Sunday, June 22, 2008

High Time for High Tea

Outfit Details:
Coat - Wool coat, unlabeled, Knitted Dress - Laura Ashley, Stretch Waist Cincher - Girl Express KMart ! (Can you believe it) Gloves - Vintage from Nana, Purple tights - Voodoo, Shoes - Hot Options, Hair Bow - By Super Kawaii Mama (Me!) on Etsy, Platinum Earrings - gift.

Today it was off for my first High Tea with the Melbourne High Tea Society at the Park Hyatt. What a gorgeous hotel. Full of the most divine Deco detailing, I just had to take a few outfit shots whilst wandering around before tea. I am meeting a fellow blogger here next week and after today's sneak peek, I think we may well be spending some time taking location shots here too.

While enjoying my champagne and scones, I chatted with the lovely Nicole of Circa Vintage. Circa Vintage is our premier vintage clothing store and is a head and shoulders above the rest. Nicole hand picks all the wears, and it must be at least 40 years old to classify as vintage. She also mends and restores all the garments before they go for sale. I am planning to head in for a visit later this week to pick up something special for an opening night I have coming up.

I so enjoyed meeting all the lovely members of The High Tea Society; an eclectic, engaging and welcoming group. If you have never 'taken' High Tea, I'd highly recommend getting together with either some of your best friends, or take the plunge and meet some of your favorite online acquaintances in real life. Whether its the scones or the company, it's bound to bring a ray of sunshine to your day.

Nicole and her charming husband Tim.


the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Goddamit you! You look so great in that coat and in the outit with it's autumny-colours that I almost wish it was winter here too! (which is is most of the year so I'm normally quite excited about the few months of summer we have, but I really did loose the summer feeling for a while here)
High afternoon tea sounds nice too!
Oh and the shoes - lov'em!

WendyB said...

One of your best looks ever! Very glam.

Nadine said...

I adore the coat - it makes you look so glamorous!

fashionpuppy said...

wow, du siehst super aus! wie eine.. ich weiß nicht ... eine lady... so richtig reich und unheimlich elegant. ich bin beeindruckt!!!!

cybill said...

That dress is perfect, it looks great, and was the ideal pick for afternoon tea at a hotel. If I didn't think it too indulgent (and that normally doesn't stop me) I would afternoon tea everyday!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Freelancer: Thank you, I was feeling a little jealous of all those in summer now, until it hit coat weather here. I really am much more of a winter person. I love the fashion so much better!
Wendy B: Thank you. The coat is one of my ultimate go-to glamor pieces. It always makes me feel like a Millionaire-ess from an old movie.
Nadine: Me too!
Fashon puppy: Thank you, it makes me feel like that, which is a nice way to dream.
cybill: It really is a wonderful dress and has seen me through many occasions. Being knitted it is super comfortable as well. We have afternoon tea almost everyday at my place. Although it is with a pink barbie tea set!

Amy G said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous!! And I wish we had a High Tea Society here. Maybe I will have to found one!

enc said...

Beautiful, as usual. I love that lush white coat, and the unexpected purple tights. Very nice.

miss vintage love said...

Wow! You look so FABULOUS!! The make-up, the hair, the clothes...amazing! The black & white pics are my favs. xoxo

L. said...

You always look so elegant and glamourous. I am having trouble with the fact that those shoes are Hot Options... As in Target! Goodness me, Target have stepped up.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Amy G: That sounds like a great plan.
enc: The coat really is quite lush. The collar is so snuggly.
miss vintage love: Thank you :) I thought the b&w would be a nice change.
L: Amazing isn't it, yes they are Target, they can be a bit hit and miss but it is all a matter of having the right eye. I shop both high and low end, because you never know where you'll find your next gem.

Imelda Matt said...

va va voom...SKM has arrived! Damn I wished I'd bought Jackie to drinks, we would have rocked it HARD!

Tizzalicious said...

That sounds so great!

And you look fantastic!

thetinylittlegirl said...

you look amazing, and i'm so jealous,i'd love to be a member of a high tea society!

Lil Midget said...

I love the coat. Looks so snug!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Imelda: Yes, I thought this one would have been just a bit much for our drinks. It wasn't the Opera, but it is easy for me to make an drama out of almost anything.
Tizz: Thanks you, it was.
thetinylittlegirl: Just start your own!
Lil Midget: Thanks, it is. :)

Shady said...

You look like a glamorous silver screen diva in that first pic- stunning!

Lil' Puch said...

You look georgeous in this outfit, so classy, so diva... like a movie star!!!

Lady Melbourne said...

I'm melting, melting!!!
Sweet jesus what will I wear to tea now?How can that be topped?!
It is to die for SKM, just to die for. I would like to join the high tea society, lets chat on Saturday.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Shady: I think that is my favorite shot too.
Lil Puch: the coat makes me feel like one too.
Lady Melbourne: I still have nothing organised myself. Can't wait for Saturday.

Betsy said...

Damn you look so glamorous! Love your coat! Trashy diva is selling this great 'Garbo coat' that reminds me of yours.

Love, Betsy.

Ivy said...

You are an absolute STUNNER! I haven't seen anyone else do glamour like you do. I take my hat off to you :)

Anonymous said...

i have those shoes!! love love love them. thank you target. :)