Friday, May 2, 2008

Vintage Finds

While I wanted to bring you a new Daily Outfit today, it is nothing to write home about. I spent yesterday having more colour added to my tattoo, so today is comfort clothes that don't cling and lots of lying about on the couch. (Yes, new photos will follow soon). So instead I have a couple of my recent vintage finds and a question or two for you.

I cannot resist an Op shop, Vintage shop, Thrift store. If I have more than 50cents in my pocket I am bound to take a quick twirl through and see what treasures are lurking there for me. It stems from a school girls dream to be an Archaeologist and Treasure hunter - which were quickly dashed when I discovered just how lonely and fashion challenging this career path could be. So I soon honed my destinations of choice from the deserts of Egypt to the musty workings of the Flea Market.

After a quick trip to the doctor on Monday, I popped into the Thrift store next door hoping to find something warm for this grey Melbourne weather. What I found was this.

It's a stunning Emerald green, pure wool jacket, made by Maxi Librati Creations in Paris. It was all of $4, but I think it will look a million bucks. After an extensive Google search I can't come up with any information on this label. Can anyone help me? I am trying to figure out just what era this is from. I have a feeling it is 1980's does the 1940's. Also it appears that someone has salvaged the buttons from this lovely jacket, so I am on a hunt for something appropriate. If I can't find something that grabs me, I am likely to make some large covered buttons, but if you have any suggestions for purveyors of wonderful buttons, or you are one yourself, please leave me a comment and point me in the right direction.

A couple of weeks back I found these fabulous clip earrings for a whole 50 cents, which simply made my day!

And to complete my sudden penchant for red in the kitchen, I picked up these cute Tea towels for $1, and the Cow salt and Pepper shakers, along with the vintage Finnish Tea Pot from Ebay.

Ahh Thrift shopping; your joy is so sweet!


Anonymous said...

Oh In love the salt and pepper thing with those cute cows :).

Amy G. said...

The yellow clip earrings remind me of bows stuck on top of a present. So cute!

Unrealized Fish said...

I love that green sweater :)

enc said...

Super-cool finds. I love them all, especially the cows. Good luck on buttons. I was going to suggest A Dress A Day, but you already know about the bliss that blog provides. Maybe if you e-mail Erin directly, she'll have something for you. She's very generous.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Nadine & enc: Yes I couldn't go past those happy little cows for my table. Although I don't think I could serve Beef with them looking on.
amy: They remind me of little bunches of bananas too
unrealized fish: I can't wait to wear that green jacket. It is such a divine colour. Perhaps it will make it into my daily outfits this week.
enc: Thanks for the suggestion, I will drop Erin a line. She has so many great links on her blog. I've been trawling Etsy too and finding lots of other lovely things in the process.

miss cavendish said...

If you're ever in New York, there's a great little shop called Tender Buttons. There used to be one in Chicago, but, alas, it closed.

Tizzalicious said...

Wow, great finds!

I love your kitchen thingies!