Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Garden of Delight

Outfit Details: Cardigan - Ivory, Pin up Print Camisole- Antz Pantz, Cream Pants - by me, Shoes - Rodhe, Earrings and Bracelet - Diva, Hair Bow - Sugar Doll designs.

Boxing Day was spent in a traditional fashion here. A relaxed, sunny afternoon of extreme gastronomical delight and over indulgence. After the tinsel and sparkle of Christmas day, it was a wonderful chance to take in the Christmas beauty of a more natural fashion. I took these photos by the most amazing trumpet flower trees in my brother yard. He recently moved into an old property with a beautifully wild yet tended garden. The sort of place you might imagine pixies run wild and fairies have dance parties on their nights off.

I hope all your Christmases have been a relaxed and festive event with lots of Nana napping to

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Very Memorable Christmas

I love Christmas. I love the trees, the decorations, the food (uh oh..) the sense of good will to all men (if you stay away from the shops), and the promise of a new year around the corner. There are lots of lovely Christmas surprises that made their way into my house this year, but before I show you some of the loot there is something else even more special. This year I got the most amazing present of all. Little Miss One decided to walk on Christmas Day!! All curly headed and bow legged, my little cricket figured it was about time to see the world from a different perspective. Full of resolve and with an indomitable spirit, she is toddling around on unsteady legs and must be grateful for the extra padding of a nappied bottom.

In other present related news, I was very lucky this year that both a lustful eBay moment and a generous Santa Clause coincided. And it was with a good dose of glee that this fabulous 1950's lounge setting and bar have made their way into my sun room. I could hardly believe my luck to find a bar that matched the lines of the lounge suite. It is actually taking the place of a toy cupboard and acting as the ultimate in domestic camouflage.

How awesome is this lounge suite! All newly reupholstered in vintage dead stock fabric, it is a dream come true. Of course this means a whole new set of rules for behaviour on my furniture, and yes I do get a little precious about it, but I want this number to last at least another 50 years. These pieces are all a part of my "retro fitting", basically getting rid of lots of modern, mediocre pieces, and replacing them with killer pieces from my favorite vintage era. Ah the joys of good design.

I can't wait to wear this gorgeous pin! I love the chain detail joining the two children together. Their silhouettes remind me of little Kewpie dolls. A big thank you to my brother and his girlfriend for this stylish choice.

Recognise this little lady? I blogged about Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers collection an age ago, when it seemed there was no possibility of finding these in Australia. Thanks to my baby brother and his lady, this cutie pie now takes pride of place on the dressing table. It isn't often that I keep perfume bottles, but this one will be staying in the heirloom box.
And what is that she's sitting on? Thanks to my Mum and Dad and their recent European sojourn, I have the most delightful Versace silk scarf with which to punch up my look. In bright greens, reds and blues, it has a very fresh, young look to it that makes me think of summer time and pool side cocktails.

Also courtesy of Mum and Dad's recent adventures is this handmade silver necklet, straight from the markets of Morocco. It is so silver it has an almost blue-ish hue to it, and demands an outfit of similar gravitas. I'm thinking this one needs to be styled in a 1920's does Egypt fashion.

And of course this little critter had to sneak in. He was actually one of my gifts to Miss Four, but I was rather keen on him too. If you are wondering his name is Totoro. One of my all time favorite anime classics. Having kids makes hiding your penchant for cute toys all the more easy.

So now that the festivities are all said and done, I trust yours was fabulous indeed. And if like me you ate far too much, I suggest walking it off at the Christmas sales or simply dancing you arse off (literally) for New Years Eve.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Y'all!

Well it is all go over here. With two children, the appearance of Santa and his entourage are high on the agenda and the resulting threats based on behavior are rife. Whilst I would love to have a delightful Christmas post for you full of sparkling outfits, tree trimming and the like, the commitments of life are taking over for the next few days instead. I've been so busy organising the pad for the big day that I haven't even yet planned an outfit, and am sneakily penning this post to you while my guests drink champagne in the next room. Shh..

So let it be said - Merry Christmas to all my wonderful readers and your families. Make your Christmas a happy one. Pop on a little bit of Bing Crosby singing white Christmas, break out the egg nogg and find your merry.

xxx Super Kawaii Mama xxx

Monday, December 22, 2008

Love in the Backseat

While on my beach side retreat, I had a wonderful little moment of serendipity as I strolled down the road with my mum. Parked in the driveway of a most delightful beach front house I'd been eying off for many years, was parked this amazing 1939 Pontiac. Now, I am not a big car fan generally speaking, but I do have some knowledge in this area thanks to a former boyfriend who was a classic car nut. Years of trawling cars shows rubbed off and I came away with a fairly good general knowledge and an ever recurring desire to have one for my very own.

