Saturday, July 5, 2008

5 Minute Glamour Girl Makeup

As promised, here is a tutorial on how I do my daily makeup. This is the simplest version, and the one I wear most often during the day, as it is a fast and simple routine. It is an image heavy tutorial, but I hope it helps to answer the many questions I am asked daily about my look. Also, please note that I am not paid to endorse any of the products I use, I just think they do the best job for me so I have no problem telling you what I use.

Before I begin, let me say that it does help to have good skin to apply my makeup on. This wasn't always the case, but with a good skin care routine and drinking about 2 litres of water daily, I now have the glowing skin that I am constantly complimented on.

So, before you begin, make sure that you skin has been cleansed and moisturised. I also like to use an eye firming cream under my eyes 'cause I'm not getting any younger. My other trick is to use eye drops to keep my eyes looking bright. I find they get quite irritated with air conditioning so these are something I carry with me at all times.

The Products

(from left to right) YSL Red lipstick and Red Lip Liner, Lancome Eyebrow crayon with brush, Shiseido liquid eyeliner in black, Loreal Lash Architect mascara in Midnight Black, Concealer from Avon, Visine eye drops, Benefit dandelion powder, Laura Mercier eyeshadow in Vanilla Nuts, Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation in Rose Tendre, Three make up brushes from Sephora for Mineral Powder, blush and eyeshadow.

The Application

Concealer. Firstly I begin by applying concealer to the inside corner of the eyes. I find this is a more effective way to cover dark circles that using it under the eye. When I use concealer under the eye is just comes off looking heavy and thick; and even worse it sits in the lines and accentuates them. Using your ring finger, dab your concealer into these areas then blend it by patting on and not rubing or wiping as this gives an uneven finish. You can chose to cover the whole eyelid lightly with concealer to give the eyeshadow more staying power.

*Don't be alarmed at my choice of colour, I have used blue to indicate what I am working on in each shot.*

Mineral Powder. Lightly load your brush with powder and then tap the excess off into the lid. This will be all the powder you need to do your whole face and you may even have some left over. I have had a lot of people tell me that they have tried a mineral powder but end up looking 'cakey'. Chances are that you are using too much powder, and make sure you are working in an area with good light so you can see how you will really look out on the street. It is better to be light handed with this as you can always add more.

Using your large, soft round brush, apply the powder in a circular motion, working from the outside in, and blend, blend, blend.

The Eyeshadow. Using your nice, wide eyeshadow brush, (not one of those nasty sponge applicators that often come in the packet) blend the shadow over the entire lid to just under your brows. The colour of this Vanilla Nuts shadow is only a few shades darker than the mineral powder, so it is a very natural look.

Eyeliner. Where would I be without my Shiseido? It is THE BEST liquid liner I have ever used, both for ease of application and longevity. It has a sturdy brush tip and a refillable ink cartridge, so it is very economical too. The type of brush tip allows you to achieve both extremely fine lines and much thicker ones a'la Amy Winehouse. The tip also doesn't have as much flex as the thin little brushes so it is harder to make mistakes. Just in case you do though, keep a cotton bud on hand for quick clean ups.

You'll notice that when I am applying mine, I keep both my eyes open. I find that it is much easier to get a fine, straight line right on the edge of the lashes when they are positioned this way as opposed to being shut. It also helps the angle of the brush reach the desired area without creating too wide a line. If you want it thicker, you can always recover the same area. As for achieving the little extension flick at the ends of the lashes, a light touch is best. When you get to the corner you just use a light sweeping motion and the fine tip does the work for you.

Mascara. Pretty self explanitory if you have used it before, which I am guessing that all of you have. I like to use the Loreal Lash Architect as I find that it doesn't clump or irritate my eyes, and it comes an a very black black. I only apply it to the underside of my top lashes, otherwise I find the look is too heavy. I start from the outer lashes and concentrate on a lengthening effect, then work my way in to the inner corners of the eye with a light tough. I really hate those little lashes looking heavily made up.

Brows. Because my brows are dark, I find that having them professionally shaped is critical to achieving a sculptured and polished look. I make sure that they are combed into shape and occasionally elongate their tales, giving an overall more pronounced arch. I use the Lancome 'crayon' which is actually a compressed powder in pencil form, rather than a traditional pencil. It allows you to control just how much pigment you are applying and is easier to feather into a more natural look.

Blush. Here is am using Benefits Dandelion powder which is marketed as an all over face pinking powder. I find that its colour is less intense than other blushers so it is harder to apply too much. I also use a light bronzer instead on occassion, just to vary the look. Using the second smaller soft round brush, I apply the blush to the apple of my cheeks in a half circle sweep. I'm not trying to achieve the doll like look that comes from concentrating solely on the apple and applying in a full circle motion. So the overall look here is softer, but still focuses on the apple of the cheek rather than that 1980's sweep up to the temple.

