Sunday, March 30, 2008

Inside My Brain or How I Came To Be Me

This is not a post on fashion or style, ( although it could have started my fascination with accessories ) neither is it a post expressing my religious views. This is just a little insight into my head.
When I was very young, I was read this book often. It was my favorite and I used to read it aloud by memory even before I could really read. And why did I love it so? Because I though Jesus was an Astronaut! I loved his helmet. Maybe this is why I love hats so much.

Illustrations from, "If Jesus Came to My House" - 1955

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Anonymous said...

I thought the little white dress showed more style than the helmet!! & stories of astronauts came BEFORE stories of the little Jesus?? Looks to me more like he's walking around with his head in a lovely bubble. Super quaint and quirky though. love it!