As it happened, the owner of said car was in the front garden giving it a little spif up and after a kindly, "Morning" agreed to let me have a gander and even offered to take a few shots for me. What a gorgeous car! With its bulbous fenders, running boards wide enough to hold a party on and shiny Indian on the bonnet; it was lust at first sight. This is a car into which you could quite comfortably fit a very large ball gown, petticotes et al; as well as the head room for a top hat, beehive or what ever head adornment takes your fancy. Rather than the 'leg room' you find in cars of today, you could almost stand up and turn around to alight from this carriage.

It also makes me just a little sad, as in contrast it highlights many elements of modern design where style and presence have lost out to comfort at all costs, speed and the cheapest product. These days to find a genuine wood grain dash you have to be looking at a Rolls Royce, Bentley or their buddies. To find this kind of backseat party room, you'd have to hire a limousine. And to my mind nothing on the market these days has quite the same mix of Bonnie and Clyde meets Red Carpet style. So it may not be the fastest, the loudest or have the best fuel economy; but the glamour factor of this marvelous car has me quite won over. Perhaps I'd better start penning next years letter to Santa...

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Making of a Voluptuous Vixen

The gorgeous Kerosene Deluxe - Plus Sized Pin up.

I recently received an email from a reader who is wanting to put a little more sassy in her step. After having children however, she now finds herself wearing a somewhat larger clothing size and is faced with a dilemma.

"I really love your blog, your style and your approach to life, which is why I'm writing for some advice re vintage/50's vamp styles for women bigger than a size 6...all the retro shops I can find supply basically nothing over a size 12, with *very* rare finds in size 14...I *would* like to dress in a way that has a distinctive style and pizazz of my own. Are there shops that sell gorgeous retro/psychobilly/50's vamp style clothing in other than uber skinny sizes?"

Size and/or weight is not an issue I have discussed on this blog before. But perhaps it is time to remedy that, after all I wasn't always this small and I know first hand the dilemmas faced by many of you when it comes to putting together a unique look.

Firstly, the silhouette is key to a great retro look. This means that even if you don't have a waist, create one. If you want to go really retro you could go in for a girdle or even a corset. Although corsets are somewhat restricting they can be very sexy for a special occasion. In the absence of period appropriate underwear, I suggest getting hold of some of the Nancy Gantz shapewear, or Spanx for my USA readers. It can be purchased inexpensively, is easy to move in and has the added bonus of helping you to improve your posture. Being able to stand tall with our shoulders back, strips kilos before your very eyes. Even better, it gives you a nice smooth line to work with.

Make the most of your womanly assets and wear a good supportive bra that does the lift and separate job well. If you are really looking for a vintage vixen look, you could always source a bullet style bra on Ebay or other online vintage stores. You'll find these over at What Katie Did too.

When it comes to vintage and retro styled clothing in larger sizes, there are two major problems. With original vintage, people were generally smaller in those eras, so the chances of finding something to fit is not high. With reproduction vintage, the bricks and mortar stores cater to the 8 - 12 market, so pieces made in quantities like this are somewhat cheaper to find. However, the good news is that there are some great reproduction makers out there who will custom make to your measurements for a reasonable price. When I say reasonable I mean that, should I be making these for myself, the price they are charging would cover my time and materials but wouldn't be looking at serious profit.

If you sew this will be your savior. There are vintage patterns galore on Ebay and you can also find some great resources here on A Dress a Day. You don't need to necessarily find patterns in your size, just Google - "How to resize a pattern" for loads of links to find the one that explains it to you best. I learnt to sew fairly recently for this express reason, as the stores never had anything I wanted.

Additionally, you can always look for clothes that work for this look in your regular stores. The trick is to pick things with the right silhouette ( circle / flared skirts, single button cardigans, lots of red and black etc), and pair them with retro accessories to translate something ordinary into the extraordinary. A great elastic waist cincher belt, that can be found everywhere from Supre to Myers to Ebay, and is one of the tricks of the trade to turn your look into Retro Goddess.

