Friday, June 6, 2008


I don't often buy magazines. I get so bored with the sameness of them all and the fact that so many are really months behind with the fabulous fashion we find online. But occasionally (like when my internet is down) I do actually buy one or two. In my latest, there was quite a spread on the Australian Fashion Week, and in particular, showed some gorgeous eye make up. Given that I like to experiment, I wanted to try out some of the more extreme looks. So until I can get my hands on some gold leaf and an airbrush, I had to make do with what was in my drawer. So here is todays effort based on this advertisement for Max Factor.

Makeup notes: Laura Mercier Mineral foundation in Tender Rose, Natural glow bronzer as blush, Eyes - Lancome no.308 purple, Bourjois celeste no.31, Pink jewel powder by The Face Shop, Liquid liner in black by Sheseido, Mascara Loreal lash architect in midnight black, Black Cherry gloss by Missha.

Tomorrow, the Mr and I are heading to an 1980's theme party. I am planning to go a'la Joan Collins in Dynasty. So I have to work on the smoky, heavy eyes and big hair. I can hardly wait, I just love an excuse to play dress up. And the Alexis attitude? Well, I don't think that will be too much of a stretch for this drama queen.


miss cavendish said...

Very pretty. That shade of red gloss is particularly flattering.

Times of Glory said...

My dear, thank you for your comment!
Yes, I do shop both online and offline! I have gradually listed the shops I love! Most of them have online shops! They do great online sales, which are the benefits! Just click "Treasure?", you will find them...

Now, you look stunning! I actually prefer your makeup than the ad, because your skin tone looks much better with this retro makeup and your lace top is just sweet!

Laura Mercier does great foundation! I love them all xxxxxxxx

WendyB said...

Nice work!

jocelyne said...

You are just stunning lady! Great make up and Great genes! The 80's party sounds like so much fun, and you resemble joan a bit already!

Anonymous said...

You look totally awesome with that kind of make up.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Miss Cavendish: thank you. I love the colour of the gloss, but it is a bit too sticky for everyday.
Times of Glory: Thanks for the tips. The lace is actually a beautiful silk dress I bought a very long time ago. about 13 years I think!
Wendy: Thanks, I'm no makeup artist, but I do my best.
Jocelyne: You're right about the great genes part. I can hardly wait to get started on Joan, I've got the rollers at the ready.
Nadine: Thanks, I really like it too. I think I'll have to add this one to my regular look rotation.

annabananna said...

you look stunning! i really like purple on you. and who would've thought that it looks so great with red lips.


hy Kawaii

belive me or not : you are gorgeous !
and the comparison with Joan Collins is great : she is chic and above all was a sex and male woman

it's friday night, i am happy,
i just wanted to share it and wish to blogs i like and the new blog i find nice a great week end

cheers from Paris

street style romancer in Paris


enc said...

A very good look for you!

Imelda Matt said...

I need to counter your Alexis with my fierce (some might argue she was insipid) Krystal...bitch slapping by the pool at 9pm?