Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tea for Two

Outfit details: Dress - Vintage on Ebay, Coat - Vintage from Nana (about 1940), Opaques - Voodoo, Tri colour shoes - RMK, Waist Cincher - Girl Express.

What a treat, tea twice in the space of a week. Today I met with the delightful Lady Melbourne for high tea. The epitome of ladylike chic, Lady Melbourne arrived clad in a stunning vintage dress with perfectly toned shoes and thematic accessories. Picking up on the floral motif of the dress, she sported a stunning black flower ring and jeweled black rose earrings. And let me tell you, she is even more beautiful and charming than she appears on her blog.

As we enjoyed our finger sandwiches and champagne, we compared notes on our favorite stores and people about town. It is quite a treat to see your own city through someone else's infinitely stylish eyes. I can see some serious vintage shopping in our futures, although this could lead to scenes from the WWF in the thrift store.

While the whole experience of taking tea is indeed lovely, it is another kind of pleasure altogether to be accompanied by a glamorous partner. Dressing well lends a sense of occasion to everyday and creates the romance that memories are made of. I encourage you to try it. Make a special effort tomorrow, even if you are just spending the day relaxing at home. No track suits; cashmere lounge suits are permitted, but if I hear the word 'Juicy', I may just have to come around there with a big pointy stick! So you have your mission people, and I want to hear all about it.


Lily Bleu said...

Gorgeous just gorgeous. You look like a 1940's screen siren. How fun to get dressed up and go to tea. You are an inspiration to all of us super moms! Lily Bleu

Anonymous said...

I really adore your shoes :). You always look so elegant.

Rollergirl said...

Hot! PS, Have you done the 'Page 123' tag? If not, I've just tagged you :)

WendyB said...

Stunning dress!

Tizzalicious said...

I loooove your dress!

Shady said...

I LOVE that first shot, your hair, expression, and pose are just spot-on pinup perfect. And your outfit is divine as usual.

This sounds like such fun. Too bad I'm across the globe, I'd love to join you for tea sometime. We don't have high tea, or any kind of tea for that matter (except iced sun tea!), here in Texas. But you have inspired me to suggest some fancy dressup luncheons to my best & most stylish friend here in El Paso. My first idea is to go to a very, very VERY old and Wild West-glamorous Mexican restaurant/cantina here in town (it sits next to a cemetery and is rumored to be haunted) I am inspired to grab my friend, get dressed up, and do lunch there, maybe we'll attract a ghost, I will most definitely get pics, and share them with you!
*runs off to find something ruffly and a big red rose for her hair*

Danz said...

Gorgeous dress and coat, the colours are stunning!!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Lily Bleu: Thanks Lily. You hit that nail on the head, inspiration is what I am all about.
Nadine: These are some of my favorites. They don't get out all that often, but they are just so lovely to look at.
Roller girl: I haven't done it. I'll hopefully get a chance in the next day or two as I have a few to complete.
Wendy B: the magic of Ebay - and bidnapper.
Tizzalicious: The colour is simply fabulous, and the design I have never seen elsewhere.
Shady: I think that first shot is one of my favorite outfit shots in ages. I am so happy that you are inspired by this and have grand plans of your own. I think you should take the idea and run with it, starting a movement of dressing for the occasion right where you live. I can't wait to see the photos!
Danz: Fuschia / Magenta is one of my all time favorite colours. I had a whole long wall in my last home painted this colour too.

Lil Midget said...

Too pretty!!! I really love your outfits!

enc said...

This look is on a (daytime) par with your green velvet deco look.

Absolutely superb. Best daytime look ever.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Lil Midget: A little glamour certainly goes a long way. :)
Enc: I'd have to agree, I think this is my new favorite day look.

Lady Melbourne said...

I am much slower off the mark than you but I can assure you there will be a reciprocal post!
It was divine and something I hope we can do again in the future, thank you for an inspiring day- no tracksuits in my loungeroom!

esme and the lane way said...

What a great idea! I agree, dressing up is always fun.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

LM: It was such a pleasure and we will indeed do it again.
Esme and the lane way: Welcome! Dressing up - especially with a sense of humor - is always fun. :)

The Seeker said...

Gorgeous as always.
Love your dress.
I've such a pity that I can't dress a bit up, people always tell me I'm overdressing.

Cheryl Lynn said...

How lovely it is to meet Lady Melbourne's classy cohort for high tea. The two of you look so beautiful in these pictures. What a pleasure it is to communicate with such glamorous, elegant women who understand the importance of an appropriate outfit for whatever the occasion may be.

Congrats to the two of you.

I will be back for my taste of old hollywood and would love to link with you, mama, if that's okay.


Penny said...

You look stunning! I love your coat especially, I've been looking for a nice vintage one for ages!

P.S: Thanks for the advice about curling ages ago - I am so behind!


trend de la creme said...

i want that dress!!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

The seeker: Thank you. Don't worry about other people, just dress for yourself. You do a great job of it and are sure to have a lot of fun.
Cheryl Lynn: Thank you very much. And thank you for the link, I will be stopping in to read your shoe-tastic blog too.
Penny: You are very welcome, I hope it helped a bit.
Trend de la creme: The magic of Ebay, what a pity / bonus that with the vintage pieces their is rarely more than one.