Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's a Wonderful Life

I just came across an article tonight that made me so excited I had to share it with you all. Over at the UK site of Daily Mail, there is an interview with three most interesting women. Touted as the Time Warp Wives (read the full story), these women live as accurately as possible within the aesthetics of their chosen decade.

"I love nothing better than fastening my pinny round my waist and baking a cake for Kevin in my 1950s kitchen. I put on some lovely Frank Sinatra music and am completely lost in my own little fantasy world." says Joanne Massey.

Their lifestyle choice extends beyond fashion and decoration, and into their values and relationships. While choosing to play into the traditional female stereotype might attract ridicule, I am infinitely impressed by their choice. It is not so much that they are rejecting the 21st century that I admire, but that they have consciously chosen to create their own reality and are bravely living it, in the face of what no doubt must be constant criticism.

The idea of creating your own reality, is a very strong one for me. While we cannot always change our circumstances, we can change how we look at them and how much they define us. So much of our world is of our own creation, its a matter of perspective. Why does the woman who hates her job continue? Yes, there are always bills to pay and mouths to feed, but other than not living in abject poverty, whose standard of living are you living up to? Would following a more enjoyable path mean that you have to change your expectations and maybe not live in that location, drive that car or take that holiday? And how much happier would that make you? Have you structured your life in such a manner than you are simply mirroring the examples set to you as a child, or have you stepped outside that precedent and chosen to create your own version of wonderful?

And that is exactly why I admire these women. They, with their partners, know what makes them happy, and have actively chosen to make those lives their reality. And I for one, feel inspired to keep on living my life my way, without a mini van.

Image credits: Courtesy of The Daily Mail UK


Shady said...

Another inspiring post- thank you! I am loving the message here, especially since I'm on the verge of a new life. It really does make me feel like I can make my own version of wonderful too. Thanks for posting this :)

And ohhh those pictures are scrumptious.

Mademoiselle Robot said...

I'd really like to be able to be that full on sometimes and live the 50s americana dream. But the commodities of the 21st centuries are too attractive for me unfortunately!
I will have to make do with the occasional 50s party dress and vintage hair styles!

susie_bubble said...

Hmmm... I'm personally not so sure because I think it's a little sad not to appreciate what the present and also the future has to offer...but it is an interesting concept...

Hammie said...

I like it! Who says you can't dress up and have fun when you're a grown up?
Of course, if you ever decided to follow them Super K, NO more internet!
(so don't)

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Shady: I love the colour palette in these.

M.R:Yep, I'm happy with the occasionally dress and hair too. Choosing just one thing like that would be too restrictive for me.

Susie: I'm not sure if they don't appreciate the some parts of the present, I know they didn't get rid of all modern conveniences. That would take all the fun out of it.
Hammie: No worries about that here. I'm not for one moment suggesting that I would like to live this way, just that I like being able to create my own version of the world for myself, with a little editing. And I do wonder if perhaps these girls are also somewhere on the internet, as there was some mention of shopping for clothes online. So rather than being too extremist a lifestyle, it looks like they are just living in an idealised world that only really exists for them.

Annie said...

I think I'm in a process of defining my life. I'm at a point where I feel like life is full of possibilities, which is a change since I've been very stuck on a college/grad school train for so long. It's liberating to break away and live in chaos for a while.

p.s. Dachshund love!

M.E. said...

What an incredibly inspiring post! You really have to admire their dedication, you know?

By the by, I'm totally adding you to my RSS reader. :D

Imelda Matt said...

It's too similar to those women who buy those 'life-like' babies and push them around in prams. Style-wise it's total heaven, but I question why they need 'escape' to such extremes.

Anonymous said...

Another fabulous post Super K! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Love it SKM! What interesting reading xxx

Quail said...

Love your philosophy girl!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Annie: I'm not sure that we can ever fully define our lives, just our lives at the time. what an exciting point in your journey.
M.E: Its a nice change to see people with the courage of their convictions.
Imelda: Oh people do that? I find that rather creepy.
Frou-frou: I thought of you when I saw these women. I think we'd both like a closer peek into their daily lives.
Porcelain blonde: I think you have done a wonderful job of creating your own reality too.
Quail: Thank you, it is working a treat so far.

Bridget said...

Thats a very cool and interesting article. And the ladies look so fabulous!

Bucca said...

I love that article!
Amazing how ppl can create their own reality!
I have on the odd occasion had a 'wealthy housewife' fantasy along those lines but living the reality would not suit me :(

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Bridget: Don't they just!
Bucca: It is fun to playact it out some days though.

Bohemian Girl Collection said...

I admit, I am also a retro fan myself. I owe a variety of retro dresses, shoes and hats. And many times I do dress like these ladies. Although my house has some vintage furniture I can't say that is a particular time period. It's more like an eclectic era.

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