Friday, February 27, 2009

The Next Chapter

Image courtesy of Donna Lethal on Flickr

Tired with the old?... Looking for a new way to perk up your morning?...There are changes a foot here at Super Kawaii hold onto your knickers!

I've outgrown my little corner here at blogger, so come on over and find the all new and improved

It should be much more user friendly for you to search what you are looking for, and includes more of your reader requests. In the transition if you could update your links it would be much appreciated. I will leave this site here so you can still find me if you land here, but all the content and your comments have been moved across to the new site. While there is much more new content in the works, most of what you will find to begin with is a more searchable version of the last twelve months worth of posts.

Yes, that's right. I'm over one year old now, so time for something bigger and better. Should you encounter any problems with the new way of doing things, make sure to drop me a line so I can fix them right up.

So don't delay, click away...

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