So much of what I wear day to day is not authentic vintage ( I can't bare to see them ruined by the children), but I style them in such a way that they take on a retro flavour. It is about injecting the right stylistic elements into your look to create the overall image you want. For instance; the classic pin up look relies on a smaller waist to hip ratio, utilises lots of curls and flowers in the hair, and is nothing without the ubiquitous red lips. You can achieve this at any size, and even if your waist isn't usually visible, create it with the help of undergarments, belting and cross over styles.

Adding this Retro Goddess flavour to your look can be achieved in two key ways that don't rely on clothes at all. Hair and Makeup. For simple hair go with high ponytails and a rolled fringe. When your skills advance a little more, check out the great range of vintage hair tutorials on You tube for more inspiration. (Yes, you'll find mine there too). The basics for the vintage goddess look are windged black eyeliner and red red lips. Check out this tutorial for a great starting point. What you do outside of that is up to you. You may want to add a dramatic beauty mark, heavily penciled brows or something else to make it your signature look.

Links for your looks

Daddy O's Retro - a gorgeous range of all sorts of reproduction vintage styles and dresses up to 3XL!

Hey Viv! - Stocking Vintage and reproduction vintage wear including XL sizes.

What Katie Did - Super Sexy, super glamorous lingerie with some bras up to a 42 DD

Mode Merr - As their slogan says "Dressing every girl from XXS to XXXL!"

My Baby Jo - Fabulous collection of pin up style clothing and vintage styled accessories. including things for your pad. Some styles in sizes up to 16.

Whirling Turban - For classic pin up looks custom made to your size - this is the place to be. Very very reasonable prices too!

Etsy - For a fabulous range of accessories, just search for your favorite style. eg: rockabilly, psychobilly, goth etc... Support hand made and look killer to boot!

Pinup Girl Clothing - Skip the clothes and go straight to the shoes. From hoochie to down home, these girls have your look covered.

I've kept this as short and sweet as possible for you all (as with most things I could ramble on forever), but I'm happy to answer any other questions. So with all these secrets to add to your kit, you're ready unleash your sexy self on the world.

*** I'm off to the seaside for a little pre Christmas respite, and with the internet connection here being on holiday speed too, posting may take a hiatus for a few days. But don't go away, more tantalizing reads are soon to come. **

Friday, December 12, 2008

Silver Sixties

Outfit details: Vintage dress from my grandmothers wardrobe and gifted to me, Earrings - Vintage thrift find, Shoes - I can't recall the label but I bought them at Dimaru ages ago and with their white heels they only get to come out on special occasions, Stockings - Levante, Lipstick - Sangria by Avon.
*Apologies for the quality of the hair detail photo, it was very difficult to get the detail with the lighting.*

This outfit is a rather special little number. My Grandmother has a wonderful closet full of things she has kept all her life ( my hoarder tendencies run deep) . So when she decides to let things go, they always find their way into my hands as the only family member to appreciate them. It was she who began my love affair with vintage clothing, gifting me a delicious fuchsia woolen 1940's coat when I was about 12 years old. So a trip to Grandmothers house always means a little glimpse into the past.

This stunning silver dress is part of an ensemble with a matching swing coat. She bought this outfit especially for a family members wedding and it had very little occasion to make an outing. It was passed on to me with great pride and I am so pleased to have a piece like this in my collection. The dress required some alteration as it was rather large for me, but its simple lines made that a relatively easy task.

I was heading out to a little Christmas party and then on for drinks last night, when at midday I had not decided what to wear. I began thinking Christmassy thoughts of sparkles and snow, when this almost forgotten ensemble came to mind. It had been stored in my secondary wardrobe where much of my collectable vintage lives, and hadn't yet been altered. So it was out with the pins and onto the sewing machine in haste to make it ready for last nights adventures.

Now that the dress is ready to make it's debut, I think an update of appropriate accessories is due. In particular I would love a pair of 1950's style fabric covered pumps with just the right amount of sparkle. I'm not sure where on earth I'll find these, but if bridal trends are anything to go by, I can probably have a pair custom covered somewhere. It may sound a little decadent, but for an outfit like this, perfectly matching accessories should see it last another life time. So onto the Lust List they go.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Inspiration Is Everywhere

I am fortunate enough to have my own little orchard here at home. I'm not the world's greatest gardener, so last year I lost all my fruit to ravenous birds, but this year I beat them to it. What a lovely picture to be greeted with first thing in the morning. Juicy red cherries, locuts and raspberries all waiting to become accompaniments for pancakes.

And not only was this collection delicious, it inspired me to tackle another of my long awaited jobs. I bought a dining setting about six years ago with the intention of covering the seat cushions. A job that kept being relegated to the bottom of the list. But with all these sweet summer treats I was inspired to get cracking and bring some enduring sweetness to my kitchen. Behold the finished product in all its strawberry goodness.

