Thursday, July 31, 2008

Decisions Decisions

I'm heading out tomorrow night and I haven't a thing to wear! "How can that be?" you ask. Well the call for delicious party wear has been few and far between over the last few years. While I have had lots of occasions to celebrate and evenings on the town, tomorrow night is a little different. It is a good friends buck's night and the perfect chance to pull out all the stops. So before I get into a tizz and start tearing apart my wardrobe in the hope that something perfect will magically appear, I shopped the closets of Polyvore.


Decadent Diva

Burlesque Bombshell

The question now is how to put one of these looks together from what is already in my wardrobe. The problem is I think I only have one or two similar items, and none of them are clothes! I have a feeling I'll be hitting the shops tomorrow to find something seriously spank worthy. But then, which of these looks to chose?


Lady Melbourne said...

Burlesque Bombshell, Burlesque Bombshell, Burlesque Bombshell!
It is utterly spank worthy, you have to find an outfit like that and make sure you post it!

Anonymous said...

I agree, I love Burlesque Bombshell also, but then the Cherry-licious is pretty darn good as well (particularly those stockings). I'm sure you will sort something out in time.
If you have a moment could you pop over to my blog, I'd like your input on a pair of shoes I've posted. Have a great time on your bucks night.

K.Line said...

I'm going cherrylicious. I think that would suit your personality and the occasion so well.

Kelly said...

I feel silly, but I'm not sure what a bucks night is. Is it like a bachelorette party? Anyway, I love Cherry-licious. The others are good too of course, but I love the rock 'n roll feel of the first!

Kristen said...

My favorite is #3 because of that fab hat! But for the occasion I like #1 the best.

Amy G. said...

I'm off the margin here because I like Decadent Diva best! The bustier and skirt are fab, and the dragonfly the look. You can't go wrong with any of them so best of luck shopping!

Also, "bucks night" is Aussie for something--please translate for your backward international readers! :)

Rowena said...

Defo Decadent Diva...

Mrs Munster said...

Oh, I'm in love with the Evil dead top in the cherry-licious "collections" and the stocking are stunning!

Always In Style said...

I love the burlesque bombshell look!

Hammie said...

You know, I think I could put up with the butterfly purse and dead cat around my shoulders if I could carry the dom' rose. And with that riding crop; I wouldnt have to share it!

Times of Glory said...

Dear I love Burlesque Bombshell look! You will look SIMPLY AMAZING and FREAKING HOT! I know what you mean. Even though we've got lots of pieces, we always find "nothing to wear"... strange, right? Have a great night out tomorrow! Trust me, no matter which one you pick, you will look so FAB, because YOU ARE xxxxxxx

Lady Smaggle said...

Oh I love the one in the middle!
It would look super gorgeous on you.

Jill Sherman said...

Burlesque Bombshell!!!

enc said...

I don't know, they're all subversive and saucy! Anything you choose will be superb.

Shady said...

I adore them ALL!! Cherry-licious gets my vote by a smidgeon though- that is HAWT.

penny said...

bonjour! i stumbled on your marvellous blog the other day & have been reading it all afternoon :)
i vote decadent diva!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Well it looks like they are all popular! I have just come back from my little (45 minutes is all I had)shopping run and the outcome should be interesting. I think the look will actually come out as a combination of all three aesthetics.

LM: Spank worthy is a great yard stick.

Cybill: I'd be more than happy to oblige.

K.Line: I could actually see you making that top work for you too.

Kelly: I think they are also called bachelor parties over there.

Kristen: It's actually a topper attached to a headband - even better!

Amy G: Yep, it's a bachelor party. I know traditionally women aren't meant to be at these things, unless in a professional capacity, but the hell with it.

Rowena: Nice to see you here. :)

Mrs Munster: I think I'll have to get this top even though I can't get it in time for tonight. It is a backless, customized T-shirt.

Hammie: I'm not keen on the butterfly so much as the colour and detail. As for the dead cat... well if the night goes well hopefully it'll be that and the riding crop at the end of the night for my Mr. ;)

Times of Glory: You are always such a sweetie. Thank you. xx

Lady Smaggle: I could totally see you rocking that look too.

Jill Sherman: It is pretty fabulous. If only I could get that exact look together for tonight. I may have to hunt down all these pieces for the next event.

Enc: My modus operandi. :)
Shady: I'll bet you could do an awesome DIY version of that look.

Penny: Welcome and thanks for joining me!

Danielle said...

hotness and i love the pairing of the drinks

Tizzalicious said...

Burlesque Bombshell! I love the skirt in that one <3