Saturday, December 6, 2008

Santa Style

Outfit Details: Dress - unlabeled recycle boutique find, Shoes - Mossimo, Jeweled hair snood - Singapore department store brand, Earrings - Diamond studs, Ring - Tokyo department store find.
Shot on location by Nana, Miss Four and Myself at Westfield shopping mall.

Earlier this week I packed up the girls and their Nana to head in for the yearly Santa visit. This is a very exciting day that begins around 5am with lots of jumping around and dancing; and no that sure isn't me at that hour. After dressing Miss Four in her best black and white party dress with appropriately frilly socks and shiny shoes, I thought I'd get a little peace to get organised. However, my knee high stylist insisted on choosing my outfit because I had to be "pretty for Santa". So with a little creative collaboration, this was the result.

Santa seemed rather pleased with it and was rather keen on keeping me by his side. With all that extra squeezing I'd better be getting a darn good present this year!


Lux said...

Such lovely colours !!
btw- i have a vintage photo up on my blog that i'm trying to date, any suggestions?

Hammie said...

oh no leery Santa alert!
MY aunt used to work for Pixie photo and was responsible for vetting wayward Santas. You don't want to hear about the fish John West rejected!

You look fabulous and took me back to my visits to see the Myers Windows as a kid, (in my pyjamas inexplicably) and the visit to Santa followed by the rooftop carnival.
The magic implicit in that walk along the little corridors to reach Santa, far outweighed the actual photo as I have no memory of that.
My Grandma has a grand collection of Big Sis + little me in various short pantsuits and lederhousen style dresses sitting on Santa's knee in the early 70's.
Maybe I will scan them when I go over to visit in January?


K.Line said...

Your little stylist did an excellent job! I love the ring.

WendyB said...

That ring is like a smaller version of the Dior ladybug/flower rings.

docwitch said...

Lovely outfit, and that purple is a gorgeous colour on you. I covet those shoes.

What we endure for our children...grope-y Santa didn't happen to have whiskey breath as well did he?

deep_in_vogue said...

ah, you're adorable!

Anonymous said...

"With all that extra squeezing I'd better be getting a darn good present this year!" BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
You SKM are a legend!
Love the outfit, the purple really suits you!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Lux: Thank you. And questions answered. :)
Hammie: Yes. I have those Santa photos too. Mine usually consisted of velvet dresses and lace collars. I so miss the roof top carnival. Some of my best Christmas memories were there. Melbourne isn't the same without it. Will you be in Melb at all in Jan?
K.Line: She has a great eye for accessorizing.
Wendy B: Yes, that Dior range is on my lust list at present. I am trying to find a stockist her in Melbourne so I can see the range in the flesh. The catalog has my in palpitations.
Doc Witch:Thank you. The shoes are very cute, but are really "sitting down" shoes as they hurt quite a bit after a while. Santa wasn't that bad, just had rather the extra twinkle.
Deep in Vogue: Aww shucks.
Angelaseeangelablog: Thank you, I plan to be well remembered long after my death.

Annie I. said...

No matter how much I love vintage, vintage Christmas is something I can't stand. Too plastic, too kitsch for me. As a Finn I like my Christmas natural and peaceful with a real tree and straw decorations. :-)

Too Many Shoes said...

"unlabeled, recycle boutique find"

Sigh! The dress is an absolute delight. Do you think it was hand made? I love your shoes too.

Anonymous said...

Someone else thought that was a Dior ring too! :)
And theres those lovely lashes again. I'm so glad you popped on a close up pic - they looked stunning the other day and deserve to be shown off!

I was telling the Mr about you and Santa :) I've been threatening to get a pic of me on his knee these past few years so we'll see if I can be brave as you! I hope so, you only live once :)

Your skin looks so radiant here and I love the elegant dress - you really look like a vision from yesteryear xxx

Anonymous said...

Lecherous Santa! Oh my!

I, also, thought it was a Dior ring. I love that whole collection, so over the top and stunning.

Speaking of stunning, tell miss four she has an amazing eye for style, because you look smoking!


Kim said...

Fabulous as always! And the shoes? Nearly bought them just the other day. Love them!

Anonymous said...

Totally off-topic, but didn't that Christmas tree with the clerk-person-woman inside it blow your mind, or am I the only one who gets amused by these sorts of things?

Sandra said...

brilliant outfit, the ring and shoes were my favourite. said...

Cool ring!

esme and the lane way said...

Wonderful, I love the red and purple!

Yu said...

You are so chic. I hope one day I will be able to look chic when I have kids one day and take them to see Santa!