Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Divided by Eight

Not having yet seen the Sex and The City Movie, I may not be qualified to make these comments, but here goes. One of the often lauded points of this movie is SJP's wardrobe and her multitude of changes. While I admire what Patricia Field did to open our minds to the possibilities of styling some extreme pieces into something wearable, a wardrobe of Carrie's magnitude is not likely to be within our reach. Yes, it is fashion escapism, but I'd like to suggest that on your next "Girls Night In", you treat your eyes to the fashion candy box that is 8 Women.

Not only is the storyline one of drama and intrigue, but the entire movie is conducted with the cast in a single outfit for the duration of the film. And yet, you never tire of watching them. Each outfit encapsulates the nuances of the characters personality, and has a surprising range of versatility, to convey the emotion of each scene. But one of the key details that sets this film apart for me in the fashion stakes, is that although each of the outfits are stunning and beautifully tailored, they never swamp the woman's personality. I often find that many of Carrie's outfits, while beautiful, simply wear her. Hence why we spend so much time talking about the designer or the stylist. I imagine that the woman who has such a strong personal sense of style, and the conviction to go with it, could walk into a party wearing the same dress she did last time, and still be remarked upon for both her presence and her style.

8 Women is an excellent example of one strong outfit carrying you through even the most trying of times, with infinite style. I'd be lying if I said my wardrobe wasn't one of volume, but it is those pieces of exquisite tailoring, luxurious fabrics and jewel like colours that I truly treasure.

Rather than fashion from the Family Sized Candy box, consider the alternative luxury of that single Godiva.


Amy G. said...

I've not seen the movie, but you've piqued my interest! I completely agree with you--clothes should be an outward expression of who we are, not a stylist's creation or an exercise in more, more, more. I think real style takes effort and editing.

Sal said...

I've not seen "8 Women," but I am, this minute, adding it to my list!

And I couldn't agree more with your comments about Carrie's outfits. They get downright distracting sometimes, and SJP just seems like a chatty mannequin. It's great to have such a stylistically inspiring resource in that show, but the styling overshadowed the characters a little too often for my taste.

floraposte said...

8 Women is one of my favourite films! The clothes are completely swoon-worthy with the most exquisite tailoring (even people who are not normally into fashion tend to comment on the clothes in this). Don't bother with SATC it is like a 120 minute commercial for hugely expensive clothes and a vacuous lifestyle (I did enjoy the early episodes of the series).
Great blog - I've been reading for a while but never commented before!

Hammie said...

I've been meaning to see 8 women and now you have made me determined to rent it soon.
I must confess that I found Patricia Field's take on fashion inspirational. It helped me make the change from what I could wear in my 20's to my 30's gracefully, while still expressing my personality. Now I am on the cusp of the 40, I feel more confident about who I am, and how to express that.
I actually bought a dress yesterday that reminded me of Cate Blanchett as "Nancy Wake". Looking forward to wearing it with tights in the winter so I can ride my bike with fresh bread in the wicker basket. (and coded messages for the allies in my bloomers)
Where can a girl get Bloomers Super K?

Shady said...

The value of a good outfit is even higher when you're broke like I am :P One good thing (ha) about rarely having extra money, I'm forced to be very choosy when I DO have money to spend, and therefore usually only buy things I really realllllly love and can wear tons.

Anonymous said...

I must see this movie :)

Mmmmm, Godiva! Seriously, in the last year or so I've edited my once huge wardrobe right down and I really prefer it. I outfit repeat a bit but I have some simply beautiful pieces that I truly love wearing so why not?! It's helped me hone a signature style and also to be more creative with what I have.

Imelda Matt said...

I'm off to google it cos I've not heard of it but any film with 8 Women has got to be a good thing!

Angelle said...

My husband and I watched this movie a while ago - we love French films! The styling was one of the big things I liked about it, particularly that of the maid and the "spinster" aunt. We did find the musical elements a bit quirky as we weren't expecting any from the synopsis on the dvd cover.

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

Wow, Mama, thank you for reminding of that super-colourful yet slightly dark film. There is so much fashion inspiration to be had for females of all ages from the eight characters!

Wait for Carrie & Co. to be released on DVD...then you can pause and rewind and pause and watch all over again many times over. x

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Amy G: I think our clothes shouldn't just represent who we are, but who we WANT to be.
Sal: "Chatty Mannequin" Love it!
Floraposte: Thank you. It's so nice to meet the lurkers.
Hammie: Rent it now. And as for the bloomers, I may dedicate a post to these on your behalf in the near future. :)
Shady: Ah the clarity of poverty... that's when I rely on the power of accessories.
PorcelainBlonde: I imagine your wardrobe as an immaculately kept, well edited collection of quality.
Imelda Matt: I can't believe you haven't seen this. Not only does it have 8 women, but it is French AND a musical!
Angelle: Yes, the singing threw me a bit at first, but I love that bizarre element in the scenario.
Likkle Girl: I'm equally in love with Virginie and Catherine in this film. Stylish and slightly macabre.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love, love, love this movie - I've watched it many a time (sometimes just to look at how well Miss Deneuve's eyeliner is applied). The older women in it are just the most glamorous, sigh..

Hammie said...

Oh pleeese do! I am sick of Candida thongs and if you are anyway "j-lo esque" then any knickers might as well be a thong.
Bring back big pants but make em sexy! Not tummy trimmery or scary girdley. Just a bit long in the leg so you don't have a vpl, lacey and light and cottony; with a high waist. I wear hipsters because they are flattering, but I do not want to expose my pubic bone to Anyone. And that includes my husband who has seen two babies come into the world, one by caesarian.
Big silky, non chundery bloomers are my dream. Make it come true wish fairy super K!

Francis Girard said...

ah yes this is why "french women don't get fat" either. Lovely post, I will be sure to check out the film. xf

Glowing Doll said...

I'm adding this one to my 'Love' rental list!

thanks for sharing!

Rachael said...

I bought this film months ago and forgot about it - thank you so much for reminding me!