Monday, June 2, 2008

Playing Dress Ups With - The Lil Midget

Finally, the third winner of my 'Dressing Up' contest, is The Lil Midget. As a fellow Australian, The Lil Midget is coming into Winter and lives in an area that can be rather chilly at times. Her special outfits requests were to help her look taller as she is only 5'2", and outfits for both everyday, (Lil Midget is a university student) and out on the town. I also happen to know that she loves both Gothic and alternative fashion, so as a Goth from way back, I have a bit of an advantage here. It is my opinion that Goth can also be sophisticated. Cliche Goth really doesn't take all that much creativity and can be quite formulaic, I suggest showing your darker side with style. Besides which, this is one Goth look you can take from Den to Dinner.

Firstly, in my aim to create both an elongated and elegant look, I have aimed for a lean silhouette. I don't want to swamp her small frame with long, flowing skirts or trailing sleeves. Floor length flowing skirts can create a 'pillar' look, with the heaviest part of the silhouette at the bottom, they draw the eye down and can get quite weighty. Rather, I want to draw the eye inward and upward, so I have allowed for volume in the sleeves and shoulders.

Also (and I know she probably won't like this idea), but to help her look taller I suggest getting rid of the long hair. Long hair, while beautiful, can also be quite weighty both literally and visually. I'd love to see a sharp, asymmetrical bob; something a little avante garde and edgy, for our Lil Midget.

First up, a rather special 'Evening at the Opera' or perhaps Graduation outfit.

You'll notice in these sets that I have worked with block colour from head to toe, (with the odd splash) which if done correctly, will also create an elongated look. This fabulous dress has the added advantage of the vertical stripes running from top to bottom, and the square neckline continues the vertical line. The snake skin bangle and fur shrug, push this whole ensemble from office to opulence.

This one is Gothic Mistress at cocktails, or an evening of seduction.

Once again, you'll notice the use of a single predominate colour, even keeping with a dark red, (black could also work, but is much more predictable) for the tights rather than chopping her off at the knees with skin tone. The ruffled cardigan allows a little width at the shoulders, but the skirt and heels allow the eye to travel all the way up without stopping. I do love the Hare Cameo and skull clasp clutch. If you're budget doesn't stretch to some of these designer picks, check out Etsy for some fabulous near matches on the cameo, or customize your own clutch.

After these stunning looks, I can't forget that Lil Midget is a student after all, and will need some practical solutions for everyday. Thus; The Sophisticated Goth goes Casual.

Okay, same thing with the block colour, I have chosen two tops here as I couldn't go past the ruffles, but I know how cold it is where Lil Midget lives, so I have thrown in this beautiful muted purple trench for good measure. Keeping the interest, I have added this fabulous leather corset top with big button detail, a more modern take on the studded cuff and (this time) all the puff is in the bag. The wonderful linen, buckled boots should handle walking all over campus, but still give you a lift with their square, stable heel. The Victorian Momento Mori brooch should be just the conversation starter with that dark, brooding chap in the cafe.

And to show the versatility of all these pieces, I have taken something from every look, paired with a pleated red satin flat, and created yet another casual look. How's that for bang for your buck? I can see so many combinations of all these pieces, it is really just a matter of sticking to the rules and keeping that eye traveling upwards.

And If you do decide to cut your hair, please let us know.


Lil Midget said...

Thanks so much! The stuff are AWESOME!

My hair?? Hmmm...Maybe I'll cut it at one point..Still love it too much! :P

Thanks heaps!

Tizzalicious said...

I love your picks for her!

K.Line said...

Great looks, great post. You've got to go into styling full time, SKM!

annabananna said...

well done! i love all your choices for her and totally agree on the hair!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Lil Midget: Glad you like. Perhaps I might find some hair pictures to send you for a little inspiration.
Tizz: I love them too. There are lots of pieces her I would pinch for my own wardrobe.
K.line: I have so much fun with it, it is like a second language to me.
annabananna: Yes, I think the hair would make all the difference. Maybe we can convince her yet.

chloe van paris said...

I have to confess i am a polyvore addict too.
I like the burgundy ensemble.

enc said...

Absolutely brilliant! I love the pairing of the red top with the tartan skirt. Fresh.