Saturday, March 8, 2008

Something Tasty for a Casual Lunch

We have Labour Day holiday coming up here in Melbourne on Monday. This is traditionally a day for BBQ's and kicking back with friends. A truly wonderful excuse for enjoying the perfect Autumn sunshine without the guilt that comes with taking a 'sick day' from work. And along with this urge to BBQ food with friends, is the urge to find something new and fabulous to wear. However, the idea is not to look like you bought something new just for the occasion or tried too hard. Just that you are naturally and effortlessly fabulous.

So for those of you not lucky enough to be enjoying a long weekend where you are, you can look forward to making your week fabulous with the ultimate accessory; a killer smile. :)

1 comment:

aschlee said...

LOVE LOVE the jeans skinnies are my fav. The bangles are to die for too. I heart them lol.