Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bored with Blah?

Ballet flats; everyone has them, good bad or otherwise. This boring and sad looking pair of mine kept sneaking into regular at home rotation due to their comfort. But their lack of glamour meant that these comfortable friends never left the house. So after a 3am burst of creativity, ( yes, I know that sounds strange but I often have epiphanies at that time of day) I headed out in search of some fancy-fiers. With a little grosgrain ribbon and a pair of sale rack $2 earrings, my little shoes now adventure out with pride.

So, what are some of your best DIY shoes make-overs?

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Bethany said...

How cute are those! And you did those yourself? I have a whole basket of shoes you can try your little 3am creativity spurts on! ;-)