Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Daily Outfit

Outfit details: Shirt - Morgan De Toi, Wide leg pants - Living Doll, Shoes - Novo, Earrings - Vintage

Nothing fancy today. I was destined to spend much of the day in the dentist chair and sitting around writing. I love the wide leg pants. They are so versatile and have a great leg shape. The shirt I'm not sure about. I don't really go in for logo prints and I think the sleeves are a tad too short. But before making a decision on whether to cull or keep, I gave it an outing and a photo to see how I feel about it in the morning.

To add a midweek pick me up to your day, here's a little light reading.

  • La Carmina has just the bedroom setting for me in all it kitsch glory.
  • Photoshop Disasters shows just why you should never feel inferior when looking at fashion ads. At least your head is attached to your neck!


WendyB said...

When I go to the dentist, I wear something I can nervously sweat through with ease. You look very fancy!

Lady Melbourne said...

Wide leg pants are great aren't they?
Looking very sharp here SKM, a lovely lounging around the house type outfit as always!

Lil' Puch said...

Fantastic Outfit dear!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this! You look so elegant!

enc said...

Perfect proportions!

Penny said...

would it be possible to post this video again please:

because it says its no longer available!


Super Kawaii Mama said...

Wendy B: Thank you. Perhaps I should have called this Fancy Pants?
LM, lil puch, nadine and enc: Thank you all. Perhaps the shirt will get a reprieve.
Penny: It is definitely still there. It generally comes up with this message if your computer doesn't want to play the file format. I think I uploaded it as a windows media file rather than a wav file, which could account for the problem. I'll see if I can uploaded it in an alternative format sometime tonight, then I'll post the link to the new one too. Thanks for checking!

Danielle said...

class act!

Shady said...

I think the shirt is cute. And your hair looks really lovely like that.

And ohhhh that bedroom furniture! *swoon*

Rachael said...

Such a lovely outfit, I love the wide leg pants in particular.

Imelda Matt said...

Even if you're being loaded into an Ambulance, throw a nice a chinchilla over you - to protect your modesty. That woman deserves to be ridiculed.