Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Extravaganzer

Sorry for the unexplained absence all. The lack of internet availability at my Easter accommodation took me somewhat by surprise. But I was even more taken aback by the accommodation and the hosts themselves. *For those of you not interested in non style related gripes; look away now*
After a long car trip to Warnambool, a sea side town in Victoria, we finally arrived at what was to be the accommodation for my brood and our extended family. Abaco House in Warnambool. We met the host there, were given our keys and a quick tour of the house, with the parting words, "Anything you need, don't hesitate to call. I'm only up the road." Now, our first impressions weren't great as after paying $1000 up front for a few days, we walked into a house that smelt of old toilets and had these stunning features.

Now, I am fairly sensitive to the aesthetics of my environment, so I wasn't feeling overwhelmed with joy at this point. Later that evening when putting the babies to bed, I discovered that all the beds had only a fitted sheet and a thin doona (quilt - for those of you not from Australia) ; no top sheets, no blankets, and the temperature was dropping. As I went to bath the baby, I then discovered that only one towel per person was provided and nothing for the baby. Which would have been bearable had the towels not been around since 1981 and had the pile to prove it. So after a bit of a hunt for spare linen, (As Linen Provided, had been part of the accommodation promise) I gave up and SMSed the host for those items.

The following morning I receive a phone call from the host's wife. "We got your message. what do you want those for?" she said very accusingly. And so I explained that perhaps their had been an oversight with the sheets for the beds. "No! You only get a bottom sheet and a doona, that's how I sleep." was the terse response. hmmm, not too welcoming there. So I then proceeded to ask for two extra towels, for the baby and myself. "No, you get one towel each and that's it! If you want more, you can wash and dry them yourself." So somewhat confused, I explained that I needed more than one towels at the same time as I like to dry my hair when getting out of the shower too. "Well, I don't use two towels, so that's all we provide!" Now, being Good Friday, all the stores are shut. So I offer to buy more when the shops open but request that I at least need to get another now to cover us. Then a big explanation about the cost of laundry ensues and how they couldn't possibly give me more towels without an extra laundry charge. So of course my response is, " Oh please, washing a couple of towels is not going to kill you!"
Which is met by a short response that her husband will be down soon with more. *If you are bored with this rant, skip to my next post now as I still have more venting to do. *

After then discovering that the beds in the spare room are not made up at all for the further guests we are expecting, I ring back to request the extra bedding. This time Husband answers and decides to spell out the same, One towel per person for the duration of your holiday, policy. Oh, and note that our stay was for five nights. Upon asking him to please bring the extra linen I am told that we are " Lucky we even left that room unlocked for you, (we rented the WHOLE house) as we usually lock it so people don't sleep in beds they haven't paid for. But we left it unlocked for you because we THOUGHT you were a NORMAL family!" Huh?? He then goes on to give me examples of how when staying anywhere in this town you will not be given more than ONE towel, (subsequently proven untrue) and how he had even stayed in Sydney once for TWO whole weeks and didn't even get more than one towel there! Oh dear...

Upon arriving at the house with the towels and spare bed sheets, (no top sheets for the others) the Wife met my Mother at the door and refused to even shake her hand. She was given the two towels - the size of bath mats and at least 15 years old no less - and told that they only give people crappy towels or they will steal them! Here we go. All this is happening while I am frantically getting dressed behind the door, so I can come and join the 'discussion'. My Mum then quite politely and calmly tells them that the reception has been anything but hospitable and we are disappointed. This is in turn met with loud accusations of people who wreck the house and steal towels, and more of the " I went to Sydney for two weeks and only got one towel" story. After Mum says that she thinks that this is a bit mean spirited she is told, " You get what you pay for. No more and no less!" After I join the discussion to point out that we are going in circles and clearly we have all had VERY different accommodation experiences, they leave with, " Well you're not happy and we're REALLY not happy. So we'll see you 10 o'clock Tuesday and you'd better be out!"
All I can say is, WHAT THE???

I am sure this is the longest rant you have ever read about towels, ( and this is the abridged version - he even wanted to argue with me about my age as he didn't believe I was as old as I am, which was neither here nor there). do you think this is weird too, or perhaps you think I really am the guest from hell with all my hair that needs to be dried. :)


Rollergirl said...

!!! "If you want more, you can wash and dry them yourself." WTF!!! Oh my God, it would be awful if it wasn't so funny (sorry)

Super Kawaii Mama said...

I know. We actually laughed about it all weekend. I guess that is the best time to see the funny side.