Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy Anniversary Baby!

It is mine and my beloveds wedding anniversary today. It is our 4th, but being that we were married on the 29th February (in Las Vegas no less), it is the first year we actually get to celebrate on the day. So it was yet another great excuse to celebrate with Yum Cha. mmmm... We tried a venue that was my old favorite but was recently bought out, and were pleasantly surprised. The Gold Leaf in Burwood, Melbourne; is simply fabulous for a top quality, quick and nicely priced Yum Cha. they were even able to fit us in, pram and all, without a booking. They have a great selection of dumplings, (my great weakness) and the mango pudding is simply divine.

And why all these pictures of food from a fashion girl you ask? Well, I was feeling somewhat sartorially challenged today. After working my way through the great wardrobe clean out,(which I still haven't finished - sigh) I have discovered that I am bereft of anything that fits for this winter! Oh dear, and we all know what that means don't we? Serious shopping time! I always love it even more when it is seriously justified. I'm always much less likely to get a case of shoppers guilt. So remembering that we are coming into winter here, I would love to hear your suggestions for 'must have' pieces this season; because half the fun is planning what to buy!

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