Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I do love it when just the thing you have been lusting after in your imagination suddenly appears. As we come into Autumn here, crazy weather and all, I am still thinking of the perfect boot. Something not too high for everyday, but with a wicked edge. Something that looks totally fabulous with skirts and magically makes my legs look slimmer. Everything I have found in the stores here is either way too tall for running up and down stairs with an arm full of baby, or they remind me of some very bad ones my mum had circa 1980, (sorry mum). And then along comes these lovelies from marc by marc.

A huge thank you to Behind Big Glasses for the heads up on these. Now I just have to track them down. If any of you know where I can find something similar here in Melbourne, please please let me know. I really much prefer to be able to try my shoes on rather than hoping for the best when I purchase online. It isn't so bad with clothes as I can alter most things, but shoes you really can't afford to get wrong. Especially not at this end of the price range.

On another note, I had a final design appointment today with my tattoo artist. I am having a big piece done of a Koi fish on my back, partly as a cover up of a bad small design I had when a teenager, but mostly as I have been in love with traditional style Japanese tattooing for many years. I think perhaps I watched too many Samurai movies over the years, but I always love those scenes where the wife / mistress disrobes, to reveal a beautifully tattooed back. I'll admit, I am not going all the way and having my entire back done, but it will still be quite a large piece. So Friday is the day set to start the work and I am nervous and excited all at the same time.

**thank you to LAPUS for this beautiful image**

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