Friday, August 15, 2008

Style at the School Gate.

It has come to my attention that many of you Northern Hemisphere readers have children heading off to school soon. Recently I read a post about School Gate Chic, but I have to admit that all the picks left me feeling cold and depressed. Where was the life, the pizazz?

I see no reason to tone it down for the school yard. I find so many fashion faux pas there it almost makes my eyes bleed. Spangled "Juicy" butts, G-strings making that extra flesh look like an unappetizing ham, and oversize novelty t-shirts with baggy track pants. Yes that is the worst of it, but even with those who dress well by school gate standards, I still find the landscape generally bereft of life. I know that getting the kids off to school can be an exercise in military precision, often with Mum's outfit being last on the list. But if at no other time, at least make the first day of school a special occasion to remember.

Cartoon Capers

It's the little details that kids love, (and me too). Keep it young and fun with this cute shirt by Skelanimals and these vintage cartoon Melissa Shoes. Don't forget juniors lunch and scarf to keep away the morning chill. Oh, and the dark glasses are a must, just in case of emotional emergencies.

Marching Out The Door

For mornings with autumn showers you'll need something to keep the hair under control and I love this little knitted cloche style hat from Marc Jacobs. Add a gorgeous pea coat and the knee high boots, and you'll both be jumping puddles.

Super Mum

If you're looking for a little more sophistication, this stunning jersey dress from Roberto Cavalli will bump it up a notch. And don't worry if you're running late, with these Marc Jacobs blue boots and golden filigree headband, you'll be able to leap the school fence in a single bound.

Toot Suite

To mix a summer piece into some autumn chic, try this short sleeved jersey dress layered over chocolate pants. To keep the morning chill at bay, add these chunky knitted arm warmers and gorgeous Chloe beret. And whatever you do, don't forget the camera to capture that parting smile.

So when you are labeling the lunches, packing the pencils and stitching name tags into the socks, don't forget to create an outfit that will give junior something to be proud of as they wave goodbye!


danielledelamont said...

I love the marching out the door combo, I'm such a sucker for gloves and hats :)

Alice said...

oh wow i am loving these combos! very inspiring!

oh and I ADORE your red and white spotty earrings in the previous post!!!! I feel a strong lemming coming on...

Jarra said...

Wow inspiring,I love all these combos.

I've been trying to work out which ones I love the most but they all work beautifully.

Danielle said...

nice picks! i especially adore the marching out the door ensemble.

Glowing Doll said...

I like the grey dress paired with the yellow head-band.

K.Line said...

I am so into Super Mum and Walking out the Door. (I actually have a dress I'll post about soon that's totally channelling that look.)

Do kids in AUS go to school through the North American summer i.e. do you all get summer hols also? Like, is Christmas over your school summer holidays?

Kristen said...

I love this post! What fabulous ideas and it looks like most of the shoes are walking friendly! The hats are wonderful and I can picture myself in any of those outfits with my Hello Kitty tote casually thrown over my shoulder.

Once again - you are an inspiration.

Kristen said...

Oh, and now you have me shopping for cloches on line.

Kim said...

Great combos! I like the supermom and the cartoon capers the best. Though I don't know if I could pull themm off.

Skye said...

I can definitely picture myself leaping fences in those blue boots!

All of those combos are lovely - and not one jot of polar fleece to be seen!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

DD: I could see that hat working wit mnay of your ensembles.
Alice: Yes, I am in love with those polka dots too. If you like those check out Tizzalicious on to find something similar and super cute.
Jarra: I could certainly see something with the silhouette of Cartoon Capers working for you.
Danielle: Isn't the Sergeant Peppers lunch box the best?
Glowing doll: I must get my hands on one of those bands, I've never seen a filigree one like that before.
K.Line: Our Summer school holidays start in the second week of December (I think) and then kids go back to School about the last day of January or the first week of Feb. That's the beginning of a new school level year then too. So that way we have the whole of Christmas to get very sunburnt at the beach.
Kristen: Oh do it! It will be a very sophisticated and versatile autumn addition.
Kim: I'm sure you could. It's all abut attitude and confidence. I think the Super Mum sophistication would be a killer look for you.
Skye: Aren't they delicious? While the first day of school may be a little while of for you and I, it never hurts to have a battle plan.

Anonymous said...

The VERY SECOND I win/inherit/make/steal a million dollars I am buying those outfits. You have excelled yourself! Thank-you for the inspiration.

Tizzalicious said...

I want ALL those outfits!

Robo said...

I totally LOVE all the outfits!! I'd wear every single one, and I'm not even a mum. And if/when I am one, I solemnly swear to keep you in mind and not wear my PJs to the gates :)

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Cybill: I think you could recreate them on far less than that.
Tizz: Me too.
Robo: Yeah, they aren't really just for mums, but I sure would like to see more mums dress like this.

Shady said...

I am not a Mom (unless cats, dogs & fish count) but I would wear these pieces, so so cute!