Sunday, May 25, 2008

Daily Outfit

Coat dress - Ebay, Indigo wide leg jeans - Target, Stiletto boots - Joanne Mercier, Vintage Silk Scarf - Oroton

The coat dress is a navy taffeta with a bubble skirt effect and brass buttons. I love this one, (although, being taffeta it has that ability to announce your presence before you even reach the room). It is such an easy and stylish go to when I'm in a hurry. I can thank my Mum for this one. We both have a habit of buying things that either don't quite fit, or aren't quite right for each of us, and then swapping.

The scarf was a complete bargain for 20 cents at the Op shop, pure silk and just the right size. As for the jeans, I have had many over the years, and while I have loved my Sass and Bide ones to death, I find it very difficult to get just the right cut, colour and fabric composition. I like my jeans with a wide leg, but still fitted, not oversized; and have found that Target do some great little numbers with just the right amount of stretch and not too low cut on the waist. When you spend so much time bending around after kids, there is a great danger of looking like a tradesman.

So it is off for Sunday Brunch today. Heading out for Eggs Benedict and pancakes with my girls and my man. What lovely relaxing things are you doing for yourself this weekend?


Imelda Matt said...

charging 'the prod' for a dawn show down with mama!

Secretista said...

Anyone ever tell you you look like Dita Von Teese?

Anonymous said...

You really look a little bit like Dita! I adore the dress it suits you in a perfect way.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

secretista and nadine: Actually I get that all the time! And I am so flattered.

enc said...

Such a dignified and polite way of saying Crack Kills: "When you spend so much time bending around after kids, there is a great danger of looking like a tradesman." I LOVE that.

I love the coatdress' contrast stitching.