Friday, July 11, 2008

Fairytale Fashion

My Mr. arrived home from his 'conference' tonight. And so to celebrate, we spent some quality family time, which meant Pizza and a movie with Miss 4. So we sat down to watch Enchanted. I think that he and I actually enjoyed it more than her, as she was quite miffed by the ending,(I won't give it away in the off chance you haven't seen it). Watching Amy Adams in all her frothy glory got me thinking, which fairytale characters do I find the most fashion inspiration in?

I just love Glenn Close as Cruella DeVille. The drama, the shape and texture of her garments, not to mention the outstanding hair. My long term fashion goal is to channel Cruella once I hit 80 years old. That would get this old dame a seat on the bus!

Snow White (portrayed here by Rachael Weiss) is one of the few ' good girls' of happily ever after land, whose style I admire. Not too frothy, a nicely waisted dress and deep rich colours. Best of all, she's the poster girl for SPF 30 and alabaster skin, which is my natural state.

The Snow Queen for Narnia. I love the way she swathes herself in her garments and works with a monocromatic pallete, varying the texture for interest and depth. Once again pale, comanding and carries a large pointy stick (okay a wand to some) to poke naughty children with.

The Disney Evil Queen. Now she never has a bad hair day. While I'm not too keen on the wimple effect, the tirara is certainly making an appearance in my outfits. The element of her style I love best, is the oversized, high collars that both frame her face and provide a screen like effect for her to narrow her eyes over and make things happen with a single glance.

When it comes to Witches, Glinda the Good Witch from the wizard of Oz, is my What Not To Wear. Nasty sleeves, bad crown, colours that don't suit her skin tone ( I know it was Technicolour but still..) I was always much more enamoured by The Wicked Witch of The West. Those fabulous stockings and she was the original owner of those stunning shoes, which her opportunistic sister stole from her cold, dead feet!

All this has lead me to discover a pattern which I have long suspected. Most of my fashion inspiration comes from the dark side of the force. Oh well, I may as well give in to the cape and be done with it!


lady coveted said...

ehehe i love it! you know once i was the good witch of the north for halloween, it was huge lite up dress... so much fun.

Francis Girard said...

You need to see "Wicked" the musical - there's some super inspiration there. xf

Amy G said...

Look at you with your Evil Queens!!! I am giggling over here. I always liked Glinda's voice, but the Wicked Witch had a near-perfect green makeup job that was enviable. I think there's more scope for creativity on the dark side!

Anonymous said...

I also would say you should watch the Musical "Wicked" - the looks there are great :).

K.Line said...

FYI, I tagged you to do the 1, 2, 3 meme... K

Liz said...

The good girls always seemed so boring! I loved Millificent (Evil Queen from Sleeping Beauty), even though she scared the phooey out of me! :)

The Clothes Horse said...

I don't tend to take direct inspiration from fairy tale characters, but I like the idea of dressing with a little fantasy element mixed in. Alice in Wonderland and Snow White are definite sources of inspiration.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Lady Coveted: You would have looked a picture / sight walking down a darkened street in that one!
Francis G & Nadine: I'm hoping to see it soon as everyone is raving about it.
Amy G: But could you imagine listening to that voice all the time? I think I'd go spare.
K.Line: Thank you I'll check it out.
Liz:Imagine having to live your life in chiffon and sparkles all the time. There's nothing wrong with them per se, but the bad girls always get the velvet and furs and all the decadent fabrics.
The clothes horse: I can certainly see lots of Alice in your style,and what a wonderful inspiration she is.

WendyB said...

I've been listening to the Wicked soundtrack regularly!

Kelly said...

oh! That last picture reminds me, I haven't busted out my striped thigh-highs in quite some time. I'm sure the BF is disappointed. I'll have to find them for when he comes home from his weekend trip :)

I have to admit, I wasn't entirely pleased about the ending of Enchanted, either. I get what they were trying to do with it, but it seemed to in-your-face and bashing the old fairy tales, which I love more than words can say.

I haven't really been inspired by any Princesses, though. Even when I was little I can remember thinking Cinderella's princess haircut wasn't that pretty. Pocahontas was gorgeous, maybe I'll be her for Halloween!

Shady said...

This is a completely AWESOME post! And yes I think we are style soul sisters ;)

Tizzalicious said...

I am swooning over all this prettiness!

Imelda Matt said...

Cruella could almost out despot the despot, to get that seat you'd have to face my taser!

Anonymous said...

Fab post. I'ma big fan of Daphne Guinness's style and she always reminds me a litle of Cruella :)

Clara Cupcakes said...

GAH! I loved Enchanted. The scene where she pops out of the man hole in that giant poofy dress never fails to make me giggle. So wonderfully impractical. People are always saying I dress too much like a cartoon character but to them I say MEH!!

I love your blog. It's lovely to find a fashion blog that's got a more vintage inspired feel!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Wendy B: I haven't heard it yet, must add that to the list.
Kelly: Bust them out! As for Enchanted, my Miss 4 cried at the ending she was so miffed by the way it turned out.
Shady: Ta lovely.
Tizz: It is all rather swoon worthy.
Imelda: Perhaps of they team up they could rule the world!
Porcelain blonde: What an apt comparison.
Clara: I think those people are the jealous ones. They may not want to dress the way you do, but I'll bet its your confidence in your choices they envy.
Thanks for joining me!

Kelly said...

oh no! She cried? poor girl!