Monday, July 7, 2008

Uncommonly Fetching Mama of the Month

This month's Uncommonly Fetching Mama is El Fez Designs. I am so impressed with this stylish Mama. Not only does she know how to work a great vintage look, she evens sews these outfits for herself and her daughters! El Fez also creates unique, hand made Fez's and handbags which are just so cool. (Now Shanghai Lil knows where to go for mr. monkeys birthday).

I am just so pleased to see all the wonderful posts from our Uncommonly Fetching Mamas on Flickr. Please keep them coming. And remember, if you would like to use any of the images or reference Uncommonly Fetching Mamas on your own blog, don't forget to link back to the original authors and give credit to the wonderful individuals to whom it is due.


WendyB said...


Imelda Matt said...

fetching indeed!

Francis Girard said...

she is lovely - i could only hope that one day i would be such a fetching mama... fetching is such a great word SKM. xfrancis