So now that I feel the satisfied glow of someone ticking another item off the To do list, I am off to get fancied up for tonight's Christmas party. I have a lovely sparkly silver shift that is just dying for an outing. Lots of gratuitous outfit photos will appear tomorrow for your enjoyment. And if all this deliciousness is making you hungry, I'll compensate you with my recipie for pancakes.


1 cup of SR flour
pinch of salt
2 Tbs of fine sugar
2 Tsp of melted butter
1 egg (beaten)
3/4 cup of milk

Sift the dry ingredients together
Add the sugar, eggs, butter and milk
Beat until smooth
Pour spoon fulls of mixture into a hot, greased frying pan.
Cook until lots of bubbles appear then flip.
Eat in any decadent way you choose!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How to Survive the Work Christmas Party in Style

After many years attending work Christmas parties of dubious success, I have created a set of rules that stands me in good stead to survive this mine field in style. For those of your taking this journey for the first time, listen close and I'll share this hard won wisdom.


You want your outfit to leave a great impression. Something that stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Many people's memory of this grand event will be somewhat blurred, so ensure you are remembered as the woman (or Chap) with the amazing sense of style. Which brings me to a critical factor at work events - No Hollywood tape - or anything that remotely needs it! If there was ever a time to cover the merchandise and be subtle, this is one of those occasions. If you feel the need to bring a little siren to the party, consider revealing something else. Your great collar bones, your creamy white back or bring out the red lipstick and play up your smile. There are bound to be some clumsy advances at these events and you do not want to be remembered for any wardrobe malfunctions.

What to take

Don't schlep an oversized handbag to these events, you'll only end up having to check it in the cloak room or risk ruining your overall look as this sags over your shoulder. Instead take a small evening bag with enough room for the following:

Eye Drops
Spare stockings (if your outfit calls for them)
Compact and lipstick
Breath mints
Taxi Fare
Business cards. ( If you need to exchange numbers, this is the way to do it. Leave your mobile phone behind as you'll never hear it anyway, and chatting away during a party is the height of rudeness.)

Before you go

Know something about your boss; their hobbies, children, dogs, football team, whatever. Being able to make non work related small talk at these events is a valuable skill and will always help you make a better connection with that person.

Organise your "pumpkin time" with your partner. The time by which you absolutely must leave the party to save both your beauty sleep and to leave them wanting more.

Eat first. The canapes may be good, bad or diabolical at these functions, and you don't want to be putting Champagne on an empty stomach. That's just asking for an embarrassing moment with a photocopier.

At the Party

If you can at all help it, DON'T talk about work. Have some amusing and short anecdotes to relate. Sing the praises of the latest and greatest book you've read. Have an informed opinion on world politics, but whatever you do, don't use the party as an opportunity to bring up work gripes or bitch about clients.

Don't drink too much. Instead of Champagne all night, add a few soda waters in between. Drink white wine spritzers instead of Chardonnay and both your head and your waistline will thank you. You want to be remembered for your sparkling personality, not your consumption of sparkling wine.

No confessions. This is not the time to tell the boss what you really think of them, nor is it the moment to declare your undying love for Darren in Accounting. If you truly have anything seriously emotional to relate, seek these people out individually at a different time. Any soul bearing that happens at Christmas parties is usually seen as an act of desperation.

If you are the partner at your other half's Christmas function, there is one point I can not stress enough. I have seen this happen many times and it is embarrassing (not to mention relationship destroying) for all involved. Whatever you do, don't buy into good nature office ribbing and be tempted to trash your partner. When Darren says, "So does he bore you senseless over breakfast too?" A polite smile and smooth change of topic will suffice, don't be tempted to answer with, "And that's not the only place he bores me! Hahaha!" (I cringe remembering this overheard moment at a party past.)

And there you have it. Now go forth, eat drink and be merry!

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Monster in My Closet

You've seen me Doin It Old School, and the resolve is still there. This week I finally have a string of days to myself. By that I mean at home with the children and not gallivanting around town. I am attempting to stay focused on my challenge and not simply take the opportunity to sleep in, catch up on my reading or other self indulgent pleasures. Don't get me wrong, I plan on much indulgence in the coming weeks, but I know that I will enjoy it ever so much more if I feel I've really earnt it. I get a perverse sense of pleasure from little organisational tasks, and just getting all the bills paid and letters mailed can leave me with a little glow.

