Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pick of the Bunch

Porcelain poodle

While out shopping for school supplies the other day, we were disappointed to find the store we needed was closed. But there was a ray of light. A little Op Shop I'd forgotten about just happened to be next door. Given that I had two little ones in tow and was very short on time, I figured I'd pop in for a quick reconnoiter and come back when I had more time. It seems though, that my many years of bargain hunting have honed my eye well. In ten minutes I whipped around the store and collected all these goodies for the grand total of $30!

1980's sun dress with matching belt.

1960's Red beads that are the sister of those yellow ones I picked up the other week.

Matching peach peignoire set

Matching late 1960's/ early 70's baby doll peignoire set

Deco style patent leather clutch with faux tortoiseshell closure

As my friend recently said, I think I have very good shopping karma.


Bucca said...

love that clutch!

Emer said...

That sun dress is beautiful! It doesn't look like something you'd associate with the 1980's.

floraposte said...

Great clutch! Love the peach negligee as well, it is so 1940's screen siren. I hope you acquire some marabou mules to go with it!

The Peahen said...

Well done!!

Ruby said...

What a score!

I just awarded you blog on my own. Keep up the great posts!

thevintageyear said...

My goodness, you did so well... In 10 minutes?! I don't think I can even walk that fast!

Loving the dress - the '50s inspired '80s stuff is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

You really must have done something to please the shopping gods - because your good shopping Karma is evident!

Fabulous finds for a fabulous lady!


Hammie said...

love the nighties!
Good eye, good shopping Karma
You must have had a good clean out recently to attract that luck back to you.
What do the girls do while you are choosing?

AusAnna said...

wow the shopping goddess is totally looking after you. :)
Ive heard lots about your blog this is my first visit and i love it. :-)

susie_bubble said...

The clutch and peach dress are amazing finds....

Anonymous said...

Hi SKM, I've just been listening to news about the devastating bushfires and I hope you and your family are all okay and not too close.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh.. I was just thing of you, a friend of mine here in Japan just mentioned the fires.. and I skipped the news last night...

This is devastating.. I hope you are okay and far enough from its path?

Oh a side note.. I would LOVE TO HAVE THESE!!!

Jess said...


I noticed that both you and Lady Melbourne no longer have links to one another's blogs.

A falling out? Perhaps she grew tired of your being the only one not fawning over her unskilled, awkward and hugely derivative attempts at piecing together vintage chic.

Your style is certainly your own. Done with great flair and understanding of fabrics and eras and which cuts flatter your body. It's nice to see someone confident in their style.

I'm bored of these sportsgirl-at-heart girls and their terribly clumsy vintage blogs. You're a nice change.


Super Kawaii Mama said...

Jess: Thanks for reading. I do still have LM on mine, you'll find her listed under Australian Fashion. No falling out that I know of. :)