Monday, May 12, 2008

Playing Dress Ups - With Tizzalicious

I have been having lots of fun over the past few days doing some virtual shopping for my competition winners. While I have found it very hard to resist temptation myself, I have found lots of wonderful new shopping haunts to add to my go-to list.

Today I bring you my outfit selection for the lovely Tizzalicious!

hails from Holland and is looking for a cute outfit to take her from Spring through to Summer. Unlike Australia, they don't get extreme heat, so making this transition is a little easier. She is also looking for something to flatter her stomach and thigh area. Tizz simply adores the 1950's and all it's gorgeous fashion offerings. She is also a beautiful red head, so it is with this in mind that I looked to one of my favorite screen sirens for inspiration. One of the most famous red heads of all time, Rita Hayworth.

This beautiful baby pink cheongsam from Posh Girl Vintage is a perfect piece for both Spring and Summer. It can be dressed up or down, depending on how you choose to style it. This style of dress if perfect if you are trying to camouflage's the tummy and thigh area, as it lightly skims both, rather than clinging to every bump, and gives you a lovely waisted shape. The trick is to find one in a light weight fabric that is tailored to your size, rather than something skin tight. A large size print also plays a part in visually distracting from those areas. I particularly loved the colouring in this one, as I think pink and green on a red head is a dynamite combination.

For a cool and casual option with a similar feel, try these lightweight vintage styled Palazzo pants, from J Peterman; with a mandarin collared silk blouse. This one is from Ancient Moods. Perfect for a movie star on her day off.

As a girl not too keen on my own thighs, I find that heavier thighs tend to go with heavy ankles. Which is why in choosing a gorgeous spring shoes, an ankle strap is just not going to work. Rather than cutting off your leg at a wide point, instead visually elongate the leg, by showing as much of the foot as possible. I've chosen a stacked heel for both height and stability, so you can dance those balmy summer evenings away. This beauty from Pinup Girl Clothing has removable bows, depending on just how vampy you feel that day.

A vintage look demands some genuine vintage accessories, and I couldn't go past this Haskell glass bead, 1940's bracelet from Morning Glory Jewelry. I just love its pale minty green goodness.

And for carrying around all the love letters from your new admirers, I suggest this woven straw bag from Create Jacksonville's vintage collection on Etsy. It will take you from long lunches to picnics on the beach.

As any classic beauty will tell you, the sun is the enemy of youth. So keep wrinkles at bay AND make a classy fashion statement all at the same time with this wide brimmed straw hat from Julie Fleming.

And the total screen goddess look would not be complete without some dark glasses for when you want to go incognito from the adoring fans. I found these genuine 1950's beauties from Klasik, one of THE places for genuine vintage eyewear.

And speaking of beach time, what Spring / Summer look would be complete without a killer swimsuit? I am a big fan of Jets by Jessica Allen. Not only are they beautiful, they are engineered like the Empire state Building - able to hold it all up. I really couldn't choose between these two stunners from Jets, as they both meet Tizzalicious' criteria. The high cut leg visually slims the thigh, while the graphic print creates an hourglass waist. The steel blue pair is a brilliant modern take on a vintage look with a cut away back and rouching to distract from tummy issues.

So even though I have been shopping for Spring in Holland while it is Autumn in Melbourne, I hope these picks make your day a little sunnier too.

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WendyB said...

Those pink shoes are too cute.

K.Line said...

Love the first swimsuit! Great choices for T. I think she'd look great in the chinoiserie pink dress. PS - Emailed you stats about me, but let me know if you need anything else... K

Imelda Matt said...

I'm in tizz at what a super job you've done...Mama Rocks!

Tizzalicious said...

Oooh, I love it! Especially the first swim suit and the accessories!

Trend de la Creme said...

You need to dress me!!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

So glad you all like. The swimsuits are an Australian brand. We are great at swimwear here as it is such a big part of our culture.

K.line: I'm working on your selection as we speak.
Imelda: Coming from such a style icon as yourself, that is supremely flattering.
Tizz: I was hoping I'd get just the right mix for you that still reflected your own personal aesthetic.
Trend de la creme: Your welcome to email me some details if you like and I'll see what I can do. It's only fair as I have been receiving quite a number of requests on email.

susie_bubble said...

Lots of delightfully delish picks here...

Sheri said...

oh my. those shoes. I want.

Nadine said...

I love love love the shoes - awesome!

Amy G. said...

Oh, lucky Tizz! These choices are just gorgeous! Now you have me thinking about my own favorite vintage era and style icons. I feel a post coming on!

enc said...

Really really nice work for Tizz!