If you are anything like me, you can clean, organise and fancy things up, but there are always those sneaky boxes and bags of things that remain untouched in the back of the closet. These are the monsters I am trying to wrangle this week. Rather than looking for ways to create more storage, I am trying to create less stuff. But I am finding this a very time consuming process; not through the sheer volume of things that must be sorted, but from the emotional bargaining I do with myself as a part of the process. Suddenly I see value in things that haven't seen the light of day in years. The environmentalist me sees the wastage in letting all these things go, when they are still perfectly good. The optimistic me sees the potential of all those scraps of fabric, old jewelry and Christmas cards. And the idealistic me wants to toss the lot and live in a streamlined, minimalist utopia. The truth is murky and lies somewhere between all of these.

But my baby steps are paying off. I've bought myself a good old paper diary and have been making proper To Do lists. Not the sort I usually do, where I edit it to include the tasks I would most like to do, and some I have already done just for the satisfaction of having something to tick off immediately. I've been writing real lists, full of all those hanger on jobs - and actually doing them all!

The menu planning that I was so enthusiastic about the other week, is limping along. It seems when it comes to food I am more of an improvisor than a planner, but I know that both my purse and my taste buds will benefit from perservering on this one.

Christmas and all its accompaniments are often left to the last minute. Wrapping presents on Christmas Eve, forgetting how long it takes, and trying to pass off store bought treats as home made. But not this year. I spent this afternoon wrapping all my Christmas presents! (cue applause) So this year I may just have the time to make my own ginger bread again, rather than running around swearing at the lack of sticky tape in the house come Christmas Eve.

I just have to keep the momentum. And tonight that means a box of chocolates and a few lovely G&T's.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Santa Style

Outfit Details: Dress - unlabeled recycle boutique find, Shoes - Mossimo, Jeweled hair snood - Singapore department store brand, Earrings - Diamond studs, Ring - Tokyo department store find.
Shot on location by Nana, Miss Four and Myself at Westfield shopping mall.

Earlier this week I packed up the girls and their Nana to head in for the yearly Santa visit. This is a very exciting day that begins around 5am with lots of jumping around and dancing; and no that sure isn't me at that hour. After dressing Miss Four in her best black and white party dress with appropriately frilly socks and shiny shoes, I thought I'd get a little peace to get organised. However, my knee high stylist insisted on choosing my outfit because I had to be "pretty for Santa". So with a little creative collaboration, this was the result.

Santa seemed rather pleased with it and was rather keen on keeping me by his side. With all that extra squeezing I'd better be getting a darn good present this year!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

When Imitation Is Not Flattering

Evan Rachel Ward - Before and After she began dating Marilyn Manson.

When we are young our mothers dress us. Choosing outfits to reflect their own tastes, morals or aspirations. As we grow up we venture into that scary territory of choosing our wardrobes for ourselves. Generally beginning by emulating the fashion pack at school, choosing our labels to belong and be recognised as a valid member of the group. We graduate to fashion experimentation, finding our niche in sub cultures, or the simple pleasure of displeasing the parents who are so old fashioned. But from there, were do we go? What happens when the high school preppy no longer frequents the same social circle, or the goth is tired of black?

For most the choice is to lazily follow in the fashion footsteps of the masses, but for those who seek something more the transition can be a difficult one fraught with pitfalls. One of the most dangerous is imitation.

What was it that made the world sit up and take notice of Audrey Hepburn? Was it just the black Givenchy and the dark glasses? While undoubtedly chic, these props did not make Ms Hepburn the entrancing individual who has become legend. It was her unique combination of style, personality, flair, sincerity and altruism. She was herself in a way no other could, or will, ever be. Like a knock off Chanel handbag, imitation may bring a degree of recognition or a sense of improved social currency; but the feeling is a rather hollow one. You may be the only one who knows it, but that lack of authenticity can leave you feeling more exposed than you felt to begin with.

It is one thing to be inspired by someones style, but altogether another to attempt a personal reinvention through complex imitation. Very time consuming and draining in my opinion. Rather than taking a style journey by copying your look head to toe from your favorite personality, consider a more enriching option. Become a better version of yourself. Take an inventory of your style, (such as it is) and focus on all those idiosyncrasies that make you you. It may be your love of sparkly shoes, your penchant for oversized 80's earrings or your secret desire to break out the Farrah flick you had in high school. Once you have embraced the quirks that make you an individual, feel free to add inspirations from your favorites. You'll discover that as you pop on those huge dark glasses, the look becomes an altogether different one when paired with your unique flair. And thus you become a true student of fashion. An innovator, not an imitator.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pants -Take Two

Outfit Details: Silver Batwing top - Tempt, Grey high neck top - Miss Shop, Pants - by Me, Shoes - Rohde, Sunglasses - Chanel, Golden bracelets - from a Halloween treat bag!

