Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Matter of Perspective

I do love a little experiment. My head is full of all sorts of grand ideas that are occasionally somewhat suspect, but this time I've proven my theory. You may remember my shoe post from this time last week, where I asked for your opinions on two pairs of shoes that made their way home with me. It seems that the overwhelming consensus was that the first pair were a go, where as the second pair were viewed with scorn and derision. I also posted my finds on a vintage forum I frequent, where the second pair were meet with enthusiasm and glee. So it seems that it is all a matter of perspective.

You may be surprised to know that the first pair I have been somewhat iffy about, where as the second pair I adore. "WTF?" I hear you say. But here it is. While I have been looking for something to fill the summer gap, they had to be comfortable and fit with my penchant for vintage styles. I was tipped off to some great vintage style summer shoes online, and after hunting around realised just what they reminded me of. Yes, you guessed it, Old Lady comfort shoes. Thus I began to look at all the elderly Nanas for inspiration, ( as is often the case when I raid their wardrobes.) So many of the shoes available to them have been designed with the hey day of these ladies in mind, as it seems that the mentality is, "You don't fix what aint broke" when it comes to design. Check out the similarity between this pair of reproduction vintage shoes and the pair I posted last week.

So what exactly is going on in my head? I had in mind an image of a care free young girl in the 1940's, heading to the beach, hanging out at home, or perhaps what a starlet of that era would have worn on her day of to go picnicking with her par amour. And I found her in these shoes.

Made by Rohde, Both pairs of shoes were usually around the $200 mark, but due to amazing timing, I was able to buy 2 pair for $150. Given that most of the reproduction vintage shoes I was searching would have also cost me at least $200 a pair including shipping, I decided that being able to try them on, try them out and have the option to return them was more attractive; as was the price! As some of you pointed out, the ankle strap is not the most flattering feature, but with the right length pant or skirt they take on a whole new look. Given, this does make them very specific in terms on the context in which I can wear them, but it is so worth it. With a perfect red polish and top notch pedicure these shoes not only look exceedingly cute, but I will spend my summer blister free; which is an inordinately better look than rubbed red toes, that escape their prison looking like tortured animals.

The ensemble in living colour.

Outfit Details: Canary Yellow Shirt - Guess, Ultra High Waist Pants - Designed and made by Me (Please forgive all the creases, they are the result of a two hour car journey) , Earrings - Diva, Shoes - Rohde
Photos shot on location in Nana's backyard with authentic garden gnomes.

Just like the return of hammer pants (which I will not be doing by the by), mullets or fluro; it always takes one brave soul to tackle pieces that have been relegated to fashion purgatory.

So here I am, taking a stand; and I am exceedingly comfortable doing it.


Erin said...

Oh, this is one of my favourite outfits yet! I had to do a double take when I saw the B+W pic, it blended in with the others so well, a true sign that you are a master of vintage style :).

esme and the lane way said...

Oh, fantastic pics! I love those shoes (and must admit to feeling rather pleased with myself coz I liked them before, too! I know a 40s style when I see one ;) ) They look great. And repro vintage shoes – I'm going to check that link out!

And it makes good sense about comfort...

docwitch said...

I totally get where you're going with this and I love it!
And those pants are divine! Love 'em.

I was kind of disappointed to read that you designed and made them yourself, only because I wanted to know where you bought them, or what pattern you used if you'd them! But, hey - clever you. Great work.

Emer Ireland said...

Yes, do share the pattern for those pants! Those are divine!

susie_bubble said...

Those trousers are perfect on you!

Amy G. said...

Good for you!!! I always think that the vintage ensemble looks smashing when the accessories match up--not costume-y, but authentic. Your shoes are just right.

Shrinky Inky said...

excellent choice - the ones with the strap were my favorite too, and funny enough, the first pair looked more old lady to me than the more vintage-y ones! but then my rule is if it isn't vintage or looks classic/vintage, I don't buy it.

you look lovely!

K.Line said...

Just goes to show how style and confidence are so intertwined. I'm thrilled that you got the one's you love the most and, of course, you wear them elegantly. Is the boardwalk picture taken in front of the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City, by any chance?

WendyB said...

Fantastic photos -- the old ones and the new ones!

Kelly said...

#1 Love those pants, with that shirt, with that hair, with that makeup...totally perfect!

#2 definitely, a matter of perspective. I've realized that I like vintage and retro *inspired* clothing far more than the actual thing (in most cases). I know lots of vintage-loving gals think I'm doing "diet retro" by buying modern interpretations of old styles, just as they know that sometimes they gush about a great new thrift store find that I think is terribly ugly. Funny how two people can have such violently different reactions to matters of style.

Too Many Shoes said...

ooh, I've been dying to see these pants ever since you mentioned you were making them!

They look both stylish and comfortable. Love the button details on the sides. Well done.

Loving your Nanna's yard BTW.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Erin: wow, what a compliment, thank you.
Esme: You were only one of two who saw that potential. I know loads of repro shoe places on line if you are interested.
Doc Witch: Well I was actually thinking of making a few custom made to sell. If you are interested, just pop me an email.
Emer: Ahh, that would be a State Secret!
Susie: Thank you, I was a little nervous going so high waisted, but I think they are awesome now.
Amy G: Thanks, I always like to do my own vintage mash ups as I'm not a vintage purist and like to keep my own spin on things.
Shrinky: When I saw you liked the second pair I knew you got it!
K.Line: Yes, you're right. they are greatly intertwined and I think age helps with both those aspects. As for the photo I really don't know, it was from a lovely selection on Flickr but no location details.
Wendy B: Thank you. :)
Kelly: Yay for cool pants. As for the diet retro thing, I wouldn't worry about it. I am by no means a vintage purist. I wear what I like, mix it up and make no apologies for it. That is key to developing your own style rather than fitting a certain formulaic style of dressing.
Too Many Shoes: Super Super comfortable!

cybill said...

I totally agree with all the vintage lovers that the 2nd pair were the choice pair. I'm always going online to Remix Shoes and drooling over the 1940's stuff, a little currency conversion is the only thing stopping me from buying the lot. I love your black and white shots too - just perfect, hope you gave one to your Nanna!

cybill said...

Sorry, just popped back because I just remembered something else. I don't know if I've mentioned these shoes before but Kork Ease do some fantastic stuff, the Easton Pearson store used to sell them but you can also find them on ebay.

Danielle said...

i think you look kick ass!

A dreamer said...

i do applaud you for wearing what might be considered eeeww. I love the pants....
i look forward to seeing you show off these shoes in a dress.

Ruthie said...

I love this outfit! Even better in colour but you have nailed the look completely

PorcelainBlonde said...

Beautiful, I love the long elegant line and nipped in waist! Katherine Hepburnesque in denim! :)

I adore the colour in these photos. You should wear yellow more often. It goes beautifuly with your complexion and red lip and I imagine your eyes would pop against it too.

I love that your Nana has gnomes :) xxx

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Cybill: Yes, that currency conversion now is a real nightmare. I'll check out those others you recommended too.
Danielle: Why thank you, I try to kick arses around her as often as possible. ;)
A Dreamer: It will happen, I just have to spend some time to find the right combinations.
Ruthie: Thank you. My Mother saw the photos yesterday and did a double take, so I must have it right.
PB: Thank you so much. This shirt is the only yellow I own and I always get compliments so I really should find some more. It is a hard shade to find though. And Nana doesn't just have gnomes, she has an entire menagerie with crocodiles and giraffes even!

Londyn said...

I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your blog! I am going to link you asap :)