Sunday, August 31, 2008

How To Tackle A Monday

I am forever hearing about the Monday Blues or Mondayitis, and really, I know that not everything in life can always be fine and dandy, but your perspective has much to do with your mood. If you wake up on Monday morning to a shrill alarm clock, rather than that stunning original Dior gown you had just been dreaming about, it is a rather rude shock. But what is your first thought, (that is once you actually figure out what day it is and that you aren't going to get that much needed half and hour)? How can you make your Monday something other than the ugly precursor to what often promises to be another round of drudgery? As with most things in life, turning something simple into an occasion makes the whole things much more enjoyable and pleasant. Here are some of the tricks I use ( and those I should) to make Monday something to be anticipated not avoided.

Photo by Osamu

Organise breakfast the night before

If you don't have time for the full eggs and bacon experience, make sure you're prepared for something quick but delicious. Some fruity muesli, fresh berries and home made yoghurt; perhaps a fresh orange juice and some proper loose leaf tea. Set your table with some bright and fun linen, I have a vintage 1950's table cloth with little coffee pots on it I like to use. Make it a little "Bed and Breakfast" style and lay out a gorgeous teapot and matching tea cup, a linen napkin, even a toast rack. You don't have to actually use all these items (god knows I hate cold toast), but it is about the ambiance they create. If your kitchen looks this appealing first thing in the morning, you aren't likely to start the day only on black coffee and vitamins.

Photo by LuckySundae

Plan a fabulous lunch.

Whether you work from home, head out or spend you days just luxuriating around, it pays to have a plan. If you have things to look forward to in what can be an otherwise mediocre day, it can make the difference between mind numbing boredom and anticipation. Prepare yourself something both gorgeous and delicious, like a bento box full of your favorite treats. Make sure to include something you wouldn't usually indulge in at lunch time - like caviar and crackers, yum. But whatever you do, don't pack it with sugar, that is a sure fire way to induce that mid afternoon crash.
You could even include a decorative place mat or napkin just to make your lunch space something a bit more special. Rather than getting crumbs in your keyboard, if you can, eat out. You might not be able to find a good park, but make sure you get a change of scenery, even if this just means putting a street scene of Paris on your screen saver and clearing your desk for your polka dotted place mat.

Photo by Mizrobot

Wear your fancy underwear.

It might be Monday but, what better excuse to break out your A game? Find your favorite matching set, your suspenders or even just a silky slip. No one need know, but you'll have a little secret to make you feel glamorous all day long. This trick works particularly well if your chosen employment involves a uniform. Underwear is one very secret and subversive way you can indulge your whims and personality, without ever having to reveal it to the world.

Photo by KevinDooly

Get dressed to music.

Setting the scene is not just for Friday nights. Start you day off on the right note by waking up to something relaxing and calming rather than the screech of your clocks alarm. If you can, program your radio to a classical station where you are more likely to be woken by Bach than the Beastie Boys. Then move on to dressing music to set the tone of your day. Here's some of my favorites:

  • Isn't it a Lovely Day - Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong
  • The Whirled you live - Etherfox
  • Got the Sun in the Morning - Doris Day
  • It's a Hap Hap Happy Day - Stephane Grapelle
Now you have a few ideas to start you off, get plenty of beauty sleep and start your day in the best kind of style.

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Anonymous said...

This trick works particularly well if your chosen employment involves a uniform.

Oh YES! I work at Safeway and my favourite way of getting through a long shift is to rock my sexiest lingerie, suspenders and stockings underneath my boxy green blouse, black skirt and sensible black shoes.

Give the customers a bit of a thrill!

casey said...

I LOVE your tips and tricks for making Monday more appealing. ;) Alas, I've never been a Monday person, but now I think I'll have to try a few of these to get my week off to a good start.

... I especially like the tip about the nice lingerie. That never fails to make a girl feel extra-good about herself. ;)

Skye said...

Well, the sun is shining here this monday morning and that's enough to make me leap out of bed in a splendiferous mood! Hello spring!

Bucca said...

Thanks SKM I'll try this next Monday - they are always the hardest day of the week to get though!

Home Girl said...

fab ideas, thank u. preparing on sunday evening for a special brekky is very appealing. my monday treat which helps start the week off on a good note is to send the oldest child off to my neighbours house (we swap each week)so i can do as i please whilst the youngest sleeps. having said that i'm off now to cook in peace then an indulgent session with my wardrobe - bliss!

Alicia said...

Just a quick note to let you know I've used one of your images a post about some of my favourite blogs! I hope that's okay and I hope you feel better soon!


Super Kawaii Mama said...

Elizabeth: So you know their magic well.
Casey: Let us know which ones work best for you.
Skye: Wasn't it beautiful!
Bucca: Let me know how it turns out
Home girl: Oh that sounds like a magnificent plan!
Alicia: You are welcome to and thank you.