Sunday, August 3, 2008

Swanky Panky - Some Words On Happiness

This may seem an odd diversion from my usual style and fashion based posts, but I do think that happiness also plays a part in the search for style. It is not so much that being chipper makes you a stylish individual, but that the attitude needed to cultivate your own happiness is a very attractive quality. The study of happiness could become a rather serious and philosophical discussion, but rather than taking that tact, I present you with some cheap and cheerful ways to be your own little ray of sunshine.

Good Old Days Moleskin - Tea for Bini on Etsy

"Because for all you know, these could be the Good Old Days." Tea For Bini. I love the idea of this customised Moleskin. Many people keep a journal, but to keep a journal of random moments you can look back on as the Good Old Days, is such a wonderful idea. Whether you choose to write detailed prose or simply sketch the moment, take the time to make something that will unlock your memories in the future. Stick in the feather you found at the park on your picnic date; the swing tag from the dress that makes you feel pretty; kiss the pages with you favorite shade of lipstick. If your pennies are otherwise engaged, make you own customised number from a 50 cent school note book, wrap it in brown paper and knock off some magazines from your neighbors recycling.

Humidor Fragrance - From Perpetual Kid

Sometimes our surroundings are not as pleasant or as aesthetically pleasing as we would like. (You may be living in chaos or incarceration, Google Analytics doesn't give me quite that much info). While I am a very visual person, sometimes it is good to close your eyes and remember to treat your other senses. Fragrance is a wonderful mood alteration tool. You may choose to indulge in the more traditional route of essential oils, but I also like the idea of tying fragrance to a happy memory. Personally, I love this Humidor cologne as it reminds me of happy childhood camping days, where the old man that owned the site used to sit around telling us stories and gifting us his cigar boxes. They become some of my most treasured possessions. Perhaps your grandmother loved to wear Yardley's Old Lavender or always smelt of fabric softener from perpetually doing laundry. Add some of these to a handkerchief, close your eyes, breathe deep and remember with a smile.

Love Letter Necklace - from Citizen Fox

When Valentines day seems a distant memory, words of love may be sadly absent from your day. Don't leave your heart to fate and take matters into your own hands with this delightful necklace from Citizen Fox. Wear it close to your heart as your own personal talisman and allow it to make you feel just a bit more special. And while your feeling the love, make sure to spread it. Compliment a stranger, smile at the person who enters the lift, send a real love letter via snail mail - with sparkles!

Photo credit - fotologic on Flickr

Experience the joy of creation. No matter you age, circumstance or financial status, everyone can create something wonderful. Check out these links for inspiration on how to create everything from something as simple as a handmade card to a fabulous pair of speakers from a vinyl doll!

You have your mission for the week; and please share any cheap and cheerful remedies you have with us all. So come on - get Happy!


Anonymous said...

Another mum trying to keep her own style here. Loving your blog!

enc said...

I love that necklace so much. It's a little secret you get to keep to yourself.

susie_bubble said...

Some sound advice there....

Anonymous said...

Love this post. I think we sometimes forget that happiness is something we create rather than something that just happens to us :)

As for my cheap and cheerful remedies... keep a gratitude journal, exercise, meditate, bake or cook something divine, share your happiness with someone else :)

You've inspired me to go write in my gratitude journal!

Sheri said...

second the baking - or if your house is in need of a clean but you cannot be bothered - at least clean your little nook, get a beautiful cuddly mohair blanket, a cup of tea (leaves, not bags please), a good book and sink in.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

spiragirl: Keep fighting the fight!
enc: There is something so child-like and delightful about it. shhhh
Porcelain blonde: Another excellent idea for happiness - counting your blessings. Wonderful.
Sheri: Oh if only. I'm one of those people that finds it impossible to relax if my house is in chaos. I actually find it very therapeutic and cheerful to reorganise things!

Sal said...

Such great ideas, and so well timed. I'm having a bit of a low week, and could use some reminders of how to keep happy. Thanks, lady.

Shady said...

I am SO feeling this post right now... I'm on the verge of moving out, and thus the prospect of shaping my surroundings with sights and scents that make me happy is an awesome one. I'm also looking forward to having the physical space to paint, draw, & create in, woot! I am really inspired & I loved this post :)