is a constant reminder that I'd like my skin to be as soft as butterflies come the height of summer, and not be rushing for an emergency body scrub to do a half arsed job. For all of your coming out of winter, I'd highly recommend making this a part of your daily routine.

Lemons. No not for a pie or for a trendy table decoration, but for adding to water to make sure you get your daily requirement. There is nothing like a little fresh lemon juice to make drinking a couple of litres of water a day more palatable, and you have the added bonus of all that vitamin C. I start the day with a huge glass of this before I'll allow myself that first coffee, and it always makes me feel better for the rest of the day. I aim to drink about 2 litres of the stuff every day, and yes, it is hard at first, but then you'll find you can't live without it. I am always receiving compliments on my skin, and I really think this is the trick. It seems to have turned back my body clock in a way that no other fancy pants product has.

With all these secret weapons in your bag of tricks, you wont need a fake ID for all your beauty espionage, just a fabulous pseudonym.


ruby may said...

oh I wish I had the money to buy all of those lovely products- I think i can probably do the last one though!

Heather said...

OOH! I am going to have to try erase paste, currently I use make up forever full cover and like it, but I use Benefits benetint and am in love with it, so I think I will try this next! And your like the 5 person I have heard reccomend that Olay mask, now I HAVE to try it!

casey said...

Now I'm dying to try that concealer! I still suffer from occasional breakouts (it's killing me that I'm in my 20s and still having them! lol), and finding a concealer that works for that has been a pain. :p I shall have to wander to the cosmetic store to check it out!

Great reminder about lemons too; I always am too lazy/forget to add some to my water (mostly because I'm one of those rare people who don't have a problem drinking gallons of water a day! Seriously! lol). The added health/skin benefits are enough to make me stop forgetting!

Alicia said...

Maybe that's why I've always struggled to drink the right amount of water each day (sometimes ANY water) -- turns out I was missing the lemons!
I am going to give it a go! Thanks SKM!

Paper Girl Productions said...

These are great finds!! Thanks for sharing!!

TheSundayBest said...

Well that's just brilliant. I'm off to the grocer to grab some lemons.

*indie_queen* said...

vaseline intensive care is amazing stuff- not sure if we can get it in a pump bottle over here, hopefully soon! I will have to try the erase paste and lemon thing! thanks for the tips :)

Helena S. said...

Interesting. What is that lipstick knife meant for? I'd like a lightsaber lipstick for myself. :-)

Lady Smaggle said...

Oooooh I love the knife lipstick it's awesome! A little weird but you know I kinda like that.

PorcelainBlonde said...

Now you've got me all curious about the Olay Peel!

Louise said...

Next time I go to the supermarket I'm looking out for that Olay peel, since I've just run out of my current cleanser and it hasn't been fitting the bill! Thank you!!!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Ruby May: That last one will do more beauty wonders for you than the lot put together!
Heather: I really couldn't believe my eyes!
Casey: Good for you, that's why you have such amazing glowing skin! It really works wonders doesn't it.
Alicia: It really is the best habit to get into. Try drinking the water at room temperature too as it goes a bit easier on the body.
Paper girl: any time. :)
The Sunday Best: Better watch out, they might make you look so young you'll have to grow that moustache back so as not to be carded!
Indie queen: even if it isn't Vaseline, I think the large size and the pump pack has been the key to me using it daily. And really, it is the consistency that counts.
Helena S: The website selling it says personal protection. I guess it is even more deadly than the car keys between the fingers.
Lady Smaggle: I secretly do too. I've always wanted one of those pistol lighters too.
Porcelain blonde: Its a sorts of scrub really, but not rough. Cheap as chips (compared to most of my products) but a miracle worker.
Louise: I wouldn't use it in place of a cleanser - not on the eyes and things- but there is also a cleanser in the Olay range with a little exfoliator in it which is an excellent daily cleanser too. It tackles the red lipstick with ease. I've been using them both in connection recently and I've been very pleased. It's a hell of a lot cheaper than my $90 cleanser and I can't say I have seen better results from the more expensive one!

Lil Midget said...

Lipstick knife! Imagine accidentally using them on your lips...*shudders*

Betty Lou said...

oh! where can i buy the lipstick-knife?

yummy, i really need to drink more water. i always forget to buy lemons but mabye i'll remember tomorrow :D

Clara Cupcakes said...

I'm a HUGE benefit concealer fan. I have been a fan of their boiing concealer for years now, mostly because it is actually pale enough for my skin. I will have to give the erase paste a go. It sounds amazing!

One of my secrets is a little spritzer bottle with some distilled water and a few drops of tea tree oil in it. My skin goes between normal, dry and oily on a daily basis (I think the Bangkok pollution has something to do with it). This clears the oil up straight away and it's super cheap! Plus it dries out pimples. Win Win!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

lil Midget: Yes, the site selling them warns against this.
Betty Lou - click on the picture and it will link you to the store selling them.
Clara cupcakes: Yes, i have the same problem with matching things to my pale skin.
That is an excellent beauty tip with the spritz bottle. I do the same at the height of summer, just with rose water, when I remember!

Gervy said...

Thanks for sharing... I also love Benefit Benetint but stupidly assumed all of their other products were just pretty packaging and little else. The Erase Paste sounds fab.

Also I use an Olay moisturiser but was too scared too try the thermal mask in case it burnt off my face... but I guess it must be OK because your skin looks gorgeous.