Friday, August 1, 2008

Jeans for Genes - Rebel with a Cause

Outfit Details: Jacket (WAY too big) - Westco many years ago, T-Shirt - Elwood, Denim Knickerbockers - somewhere in Chinatown, Boots - Zoe Wittner, Earrings - Gift.

Being the first Friday in August, it is Jeans for Genes day here in Australia. It is the major fund raising day for the Children's Medical Research Institute. And in honor of that day, I'm going to show you something not often seen on this blog - Mama in jeans!

I do rather love this T-shirt in all its faux hardcore glory. The snake print reminds me of my days in high school when almost all it took to be cool was the right band T-shirt and a scowl. The denim knickerbockers were bought on a whim and not often worn as they have to be styled just right. But they do have loads of stretch and make me feel like I should be involved in something equestrian. I initially tried this look with a black, white collared dress shirt over the top, but it was just too cold to face the rain like that. So I pulled out an old jacket I've had in the back of the closet for years. It was always too big, but I love the colour and the bomber style.

I've been experimenting with my hair a little bit lately too. I always like to try new techniques and sometimes just keep twisting and playing and until something falls into place. Today's look ended up with a softer fringe, and a single Victory style roll on one side, then all pulled back into a mid height pony tail. And where have I been? Off for the shortest shopping trip in history for this evening. Thank you for all your feedback on yesterdays looks. With only 45 minutes to shop for something, I think I have done pretty well. The whole look should come out as a mixture of all three aesthetics, so we'll see tomorrow if that is a success or just plain confusing!


Imelda Matt said...

WTF!!! Did hell just freeze over and if so where were The Despots complementary tix?

I can't believe what I' looking denim and the coolest kick ass tee I've ever seen (Yum Yum, to Melbourne)!

Way to keep the punters guessing....kiddies, now that's how you blog!

ps once you've loaded the amp's into the truck, can I have the tee?

K.Line said...

You have got to rock this look more often! I love it. It's gritty hardness is a perfect foil to your pinup prettiness. Excellent.

Leah said...

Very cute! I love how you make jeans and a cool t-shirt look so feminine. And, as always, love the lipstick and hair.

I mentioned you on my blog speaking to the fact that some people can wear red lipstick and dark hair and do it fabulously. I love your look and how you are able to switch styles and moods but keep it you!


WendyB said...

Love this whole look. Fab hair as always.

melmo said...

you look really really great!

Lady Melbourne said...

Definitely agree, this rock and roll look is fantastic!
I love the hair- you're the original you know!
Dying to see what you bought and well done finding it in 45 mins!

annabananna said...

wow, super kawaii mama in jeans! that's a rare sighting :) you look like a true rock rebel, love it!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Imelda Matt: Now that's a compliment! If you come up with a be-spangled version of the Order of Imelda T-Shirt, that I would wear too.
K.Line: Thank you, it's the leather and lace fashion theory, and I think it works well too.
Leah: Thanks for the mention. You are right. I do love lots of different styles and moods, but the underlying element is always in the polished execution. I think that is key to me puling these looks off without coming off too naff.
Wendy B and Melmo: Thank you.
LM: Thank you. Its amazing what shopping with a baby will do to your decision making ability.
Annabannana: I can do the look, but couldn't pull off the attitude without cracking up.

Shady said...

YES! Haha I have had this weird desire to see you rockin' jeans & a tee for quite awhile (wanted to see how you'd give it that Super K style!) You look FABULOUS. Adorable! And your hair- holy moley you outdid yourself, I love it!! (I'm still edging closer & closer to chopping off a few feet of my own hair any day now.... if I ever get brave enough!) Can't wait to see what your night-out outfit will look like :D

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Aww thanks Shady. I think you'll love the party look too. You would have loved the store where I bought it. Check out the link in the post.

enc said...

Wow, that was unexpected! Very nice in jeans, Super K Mama!