Thursday, August 14, 2008

Daily Outfit - Off to Grandmother's House We Go

Outfit Details: Blue 1940's vintage hand knitted cardigan - Circa Vintage, Wide leg pants - Living doll, Black top - Miss Shop, Shoes - Wittner, Earrings - Diva, Cherry Clip - Genki.

Firstly, excuse the gratuitous outfit shots today, but I am just tickled pink with my new blue cardigan! I love the way something as simple as a well made, beautiful piece of clothing can put such a spark in your day. This beauty is an original 1940's hand knit that I picked up at the wonderful Circa Vintage, (you can read my previous post about them here). It is a fine woolen knit with slightly puffed sleeve, shoulder pads and even knitted covered buttons! Delicious. It is such a delight to find a vintage piece with this kind of quality and personality, and the price was more than reasonable. Let's just say that you'd pay more than this for something new, that was both made in China and mediocre.

I'm also quite chuffed with today's hair experiment. Inspired by The Freelancers post showing how she rolled her hair up at the back, I had to give it a go. While not quite as perfect as hers, I love the overall faux short effect. I used the barrel roll and sides up technique from my first hair tutorial, and combined it with the rolling technique. It is very 1940's and very kawaii I think.

And now that the little fashion show is complete... I spent my afternoon having tea with my Grandmother and my girls, which was why I decided to give my beautiful cardi its first outing. The only thing Nana appreciates more than a lovely cardi is a killer 1940's hair do. Not so much for its style points, but more for the nostalgia factor, and I am only too happy to oblige.

In other news of the day, I was interviewed by author Johnny Dale for his blog. Johnny writes a serialised online novel The Darling Budds, and his blog is an extension of his writing, along with a personal exploration on what makes style. He asked some very interesting questions that got me thinking both about my style and my life from an interesting perspective. (These thoughts should prove interesting post topics in the future too.) Here is a little excerpt.
  • What was your style like when you were a teenager?

    SKM: Not surprisingly, I have had a strong aesthetic my whole life. When I was a teenager I was into some very contradictory styles as I loved both Gothic and child-like Rave wear. Now that look has its own term – Graver. That sounds so much cooler to me. For my first school formal, when all the other girls had coloured taffeta dresses made up, I wore a red velvet and black lace, 15th-century styled gown. I also took the one other Goth girl from my school as my ‘date’. That may not raise an eyebrow now, but at the time it was quite shocking! I also remember being thrown out of Sunday School for wearing a floor length red cape at 15. There was much talk of me being a witch as I chose not to go with the Laura Ashley style that was so popular at the time!
You can read the whole interview HERE.

So if like me, you are feeling the weight of a wet winter, pick something perky and get the Winter Blues instead!


casey said...

That cardigan is stunning!!! I just love how cute you look in it with that hair do too. ;)

lady coveted said...

beautiful! your skin is so perfect, and hair too... i'm so envious!

Danielle said...

graver - ha! love it. also, this outfit is so flattering on you!

WendyB said...

That blue is stunning on you.

K.Line said...

Gorgeous look (esp. the hair). And that term "graver" is perfect!

Glowing Doll said...

Nicest cardigan I've ever seen - I can't believe it's vintage!

TheSundayBest said...

Sacre bleu, beaten to the punch!

Every day is an event for you and I love it.

Skye said...

Love the blue, and I really like that hair style on you (especially with the cherry). I'm going to go and read the rest of that interview now!

Imelda Matt said...

be careful walking through the woods, that lip colour will attract the wolf and the wood chopper. Hair up, I love, red cape to church I love even more. Had we gone to the same church, I could have given you a run for your money in my black cassock - it was more about the twirl factor and less about being subversive!

Danielle said...

i'm a little late and i've already commented, but you know - one good turn deserves another. anyway, i just read the entire interview and hear hear on the whole "vintage" thing.

Anonymous said...

You just glow in blue :)

And I loved that interview. You have such a strong sense of style.
In a photo of you at 19 I think ? where you're in red and wearing a hat, you made me think of Vivien Leigh in Gone With The Wind.

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

Looking at your lovely outfit brought to mind a term that I've long forgotten - "Palazzo Pants'! I'm sure you'll remember them from the 80s. Bring 'em back, Mama!

Shady said...

Ohhhh that color looks fantastic on you, brings out your eyes and fair skin, and the pops of red really play up that blue, I love it. And your hair- WOW. You look amazing as always, and you have me actually longing for wetter, colder days heheh... *runs off to read your interview*

Super Kawaii Mama said...

casey & Lady Coveted: Thank you, you're so sweet.

Danielle: When I first heard the term I was doing a "Oh that is SO cool" face. :)

Wendy B: IT is fast becoming my favorite colour.

K.Line: Thank you, the hair was a little tricky, but I'm sure with time it will improve.

Glowing doll: Yes, cardigans are a much underrated item.

The Sunday Best: Indeed, life is theater; and it is so much fun to live it that way!

Imelda Matt: With all the talk of twirling, I have some very amusing whirling dervish images in mind.

Danielle: Thank you. There will be a whole post coming your way on that topic quite soon too.

Porcelain blonde: I think that is why I love these strong jeweled colours. They make pale skin look fabulous rather than ill. Yes, the red look was rather dramatic, the skirt was a huge sweeping one with layers of tulle and silk too.

Likkle Girl: Funny you should say that. I've been on that crusade for a while and have been making my own, for lack of good commercial options. I have several excellent and easy patterns that I will list if anyone is interested. I love the way they make you look so tall and slim.

Shady: Oh, I'm heading over to yours now to see pics of your hair! I can't believe you've finally done it after 14 years! *squeal*

Minxy said...

Those pants really are the bomb.

enc said...

I'm really amazed at how your beauty shines through each new look. This one is quite a departure from your other/usual long hair style, and it is quite fetching. It suits you very well.

The blue cardi is riveting on you. That color is my favorite yet for you. What a great find.

Lil' Puch said...

incredible outfit, those pants suit you fantasticly!!!

caryn said...

wow, i love your style. very vintage. it totally suits you! ;-)

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Your hair looks really good, you look amazing and I want those pants!!!