It seems I am often heralded for my vintage style, and while I do have a great affinity with decades past, I like to make them work for me. This is why I mix my plastic children's jewelry with 80's couture; my hoochie heels with high collared tops and just about anything that takes my fancy. I do know my decades, my designers and my history, but I also know what suits me. So for that reason I take an eclectic view of fashion and enjoy finding myself in all my looks.

When high waisted pants first came out I tried on various commercial jeans, but nothing really looked right on me. I had a mental image of what I would look like in these amazing pants and where they might take me. But when I would stand in the dressing room all I could see was a large expanse of arse staring back at me. After years of 6cm flys, adding that much fabric to your behind takes some adjusting in the visual memory. So feeling like I had just gained a good 10 kilos, I put those pants back on the rack.

Rather than be dismayed, I decided that I could do a better job of translating my mental image to reality. I had had great successs with wide leg pants before, so why not go one step further? So I headed out to my local fabric store to pick up some stretch denim and set about drafting a pattern for these beauties. The idea I had in mind was a 1940's casual look, but I wanted them to translate into all kinds of other styles. Much of the success or failure of this idea depends on the accessories employed in this endeavour.

So after yesterday's blast from the past, I give you my more modern version of these pants. This is yet another way I wore them to head to a casual family barbeque on the weekend. I also paired them with the other pair of Rohde shoes I picked up, which were the higher wedge, sling back ones. (Yes, I got them both.)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Matter of Perspective

I do love a little experiment. My head is full of all sorts of grand ideas that are occasionally somewhat suspect, but this time I've proven my theory. You may remember my shoe post from this time last week, where I asked for your opinions on two pairs of shoes that made their way home with me. It seems that the overwhelming consensus was that the first pair were a go, where as the second pair were viewed with scorn and derision. I also posted my finds on a vintage forum I frequent, where the second pair were meet with enthusiasm and glee. So it seems that it is all a matter of perspective.

You may be surprised to know that the first pair I have been somewhat iffy about, where as the second pair I adore. "WTF?" I hear you say. But here it is. While I have been looking for something to fill the summer gap, they had to be comfortable and fit with my penchant for vintage styles. I was tipped off to some great vintage style summer shoes online, and after hunting around realised just what they reminded me of. Yes, you guessed it, Old Lady comfort shoes. Thus I began to look at all the elderly Nanas for inspiration, ( as is often the case when I raid their wardrobes.) So many of the shoes available to them have been designed with the hey day of these ladies in mind, as it seems that the mentality is, "You don't fix what aint broke" when it comes to design. Check out the similarity between this pair of reproduction vintage shoes and the pair I posted last week.

So what exactly is going on in my head? I had in mind an image of a care free young girl in the 1940's, heading to the beach, hanging out at home, or perhaps what a starlet of that era would have worn on her day of to go picnicking with her par amour. And I found her in these shoes.

Made by Rohde, Both pairs of shoes were usually around the $200 mark, but due to amazing timing, I was able to buy 2 pair for $150. Given that most of the reproduction vintage shoes I was searching would have also cost me at least $200 a pair including shipping, I decided that being able to try them on, try them out and have the option to return them was more attractive; as was the price! As some of you pointed out, the ankle strap is not the most flattering feature, but with the right length pant or skirt they take on a whole new look. Given, this does make them very specific in terms on the context in which I can wear them, but it is so worth it. With a perfect red polish and top notch pedicure these shoes not only look exceedingly cute, but I will spend my summer blister free; which is an inordinately better look than rubbed red toes, that escape their prison looking like tortured animals.

The ensemble in living colour.

Outfit Details: Canary Yellow Shirt - Guess, Ultra High Waist Pants - Designed and made by Me (Please forgive all the creases, they are the result of a two hour car journey) , Earrings - Diva, Shoes - Rohde
Photos shot on location in Nana's backyard with authentic garden gnomes.

Just like the return of hammer pants (which I will not be doing by the by), mullets or fluro; it always takes one brave soul to tackle pieces that have been relegated to fashion purgatory.

So here I am, taking a stand; and I am exceedingly comfortable doing it.