Thursday, September 25, 2008

Plane Sailing

As some of you may remember, I leave shortly for my little child-free sojourn to the US and Japan. Finally I am getting my butt in gear and actually organising my itinerary and accommodation. But in looking at all these fine details, I have overlooked a major one until today. I hadn't figured out what to wear! As you can well imagine, I'm planning on packing the bare minimum as my shopping plans are large. (They'll all be bargains darling, no need to take out a second mortgage.) I'm so looking forward to getting into some serious vintage shopping in the States, as the pickings seem to be much richer, and of an older vintage than what is generally on offer here. I'm particularly hoping to add to my hat collection, as good vintage hats pre 1950 are very hard to find here. If you're after a somewhat squashed and moldy pill box, you can do okay here, but a serious 1930's portrait hat - not a chance.

So I have started to think a little about packing, but even more importantly I needed to figure out what to wear on the plane! With long haul flights, I don't want to look like I've been dragged backwards through a hedge, and I'm not a tracksuit or roll up travel clothes kind of girl. So I've formulated a cunning plan....

Here's my idea of a killer traveling outfit. A simple, slightly stretchy black dress with a fabulous silhouette. A light trench coat for the weather changes in each city. Red flats, not only for pizazz, but also to remove quickly at security checkpoints and run to meet flights. A fabulous tote, just big enough for the essentials, but not large enough to get schlepy. And of course the huge black glasses not only to cover any tired eyes, but to add some rock star cred.

Given that a flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles is rather on the long side, I don't plan to crease that beautiful dress, nor to have it smelling of tin foil covered curry from a clumsy cabin mate. My champagne tastes will be traveling on a beer budget to make a little extra room for all that shopping. What this means is that I have to make the experience First Class with a little ingenuity. So I plan to change on the plane into some very comfy, very stylish, satin pyjamas and slippers. Add some BYO caviar, eye mask and sleeping pills and I'll be good to go.

And if things were really going to plan, I think this chap might just be waiting to take my luggage at the other end.

* I'll be in Houston, Texas for most of the time, the on to Tokyo, so any shopping or fun tips will be greatly appreciated. *


K.Line said...

Are you going en famille, SKM? Or will this be a trip all for you?

~TessaScoffs said...

Love the travel outfit. Surely a kitten heel wouldn't hurt...

Angelle said...

I love the satin pjs and slippers for the plane but I don't think I would have the moxie to pull it off myself. Hope to see some in flight photos of this look, mama!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

K.Line: I will be footloose and fancy free.
Tessascoffs- It's possible, just depends on which fabulous pair I come across in the next week to add to the ensemble.
Angelle: The great change may be a little difficult, but as usual I intend to create drama of the stylish kind.

Kim said...

I love what you have planned for the flight and beyond! I wish everyone *dressed* for travel these days. (I used to work in an airport and I have seen some things lemme tell ya!)

I hope you have a wonderful time! Can't wait to see the photos!

A dreamer said...

heheh truly some first class ideas for the flight you have there.
so sleeping pills ey? i just konk out straight away. planes have that effect on me..

KittyMeow said...

I love the idea of all black and red shoes - Very stylish :-D and not overdoing the splash of colour too. I hope you have an AWESOME holiday! So jealous :-D

Anonymous said...

When packing, you might want to remember that it's fall here and hurricane season in the south.
The Houston area is just recovering from Ike.
I hope you're having a great time and find some fabulous things.

frou-frou said...

I approve entirely of your travelling outfit: chic and comfortable. Well done!

Hammie said...

LOve the jammies, love the dress. I will add one thing; Big (preferably cotton) knickers and a t-shirt bra with no underwire. You have to factor in security paranoia these days and if they randomly choose you for the residual explosives test, (a glass case where they blast air up your skirt and around your body) you don't want your La-perla thong on show to everyone at the airport. The reduction of underwire and extraneous pretties uch as metal buttons will also reduce your time spent in the post metal detector queue.
As a small framed person I never seem to be able to get the ratio of person to metal right and ALWAYS end up being frisked by a burley security lady.
And don't forget the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour balm for all inflight grooming.

Lady Melbourne said...

Jersey darling, I have a black long sleeve wrap around jersey dress that is perfect for long haul because it doesn't crush. I can't stand tracksuits, they should be illeagle.
I wear it with pashmina, ballet flats and a trench or cropped jacket and oi la, perfection!
Love the Liz Taylor pic, she's one of my style icons.

MR style said...

i want the coat of the guy !!

Emma said...

i can only assume the wonderful fashion hayley has drawn you some tokyo maps? if not get her onto that stat! it's actually quite good for vintage shopping. depending on how small your feet are the shoes are quite amazing in the right stores. i've only been to austin texas - i highly recommend it if you have the time. they had a few lovely thrift stores there. best of luck on your wonderful journey!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Kim: One day I hope to dress for a cruise on the QE2.
a dreamer: Lucky girl. :)
KittyMeow: Thank you, I'm sure to.
Anon: Yes, fortunately my girlfriends place survived quite well.
Frou-frou- Thank you, I quite value your opinion.
Hammie: Oh THANK YOU! i had no idea about those hazards, and history shows I always get picked from the line. I've had some very protracted frisking exercises.
LM: I do value jersey, I think I may go with jersey Pj's instead of silk (might be a bit breezy). and a Pashmina is always a staple in my bag.
Mr Style: Very chic indeed.
Emma: She has been a font of wisdom. I'll have to do more research on Japanese vintage. said...

I love that sleeping mask picture - how cute with the fake eyelashes!