Friday, July 18, 2008

Daily Outfit - Raspberry Dream

Outfit details: Red top - Katies (pinched from mum), Black top - Postie, Culottes - Morgan De Toi, Raspberry Opaques - Columbine, Shoes - Wittner, Headband - Groove, Red rose earrings - Diva.

Today was another cold and wet day. Mum and I had grand plans of visiting a designer warehouse sale and swanning around the streets drinking coffee. But at 9 degrees and with rain pouring down, we stopped into the sale for about 45 minutes then headed straight back home. Even then, I still managed to snag a fabulous black, flapper style dress (for $50 reduced from $500!) and a lovely black top with a lace cravat style detailing. I also picked up a couple of new earrings and a gorgeous bracelet at Diva the other day, but I wasn't able to get a good close up of the earrings here. I'll get some lovey shots of all this weeks loot tomorrow to share with you.

Yesterdays post seems I have struck a chord with you all. Thank you all for your insightful comments. Let me just reiterate here that I am not going on a one woman crusade against the fashion industry (who are we kidding here), but just wanting to encourage a more 'eyes wide open' philosophy in our buying decisions. *Edit* I also wanted to add that the reason I am singling out Bitten here is because of the combination of the price point / manufacturing issue , and the manifesto. I wonder how the women making the garments would feel when presented with their "inalienable rights"?

One of the thoughts that has come out of it, for me, is to show you how I put some of my outfits together, and just how little they actually cost and the recycled origins of many of them. I won't break them down all the time and bore you to death, but I thought it would be appropriate to show you how I do it for posterity. So stay tuned over the weekend for a peak into the purse strings of my wardrobe.


Tizzalicious said...

I can't wait to see that dress you bought!

A dreamer said...

can't wait to see these purcahese. Mother and daughter days are always nice.

Imelda Matt said...

let the crusades begin!!!! I hopr your dress matches your new Order of Imelda pumps, I'm sure it will.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Tizz: It's spangled!
A Dreamer: You often seem to have success on yours.
Imelda: Those pumps will go with anything, and should anyone question otherwise... tzzzzt!

Cait said...

Your tights are such a lovely shade of red!

I found the previous post interesting - I'd never thought of it before. As a high school student I can't afford really nice clothes (though I'm more of a vintage hippie anyway so it's alright!) and if I could I might not be able to make myself spend a ton on one piece anyway, but at the same time would definitely not want to support exploiting underpaid work in any way. I guess we just have to observe more. Thanks for the tip =) I'm sure SJP herself isn't really aware of it.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh... sweet like rasberry jam!

enc said...

I adore that red top. It's such a great shape and cut.

The Bitten line needs to be taken to task. You were right about all you said.

makemoremistakes said...

These last two posts have been great. In my sociology course last semester we watched Artificial Landscapes, a movie about the landscapes that are created by our industrial endeavors. It really made me think about what contribution I am making to the destruction of our environment, just by buying a piece of clothing at Forever 21 etc. I thus decided to only buy clothes that are vintage or used, and I have been pretty successful in keeping that committment.

Anyway, the point of this lengthy thing is to say that I appreciate the thought that goes into your purchasing power.

And once again you look stupendous!


Kelly said...

That headband looks amazing against your hair. The whole outfit is cute, but that really stood out to me. Can't wait to see your new dress!

Anonymous said...

those shoes are just divine!

Missa said...

The red and black look so lovely with your fair skin and dark hair!

Lady Melbourne said...

You look so lovely!
What a gorgeous red top too, and Katies! I have a Katies skirt from the 80's it's great.
Keep up with the crusade SKM, you have a very articulate voice that shouldn't go to waste!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Cait: I can only hope that SJP wasn't considering this factor when she wrote that manifesto.
Nadine: The breakfast of clothing.
Enc: Thank you, I love the shape of the top too. And as for Bitten, I would dearly love to hear SJP's take on this angel.
Make More Mistakes: Thanks Angela. I really try and bring more than just my fashion style to the table on this blog. Although that is my focus, I think having style is about more than what you wear.
Kelly: It's so shiny, I love it. It's actually a black and red hounds tooth pattern.
Mhbass: Thank you. They have become my staples.
Missa: It has been my favorite colour combo since I was about 12!
LM: Katies, I know! Just goes to show that it isn't about the label but how you wear it. And thank you for the encouragement. My "articulate voice" is at your service, should you need it any time. :)

Skye said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your new purchases - I love to live vicariously through other people's glamouressness (is that a word?)! I do list the prices paid for the clothes in my blog for exactly the reasons you mention here, I think it's a great idea to see just how little it can take to make the kind of fabulous outfits you wear.

Shady said...

Adorable!! And yes, I try to shop at thrift stores as often as possible as opposed to retail chains for the same reasons. That, and I am almost always broke :P