Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Daily Outfit - Looking At The End Of Winter

Outfit Details: Lamb cardigan - Friends Couture, Black top - Miss Shop, Skirt - Ralph Lauren, Boots- Zoe Wittner, Red and white polka dot earrings - Diva.

It has been so cold and miserable here that I couldn't brave an outside shot, so I hung around indoors with the puppies. It is the perfect kind of weather for watching movies with popcorn, but needless to say that didn't happen. I have however, been productive. In amongst my usual chores I have been doing a little sewing and have some killer spring skirts coming up to post soon. I've even created a new hair tutorial, which is currently in editing and will hopefully be on your screens tomorrow.

As for this outfit, I've had this skirt for such a long time but I hardly ever wear it. For some reason it seems to keep on getting longer each season and I have to keep taking the hem up. Even then, it still almost drags on the ground, and given that it is a winter skirt, it is not so great with all the puddles around. But other than that, there is something appealing about its swishy, lumberjack feel.

Image credit - Linda

When it comes to my daily outfits, I am feeling a little confused of late. The weather is so cold it has been snowing not far from here, but already I am starting to feel that spring is on its way. So mentally I have moved on to thinking about and planning spring outfits, which makes it somewhat more difficult to be inspired each morning. I'm ready to start cavorting in meadows of daisies, wearing large brimmed hats to garden parties and punting on the lake wearing a nautically inspired ensemble.

I know many of my northern hemisphere friends will be looking forward to layering up for autumn, and I am still enjoying living vicariously through your summer outfits. But before I get all excited about spring, I've decided to make a list of cool things to do before the winters end.

  • Wear a winter hat with ears.
  • Pack a thermos of hot chocolate and go on a winter photo walk in the botanical gardens
  • Visit my favorite cellar and stock up on liquors for next winter.
  • Roast some spatchcock - I've never done anything like it but it sounds very flash.
  • Try each and every custom blend of organic coffee at the local emporium.
  • Make an old fashioned scrapbook for all the girls birthday cards. I still have mine and I love looking at all the old illustrations.
  • Eat a huge bowl of handmade noodles and dumplings.
  • Learn how to prepare a new vegetable. I love exploring my local Chinese grocer for these.
  • Make an autumn care package to surprise one of my northern hemisphere friends, and fill it with cute and crazy girly treats.
  • Make a podcast of my favorite children's stories for the girls to listen to while I am away.
I could go on, but winter ends in less than three weeks, and that's a lot of living to get through. If I'm lucky, I may just be able to squeeze in that lazy movie and popcorn day somewhere.


Mrs Munster said...

Looks like it's Christmas! Beautiful outfit. It always amazes me that it is actually winter in there and here we're waiting for the cold weathers. I might have to take few of your "cool things to do in the winter" ideas to cheer me up in the winter months.

Amy G. said...

You look adorable! I have a very similar skirt (even to the growing-each-season oddity) in black, white, and grey checks. It's kind of a dour look I usually wear with a black cashmere sweater and black boots......now you inspire me to find a poodle sweater and make it more cheerful!

I know what you mean by the end of winter. It's hard to stay inspired as the season drags along--just like you are, I'm enjoying your winter outfits while I slog through my summer wardrobe!

floraposte said...

What a great outfit - long skirts are so elegant! I hope that spring and summer are as good as you hope. Unfortunately, it has forgotten to stop raining here for the whole "summer".

Sal said...

How funny about the amazing extendo-skirt. Could it be that the weight of the fabric is pulling the whole garment down? Irregardless, it looks lovely and cozy on you.

Anonymous said...

Your skirt is awesome!

Penny said...

mmm i could so go for some hot chocolate right now!

Danielle said...

what in the heavens is 'spatchcock'?!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Mrs Munster: I hadn't thought of it like that, only ever having had very hot Christmases here.
Amy G: Yes, this skirt can look a bit heavy too, and I thought my little lamb cheered the whole thing up.
Floraposte: Over here if it rained all summer, I still don't think anyone would complain. (we're in the middle of a drought).
Sal: Hmm the fabric is a woven wool, so I don't know if it is a combination of that, and that I seem to keep losing weight the closer it gets to spring.
Nadine: Thank you.
Penny: With lots of marshmallows.
Danielle: It is a very small game bird, something like a quail I think.

Glowing Doll said...

Great to see you rockin' the plaid look!

We love plaid over at my blog.

Lady Melbourne said...

Whoa- rocking that Ralph Lauren SKM!

Jill Sherman said...

dogs AND koi fish?! you ARE amazing :)

Skye said...

I'm impressed with the way you're wearing the skirt, rather than it wearing you - it's the kind of bold garment which could overwhelm a lesser mortal!

PS. Leave the spatchcocks alone, I always think the poor little things look so tiny and sparrowlike and pitiful on a plate (not to mention there's no meat on them either)

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Glowing doll: So I see. I love the McQueen!
LM: Thank you, it is quite a tricky piece.
Jill Sherman: And that's only the half of it - thank you.
Skye: Thanks so much, it really is one of those almost overwhelming pieces. And as for the poor little spatchcock critters, perhaps I should tackle something larger but equally fancy - like goose. But then I'm not sure I could bring myself to do that either. Perhaps I'll just be baking a potato!

Anonymous said...

You look very regal here, I love the maxi length on you. You look tall and not swamped...not a mean feat!

This look kind of reminds me of all the new season runway looks inspired by Balmoral and The Queen ( ie Dolce & Gabbana)...you are very fashion forward!

susie_bubble said...

You are wearing my favourite kind of plaid...the strictly red and black big check type...

Shady said...

Oooooh I adore that skirt, it's amazing and looks so great on you, I love that photo w the puppy, looks so very glam lady of the house (w your great unique take!) And that cabinet in the background it gorgeous.

Lil Midget said...


The tartan skirt looks really good :) It surprised me actually. Never thought tartan would look good in long skirts but there you go!
cant wait for winter to be over!