Saturday, August 16, 2008

When Procrastination is the Name of the Game

It's the weekend again. Perhaps you have a delightful agenda planned, full of glittering parties, witty conversation and generally spectacular company. On the other hand you may, like me, be spending your weekend avoiding some of those chores that must be done. Ironing, gardening, cleaning, or you might be so hung over from last night that you just simply can't be bothered. But never fear, today SKM comes to your rescue with a short and sweet list of some highly entertaining activities to help you avoid all your responsibilities.

  • Are you old enough to remember the Telegram? Do you have romantic notions of the days of simpler communications? Retro-Gram offers a free e-card style "telegram" that you can email to your friends. It has gorgeous vintage styling and excellent print quality for keeping your for later. So skip the SMS and and show your friends you care enough to send a slightly more superior form of electronic greeting.

  • Do you ever wish you could remind yourself of something ahead of time in a format you actually read? I often forget to check my diary, and I never write anything earth shattering in there anyway. But get onto Future and you could be emailing your future self a well timed warning to "put those cookies down", or to send links to your current favorite fashion sites giving yourself a giggle five years down the track. Or like me, you might simply want to remind yourself that September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

  • No hanky panky happening in your bedroom? Pop on over to Wordle and create a word cloud of all your favorite titillating, dirty, arousing words. Then print it and pop it under your pillow. No doubt its mere presence will get your motor running. If your a little stuck for inspiration, head on over and visit the ever enlightening Violet Blue.

  • Fancy yourself as a blushing blond, a smoldering brunette or even want to go so far as to see how you would look in full drag queen regalia? Taaz is the best virtual makeover site I have ever used. You upload your own photo and can change every element of your cosmetic appearance (from the shoulders up) as well as selecting products to make this happen from a list you can actually buy! But be warned, this is highly addictive! Personally I quite fancy myself as a magnificent blond Queen, a la Rue Paul.

So hide the ironing in the cupboard, give guilt the flicks and enjoy your weekend. Relaxing is what it is all about!


Kelly said...

ooo! I'm playing with Taaz right now. And I love the new illustrated pic of you on the right!

Skye said...

I actually did do the ironing yesterday...

Now I'm looking forward to a day of grocery shopping and returning overdue library books and I can't afford to procrastinate about either of those any longer!

Thank you for your lovely temptations, I mean, suggestions, though!

Anonymous said...

There was flooding in Ireland today, my poor garden is beaten down with rain so I can add that to the list of things I am avoiding! The links you've posted are great.

The Clothes Horse said...

Good luck with your chores. I can't be bitter with my busy weekend of packing and moving because soon I will start my vacation!

Shady said...

I'm cramming in one last weekend of going out before I get buried under piles of moving boxes :P