Lip liner. In my opinion lip liner is critical to achieving the perfect red lipped look. For more detailed information on How To Wear Red Lipstick, read my previous post on the topic. I love the formula of my YSL liner as it is neither too soft nor too hard for this baby bear. Just make sure it is freshly sharpened and you shouldn't have any problems. I follow the true outline of my lips as I find that red just doesn't come off looking too crash hot when I go outside of the natural line.

Lipstick. Now I could tell you that I am a good girl and use a lip brush like all the 'experts' say, but who am I kidding? I am trying to keep this routine to 5 minutes or under girl. I also find that I don't get any better a result with a brush, so frankly I can't be bothered. I have about ten different shades of red and you'll also find tips in the How To Wear Red Lipstick post on selecting the correct shade for you. Basically I just paint it on, following the lip liner and never going outside the line, just like when you are learning to colour in. I don't bother with all the blotting and lip-smacking, but it does help to stick a finger in your mouth ( like you are going to suck it) and close you lips around it. This picks up any stray traces and stops the dreaded lipstick on teeth event.

And there you have it. All done. While the tutorial may seem like a marathon (laying it out in Blogger certainly did), once you have practiced a few times, you'll have it down to five mintues too. Without all the screwing around trying to blend foundations, and multi coloured eyeshadow, it saves a lot of time. I hope this helps you achieve the look you are searching for.

Question time begins... now.


Hammie said...

Fabulous! That is a tagged post Missus. The special mommies will love that it only takes 5 minutes and playing with all those pretties first thing is better than a tonne of prozac.
BTW Imelda and I have been wondering how to get free stuff sent to us by P.R. companies. So I might do a similiar post...
Just gotta go and do my EVE LOM cleansing routine, before applying my Creme de la Mer moisturizer and taking Boo swimming.

Lisa K.nits said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm always so curious about what other people do for make up. You look great and give good advice!

WendyB said...

You're so patient to do a post like this! Very nice. I must confess, I don't usually get around to using lipliner with my red lipstick.

enc said...

Now I know just where to go when I need some Super Kawaii Glamour. It's a perfect tutorial for a girl like me who knows nothing about how to do makeup.

You look beautiful.

Anonymous said...


I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for taking the time to do it :) Question for the moment: where do you buy your sephora brushes from?



Super Kawaii Mama said...

Hammie: Fashion is my anti-depressant. Also I don't know about having free stuff sent, it would be nice, but I am yet to see any acknowledgment from the companies or products I mention here. As I said, I only tell you what they are because I love them. Thanks for the kudos. :)
Lisa: Thank you.
Wendy B: A bit of a marathon I know, I toyed with breaking it up, but it wouldn't have been cohesive.
enc:Happy to be of service enc.

Hammie said...

I have been stuck between cream rouge and blusher and I didnt know how to progress. Today I did the circle and flick with my new Eles powder blusher and it worked! thankyou

Shady said...

Thank you for sharing! I have actually been very curious about your makeup as it always looks so wonderful & natural but also very glam. This tutorial is great :)
I just started having my brows professionally shaped and you are right- a world of difference!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Hammie: Hurrah!
Shady: Excellent, so glad to have been of assistance.

Anonymous said...

Ohh, amazing transformation. But of course, you were lovely to begin with!

gilda said...

you make it look so easy!!

The Collector said...

Gosh, after reading your post and seeing how 'easy' it really is (actually I have no idea how to apply liquid eyeliner or lipliner - my lines are always wobbly and wonky) I now feel every guilty that I put almost zero effort in with my make up. Maybe, just maybe you have inspired me to try harder. I can't get over the effect of the mineral foundation - your skin looks so PERFECT after you applied it. I must look into this stuff.

Anonymous said...

You've just convinced me to go buy Benefits dandelion powder...I've been considering buying it for forever!

Don't you just love mineral makeup?! I've only recently discovered it. Nothing gives my pale skin a more natural yet polished finish.

You look just gorgeous :) I've always admired your make up.

Imelda Matt said...

dang your one fierce up, you do man make up for me.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Anon: Thank you, so sweet of you.
Gilda: It really is!
The collector: I swear it is very simple and straight forward, just spend a little time practicing your lines. Once I found mineral makeup I have never looked back, it is perfection.
PorcelainBlonde: It is a very versatile product, and yes the mineral makeup is perfect for our very fair skin, which so many liquid foundations just can't replicate.
Imelda: Put me on your speed dial for the next big event. ;)

ann said...

I love this post! Thanks for sharing, especially about the shiseido eyeliner!